Wagenknecht can initially double Karen Millen Dress top priority

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com It was long speculated that Sahra Wagenknecht himself for election as party leader. Now she has Karen Millen Dress ventured out of hiding - and for the time being in favor of a double peak without its own participation: her favorites are Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger.
Berlin - Sahra Wagenknecht will not immediately run for the party chairmanship. The deputy left-chief spoke out on Wednesday after days of delay for a two leaders of the Saxon parliament deputies Katja Kipping with the Baden-Wurttemberg state chairman Bernd Riexinger from.
"That would be an integration service for the entire party," Wagenknecht, the news agency said on Wednesday. "In such a guide I would like to work as deputy chairman."
However, said Wagenknecht not know how they will behave if a double peak Kipping / Riexinger not concluded. The deputy party chairman Kipping will actually form the North Rhine-Westphalia state chairman Catherine Schwabedissen double a woman's head.
The Left Party has been raging for days, a power struggle,Karen Millen the situation is procedural. Venture partner and servant ex-party leader Oskar Lafontaine had retired a week ago: He had declared his refusal of a candidate after he disagreed with his rival was Dietmar Bartsch. Afterwards, had several prominent left - led by the current party leader Klaus Ernst - for Wagenknecht as party leader pronounced. The 42-year-old Karen Millen Dress self had not ruled out a candidacy. Therefore, there is always speculation about it for days.
Left-country chief said Riexinger candidacy
The 56-year-old trade unionist Riexinger had Karen Millen Dresses only declared on Wednesday in a meeting of the Federal Executive Board and the State Chair's candidacy. The pool of candidates that grew on eight men and four women. The new board is elected on Saturday and Sunday at the party conference in Goettingen. That before a mutually agreed solution in the power struggle can be found is now regarded as almost impossible.
Riexinger to Group Vice Bartsch is the first male candidate with a prominent party official. He is on the left wing of his party. Riexinger said in a statement on his candidacy, which had left only as a pan-German party a perspective: "My candidacy will contribute to the integration of the various currents and be counter a further polarization." He described himself as "left-wing trade unionists" and praised the nationwide demonstrations against the Agenda 2010 and the welfare cuts and the so-called Blockupy movement against the power of the banks.
In addition to Kipping and Schwabedissen pay off two other candidates with a chance: the Hamburg group leader Dora Heyenn and the Saxon parliament deputies Sabine Zimmermann. In addition, there are six relatively unknown candidates.
Wagenknecht attacked Bartsch
Even party chief Ernst, who comes from the union as Riexinger camp, called the Baden-Württemberg state leader as "very good candidate." He held his own candidacy but remains open. He would explain to the Congress, Ernst said.
Wagenknecht, the former spokesman of the linksorthodoxen "Communist Platform", Bartsch attacked in an interview with the "New Germany" again sharply. "If a candidate by fighting without regard for losses, although their apparent large parts of the party in the West opposed to standing, the party forces actually in a show-down situation. This is in my view, the opposite of integration," she said.
Bartsch was in the same newspaper, however: "I have asked many years as national director, treasurer, and Group Vice prove that I can integrate."

Friedrich threatened Karen Millen Dresses with abolition of the standing

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Federal Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich wants to act against violence in football stadiums.Karen Millen Dresses He warns fans: Should not it be reasonable, an abolition of the standing room was conceivable. From the clubs expected the CSU politician is a clear and consistent rules.
Goehren-Lebbin - There is a warning from the Federal Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) to the hooligans in football stadiums: He threatens the fans with the ban on standing areas. If this would not be reasonable, nothing remains but the issue of standing prohibition implement them, the CSU politician said at the beginning of the Interior conference on Wednesday in Mecklenburg-G?hren Lebbin.
In other European countries, such as the English Premiere League,Karen Millen they had taken this step already. "As a football fan, I hope that it does not like that in Germany as in other countries soon only seats available in the stadiums," said the CSU politician. Addressing the football supporters, he said, was crucial for all: "The fans have it in his own hands!"
Finally, it came in the relegation match between Hertha BSC Karen Millen Dress Berlin and the club Fortuna Dusseldorf to chaotic scenes. Fans lit firecrackers and over again, hundreds of people stormed before the final whistle on the game field.Karen Millen Dresses The Berliners were inserted because of incidents of protest against the score, but failed both before the sports court of the German Football Federation (DFB) and in the appeal before the Federal Court of DFB.
"The standing places are abolished"
Frederick also increased the pressure on the clubs: He expects that all 56 clubs in the first three football leagues, a consistent and clear set of rules and this would give nationwide transpose. It could be that some clubs and fan projects, the issue of security in stadiums would take very seriously, while others with a wink, "said a little pyrotechnics and fan culture" could go through. Before the end of the summer break to the clubs to submit a plan of action.
The Chief of the German Police Union (DPolG), Rainer Wendt, had already called for high fines for clubs and the abolition of standing room in the German stadiums. "The standing places are abolished, and increases the fences should be paid for the club 100,000 euros for every outrage," he said of the "New Osnabrück newspaper".
Earlier, Frederick had already openly shown to thrust, hooligans to control it with the help of electronic shackles. If an agreement with Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger possible through a change in the law would be that he was wholly in favor of such action. Attorney General Harald Range shackles had suggested as a way to prevent rioters from stadium visits.

