Wagenknecht can initially double Karen Millen Dress top priority

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com It was long speculated that Sahra Wagenknecht himself for election as party leader. Now she has Karen Millen Dress ventured out of hiding - and for the time being in favor of a double peak without its own participation: her favorites are Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger.
Berlin - Sahra Wagenknecht will not immediately run for the party chairmanship. The deputy left-chief spoke out on Wednesday after days of delay for a two leaders of the Saxon parliament deputies Katja Kipping with the Baden-Wurttemberg state chairman Bernd Riexinger from.
"That would be an integration service for the entire party," Wagenknecht, the news agency said on Wednesday. "In such a guide I would like to work as deputy chairman."
However, said Wagenknecht not know how they will behave if a double peak Kipping / Riexinger not concluded. The deputy party chairman Kipping will actually form the North Rhine-Westphalia state chairman Catherine Schwabedissen double a woman's head.
The Left Party has been raging for days, a power struggle,Karen Millen the situation is procedural. Venture partner and servant ex-party leader Oskar Lafontaine had retired a week ago: He had declared his refusal of a candidate after he disagreed with his rival was Dietmar Bartsch. Afterwards, had several prominent left - led by the current party leader Klaus Ernst - for Wagenknecht as party leader pronounced. The 42-year-old Karen Millen Dress self had not ruled out a candidacy. Therefore, there is always speculation about it for days.
Left-country chief said Riexinger candidacy
The 56-year-old trade unionist Riexinger had Karen Millen Dresses only declared on Wednesday in a meeting of the Federal Executive Board and the State Chair's candidacy. The pool of candidates that grew on eight men and four women. The new board is elected on Saturday and Sunday at the party conference in Goettingen. That before a mutually agreed solution in the power struggle can be found is now regarded as almost impossible.
Riexinger to Group Vice Bartsch is the first male candidate with a prominent party official. He is on the left wing of his party. Riexinger said in a statement on his candidacy, which had left only as a pan-German party a perspective: "My candidacy will contribute to the integration of the various currents and be counter a further polarization." He described himself as "left-wing trade unionists" and praised the nationwide demonstrations against the Agenda 2010 and the welfare cuts and the so-called Blockupy movement against the power of the banks.
In addition to Kipping and Schwabedissen pay off two other candidates with a chance: the Hamburg group leader Dora Heyenn and the Saxon parliament deputies Sabine Zimmermann. In addition, there are six relatively unknown candidates.
Wagenknecht attacked Bartsch
Even party chief Ernst, who comes from the union as Riexinger camp, called the Baden-Württemberg state leader as "very good candidate." He held his own candidacy but remains open. He would explain to the Congress, Ernst said.
Wagenknecht, the former spokesman of the linksorthodoxen "Communist Platform", Bartsch attacked in an interview with the "New Germany" again sharply. "If a candidate by fighting without regard for losses, although their apparent large parts of the party in the West opposed to standing, the party forces actually in a show-down situation. This is in my view, the opposite of integration," she said.
Bartsch was in the same newspaper, however: "I have asked many years as national director, treasurer, and Group Vice prove that I can integrate."





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