Iran concealed Karen Millen nuclear work seems

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com New allegations against Iran in Tehran to mark the suspicious military complex Parchin have blurred.Karen Millen Appropriate references are to the Atomic Energy Agency. Intelligence officials suspect that will be developed in the nuclear weapons facility.
Vienna / Tehran - Iran has information on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in a suspicious military trial system eliminates traces. Satellite images showed, as had been demolished in the southeast of Tehran Parchin building. The dpa and Reuters news agencies consistently report, referring to diplomats.
The photos were, according to dpa between the 5th and 25 Started already May.Karen Millen Bulldozers have also eroded soil, IAEA chief negotiator Herman Nackaerts said on Wednesday in Vienna. The dpa learned from diplomatic sources.
Western intelligence agencies suspect that the Karen Millen Dresses Iranian leadership as it grows Parchin researching a secret nuclear weapons program. So there is a special chamber for explosive tests have been established. The leadership in Tehran denies this.
In a few days ago, submitted by the IAEA report states that satellite images showed "significant activities" in Parchin. IAEA chief Yukiya Amano had until 21 May, Iran agreed to sign an agreement with conditions for inspections. The IAEA had been recently expressed fears that Iran could eliminate traces to prevent a check. The head of Iran's nuclear program but said on Sunday it would still lack "necessary documents".Karen Millen Dress The government in Tehran denies UN inspectors have long access to the site.
The international community and the IAEA requiring Iran to stop the controversial 20-percent enriched uranium. This could be seen as an important step towards a higher concentration, which will also be produced weapons-grade uranium.
However, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made in an interview with France 24 television stations on Wednesday once again clear that he will not give up uranium enrichment. This is the law of his country, he says.
The negotiations over the nuclear program between Iran and the international community will be on 18 and 19 June in Moscow continued. Ahmadinejad, said that he expected that there "no wonder"

The loser of the Karen Millen Dress Polish miracle

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The EM-host country Poland is booming thanks to a rigorous modernization course. But the upturn requires sacrifices.Karen Millen Dress Many people feel let down, old people complain about low pensions, rising rents make life more expensive. The anger grows
Her face is furrowed with hundreds of small wrinkles,Karen Millen Dresses but as a poor woman does not look like Barbara Przybyz. The 83-year-old wears a neat perm and a purple and white blouse, her arms dangling over a black handbag. She worked as a front-line employees at a large bank in Wroclaw, she says. Much remained to her is not the age. A mere 1,000 zloty pension she receives each month - the equivalent of just over 250 €. "Without the financial support of my daughter I could not survive."
It's a hot day in mid May. Barbara came by bus from Wroclaw to Warsaw to protest against the Polish parliament. The trip was organized by the Solidarity trade union. The legendary professional organization that once operational the fall of the communist regime, has hierhergekarrt few hundred people from all over Poland. They should demonstrate against the planned pension reform, which the deputies in the Sejm will decide inside a little later.
The government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk wants to raise the retirement age from 65 years in men and 60 years for women to 67 - part of the modernization policy, the Liberal lead their country has enacted several years and for which it internationally get a lot of praise.
Poland has been so well during the financial crisis than any other country in Europe. The economy is growing steadily and has produced a reasonably prosperous middle class. The European Football Championships, which will be opened here in Warsaw, should give further impetus to the country.
But not everyone benefits from the economic miracle on the Vistula. There are also many losers. These include people who are dependent on the state: pensioners, nurses. Their incomes keep pace with the boom did not cooperate.
Poland is becoming west - especially in big cities - and richer. But at the same time there is a gap between those who benefit from the modernization - and those who remain behind. "The layer of those who have missed the connection is getting bigger,"Karen Millen says Cornelius Ochman, Poland expert at the Bertelsmann Foundation.
Thus, the Solidarity struggle no longer against communism, but against the collateral damage of capitalism.
"The pope shows us the way"
She was joined in 1980, Solidarity, Karen Millen Dress told Barbara Przybyz, immediately after the creation. "I had hoped it would be possible to oust the Communists and to lead a dignified life." But the current Liberal government is just like the communists: they despise the ordinary people.
In Solidarity is still a bit much differently than in Western European labor unions. Many members elect conservative. During the rally is in front of the Parliament prayed regularly. A man wearing a wooden cross in front of them - about a card with the photo of the late Polish Pope John Paul II and the words "God, Honor, Country." The IG Metall would probably look something like this in vain.
"The Pope has us going," says another man, it must go back to values ??such as honesty, which had been lost in the new Poland. His name will not name the man. But he says he works in a factory in Wroclaw and manufactures refrigerators for an American company. "Two more years, I have until retirement," he said. Then he'll probably get about 800 zloty a month - over 200 €.
"I do not see that I get so little pension, only because the communists ruined the economy," complains the man, brandishing his hands in the air. He is wearing a beige baseball cap, jacket over his training he had drawn a white camisole Solidarity. And now the Liberal government would still want his children to work longer - just to get after an equally miserable pension as he was. "The common people are the losers," he says. "The whole policy of liberalization, it is worse to them."
The body was burned in the forest of the tenant
The anger runs deep among those who feel left behind - and not a few. In the economic boom of recent years, unemployment has fallen, but it is around ten percent are still comparatively high. According to the latest data from the European statistics agency Eurostat 2010, more than 17 percent of Poles were at risk of poverty. For comparison, in neighboring Czech Republic, there were only nine percent.
Noticeable in the social gradient makes for example, in Prague. The district in the east of Warsaw, very close to the new Fu?balllstadions, modernization had long forgotten. Here were the poorer segments of the population live in cheap run-down urban housing - up to three years.
"In 2009 there was a huge jump in rents," says Jakub Gawlikowski by the Committee to strengthen the rights of tenants. "Suddenly, the homes were more expensive by 200 or 300 percent. Many of the old inhabitants could not pay more and have been shown the door."
Jakub then co-founded with other people from the district the tenants committee. They wanted to do something about the perceived injustice of them, organized sit-ins at forced evictions and set up a helpline for tenants. The small room is on the ground floor of a dilapidated building. Outside the crumbling plaster of the wall, inside there are two tattered couches, a couple of old chairs with floral patterns, a wooden table and two chairs. On the wall are posters of protest, where people stretch their fists toward the sky - and two black and white photos of a woman.
"A former tenant," says Jacob. "She was the last in her house and has resisted, as they kick the new owners wanted." Last year they had found in the forest burned. Suicide, say the authorities. Jakub and his colleagues do not believe it.
Jacob, a young man with curly brown hair and hooded sweatshirt, sits on one of the two sofas, beside him, an older gentleman with gray hair and black mustache: Marek Jasinski, also belongs to his committee. Together, the two desperate advise tenants who face eviction. "There are always more," says Marek. 200 people a month now sought help here.
Soon there could be more. Because the government is planning a new law that will facilitate evictions, when municipal buildings will be transferred to their former owners. After the Second World War, the Polish government had expropriated many landowners and built on the new land, communal houses. For several years, report more and more former owner and want their land - along with the houses. The city of Warsaw, it transmits them and other private investors. Thus, from local private homes, with all its consequences.
"If the new owner raised the prices, the old tenant land under the bridge," says Marek. Only the poorest of the poor to sell the city to another apartment. The rest would have to see where they remain. That stems from the fact that for many years to build enough public housing. "The idea of ??social housing is perverted," he grumbles.
Here in Prague we see the social change the country with all its conflicts. Amid crumbling old buildings new apartments are being built for the affluent middle class. Right across from the dilapidated buildings of the tenants committee now a glass palace was erected. In the office building resides just a financial newspaper - the name: "Pulse of Business" - on the pulse of the economy.


Panasonic aims to halve Karen Millen Dresses the number of jobs in Central

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The strong yen and competition from Korea make Panasonic to create. Now, the Japanese electronics Karen Millen Dresses giant plans to a newspaper report that radical reductions in personnel. In the center could disappear at any second job.
Tokyo - Sony is under high pressure:Karen Millen The Japanese electronics giant suffers from competition from South Korea last year and has been run a billion-dollar loss. Now is apparently as part of the austerity program eliminated half the positions in the corporate headquarters.
As the Japanese business newspaper "Nikkei" and the news agency Jiji Press reported,Karen Millen Dress to the 7000 jobs through early retirement and relocation to other places around 3000-4000 will be reduced. The aim of the job cuts would be to accelerate the decision-making within the group.
A Sony spokeswoman confirmed that the group "reforms in the center" was considering the decision had been made as yet. In the past fiscal year Sony had already removed 36,000 jobs and shut down factories,Karen Millen Dresses including on-screen.
Panasonic's shares on the rise
Investors reacted positively to the strike plans: At the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the company's shares rose by up to three percent in a negative environment. The next chief Kazuhiro Tsuga Panasonic is taking office in June with the difficult task of making the company profitable again. He is currently trying to get the TV division back on track, suffering greatly from the aggressive rivals Samsung and LG in South Korea. Panasonic employs 350,000 workers, three times as many employees as Samsung.
Panasonic has done in the past fiscal year, a loss of 772.2 billion yen (7.7 billion euros). Like many Japanese electronics company Panasonic has been suffering for years under the strong yen and fierce competition, especially from other Far Eastern countries.
In Europe, Panasonic high hopes for its new Android smartphone Eluga. The Group had just smartphones sold in the Asian domestic market, specializing in Europe on consumer electronics, office equipment and household appliances.


disappointment with Karen Millen Western investors at the end of the China-Party

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Growth disappears, increasing the salaries: China's economy is in a historic transition.Karen Millen Growing disillusionment among European investors - one in five is considering even now, to turn the site back. The People's Republic loses its advantage as a low-wage country
Hamburg - The European Chamber of Commerce has published on Tuesday a surprising poll. More than one in five thinks thus about it to scale back its investment in China and become more involved in other booming countries. In Vietnam, or India, for example - or in South America. Primarily a supplier of consumer oriented according to survey.
While most companies still revel in the China boom,Karen Millen while the German Mittelstand, the country just discovered a new market for themselves, seem already to create a backlash. Many investors are frustrated, says the survey, because the country does not hold the boom up to its promise. Three main reasons are given for the new investor skepticism.
■ First, China's growth subsides. In recent years the economy grew on average by around ten percent per year for the current year, the government is targeting 7.5 percent. For the Western countries would be much, for China it is a setback. For well over a week,Karen Millen Dress even rumors of a government stimulus package. Short-term investors would benefit from such a program, while it stirs doubts about how sustainable China's growth model is still. 65 percent of respondents consider the economic insecurity as the biggest risk for investments.
■ Second, costs are rising rapidly for wages.Karen Millen Dresses According to the State Statistical Yearbook, the average income in the cities between 2000 and 2010 of 9333 rose to 36 539 yuan, have almost quadrupled So. European firms in the survey complained about difficulties in finding talented people and to keep them in operation. More than half said that the salary of the candidates are excessive.
■ Third, many foreign companies complain about the uncertain legal framework for business. More than a third of companies surveyed stated, for example, urge the government to far stricter environmental standards than the Chinese competition. Two thirds of companies said they had escaped them by disadvantages businesses. The total lost revenue went into the billions.
The China plant will be less attractive for some investors. That shows how much change the country's economy. But the real question: Is the boom threatened by it? Playful the booming country's structural advantages?
"The Wild West era is over"
According to Simon Cox is, China's economy is doing well compared to a bicycle. Both would have to keep a certain pace - or face a painful fall, writes the author of the U.S. magazine "Economist" in an analysis of the economic upheavals of the would-be superpower.
The Chinese government were eight percent economic growth long as the minimum to keep the country stable enough to create wealth and jobs for the 1.35-billion-person nation. For the current year, the government has set a growth target of only 7.5 percent at least. The focus shifts from the dizzying boom in the direction of stability.
At the same time changes the focus of economic policy. "China is facing a structural break," says Horst L?chel, a professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (FSM), the eight years in China teaching economics. "It loses its locational advantage as cheap labor." In order to grow the economy, it must be of the copy-nation to the high-tech industry. "Investors who rely on cheap production will withdraw soon," says L?chel. "The Wild West era is over, and that's a good thing."
The competition is getting tougher
To develop the economy, has pushed China's Communist Party, many reforms: to exceed the 2020 research budget to swell to 402 billion dollars and even the United States. The credit system is being modernized, with particular focus on the private sector. The capital market is gradually opened, the importance of the country's currency, the yuan strengthened internationally. From 1 June, for example, China and Japan are no longer handle their trade on the dollar, but directly in yuan and the yen.
The conversion of the Chinese economy is a mammoth project that has sparked the Communist Party towards a dispute about how much of a market economy needs to take the land. How much support the reform obstructionists in the population, was the overthrow of the last Neomaoisten Bo Xilai. The government officials had "red songs" blare, when he was a Communist Party chief of Chongqing metropolitan area - and to have been deposed, not least because of its dubious populism. The anti-capitalist movement could hardly dampen. The anger that millions of people who feel left behind in China boom channeled, is currently in a spooky cult of the dead dictator Mao Tse-tung - the government fights, in fact, that they lock dozens leftist websites can and the Internet is becoming censored sharper.
Investors are uncertain whether the government can reform the country fast enough. If the rampant boom dies down gradually as rising wages and domestic companies moult rapidly to high-tech companies, then foreign companies also see an increasingly intense competition with Chinese companies.
"Currently, China's government is from a position of absolute strength," says L?chel of the FSM. "You own the company preferred to foreign competitors to beyond what is permitted." European companies have to work hard so double and triple. It is thought that some fall by the wayside.
An improvement in the situation is hardly in sight. "If too many foreign investors pull out of the country, would the Chinese leadership on a nationalistic industrial policy loosening a little," says L?chel. But it is probably only as far as they must.
By changing the Chinese economy to foreign firms threaten therefore still rougher times than before. Already, there is a third of the firms, their profit margins are lower in China than the world average. And many indicate that their objective is no longer to conquer new market share - but maintain the existing.


Pope-Butler as a whistleblower Karen Millen Dress Chaos Days at the Vatican

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Power struggles, corruption, incompetence: The arrest of the Pope Paolo G. Butler puts the Vatican in a bad light.Karen Millen Dress The suspect announced that he will testify. According to media reports, he should have had an accomplice - a top priority.
Rome - With the arrest of the cinematic Butler of Pope Benedict XVI. has the affair of the disclosure of confidential Vatican document reaches its climax. Were the matter out for the Holy See is not, but probably just another act in a drama that shines a light on a sordid scandal involving power struggles, intrigue and corruption at the highest levels of the Catholic Church.
The Vatican confirmed on Saturday the arrest of Paolo G. It shall be the mole in the Vatileaks case. It was a sad development for all staff, said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi. Everyone in the Vatican knew G. His arrest has caused a surprise and sorrow. Karen Millen Dresses G. had already discussed with his two attorneys. The legal system of the Vatican now take its course, investigations were initiated.

G. was arrested on Wednesday at his home in the Vatican. Could be found in his possession as confidential documents, said Lombardi. G. was the personal servant since 2006, Pope Benedict XVI. and counted in the inner circle of the papal household.Karen Millen In public, he was often seen on the side of the Pope, as when he accompanied him to his general audiences or trying to protect the pontiff from the rain.

In recent months, documents from the Vatican had come to the press,Karen Millen Dress which pointed to infighting and corruption allegations contained, the Cardinals touched. So a priest, after the discovery of irregularities reported to be transferred to Washington.

In another case, representatives of the Vatican, the president of the Vatican Bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, alleged to have passed on confidential documents. He was replaced on Thursday by the Board. In a memorandum to the Vatican Bank exercised sharp criticism of Tedeschi and put the reasons for his dismissal: He had been absent from the regular board meeting, had failed in carrying out his official duties, not the bank defended the staff and polarized. He also has "increasingly erratic behavior" placed on the day, it said.

On his removal is not yet Tedeschi said. For this purpose he entertained a great admiration for the pope, he said. Unlike in the case of Paolo G. Tedeschi was not arrested.

Displeasure with book publishing

Alluding to the publication of secret documents of the U.S. Department of Defense as well as on the Wikileaks also provides the scandal under the name Vatileaks sensation. Had widened the incident last week with the publication of the book "His Holiness" the Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi. The book is told from confidential letters and messages from and to Benedict and his personal secretary. The Vatican had described the book as a criminal and announced legal action against the author, the publisher and those who had passed the documents.

Nuzzi said informants in the Vatican had leaked to him the secret information. The Vatican had already Nuzzi threatened with legal action after he was released earlier this year, letters from Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. It asked that Benedict, not to put him on account of the discovery of an alleged corruption case. The relationship between Benedict and Bertone to be very divided. This should have been accepted by the Curia, never - and the Pope is secretly been looking for a suitable successor for Bertone.
The 77-year-old had no diplomatic experience when he the job as number two in the Vatican accepted. He is blamed for a series of mishaps and will be for the displeasure of the Curia have drawn. So to Cardinal Paolo Sardi, the predecessor Bertone, the Pope complained in a 2009 letter about the lack of coordination and chaos in the center of power in the Vatican. Nuzzi was reprinted this letter in his book.

For the Vatican's recent chaos days come at an inopportune time, but he wanted above all to demonstrate the financial world to follow in the fight against international money laundering standards. Back in July, the Vatican will learn whether he by the Council of Europe monitoring committee established criteria for financial transparency requirements.

The Italian media speculating about possible complicity by Paolo G. According to a report of right-wing liberal daily newspaper "Corriere della Sera", an Italian cardinal could also be suspected. The details remain vague. The night before there had been speculation that the scandal surrounding the publication of confidential documents from the Vatican could also be a woman involved. Reports that recent arrests were close before, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi had denied on Sunday evening.


A friend,Karen Millen Dresses a good friend

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com What child is not afraid of being unloved or abandoned to be? The children's book "The Story Karen Millen Dresses of Little Uncle" tells the story of these primal fears forcefully without being educationally be. Now the wonderful classic has finally been reissued.
For privacy reasons, your IP address is stored only if you are registered and logged-in Facebook users. If you want to know more about privacy, click on the i
It was a little uncle.Karen Millen Dress The little uncle was very lonely.Karen Millen No one cared about him. Although he was so nice. All found it too small. And then they were still that he looked stupid. "When a book begins with these sentences, then one would like to take the little guy a hug and comfort her. And they want more strictly," The Story of Little Uncle "by Barbro Lindgren and Eva Eriksson. Finding this nice man but still a friend?
The Swedish classic picture books (4 years) appeared already in the eighties, Karen Millen Dresses also in Germany. Now the publisher has Oetinger him released again. Fortunately, because the story is timeless. The little lonely uncle is looking for a friend, he attached list of trees, waiting outside his house to prospective customers, but ten days is none. "No one seemed to see the little uncle on the stairs." And then, in the tenth night, just as he has fallen asleep on the stairs you will see a lost dog and the dog because it looks so sweet and so fun playing with him, feeding him the uncle of biscuits. Why is the dog on the next and the next and the next day sitting on the back expectantly, and eventually moves in with his uncle. Until one day a little girl shows up: "The dog was trembling with joy and put its nose into the child's hand, instead of laying them in his uncle's hand, since the uncle felt a twinge in his chest.."

Fat, bald man with little girl in the polka dot skirt

Abandonment, losing parents, being alone or not even to be loved - that's a primal fear of children. Lindgren transforms them into a simple, emotional story without being educationally be. But deep and full of human understanding. A small, fat, bald man with a red tie, brown hat and trench coat with a little girl wearing a red ribbon and polka dot skirt in Struwwelhaar that seems to be a struggle for affection that can only win the child. But it all comes naturally different.

The Autorenduo Lindgren (text) and Eriksson (illustrations) is also a classic of Swedish children's literature. Both have won the highest awards in the genre. And who wants to watch a child under two years of books, which is nothing more amusing than the "Max and ..." series ("Max and the diaper," "Max and the potty," etc.). This is also an excellent match to the little uncle. Because of looks like a 60 year older Max had become


board game-saving recommendations Karen Millen pirates, monks drink

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Ancient, medieval, modern period: Three excellent new games put players in the past. They manage Rome's provinces,Karen Millen save for the pirate ship and increase the production of their diocese whiskey
In "Ora et Labora", the players in the Middle Ages and derive their own monastery as abbot. With its monks, players must manage a diocese as successful as possible. To expand their monastery, built craft and establish new settlements. Most types of buildings are only once in the game. For this reason, the monks constantly on the harvest, corn on the farm, clear forests, swamps, dry place or press the grapes wine. They work in their own diocese - and for a small fee with a neighbor.
"Ora et Labora" is diverse in every way: The players can thrive in their monasteries in France and Ireland, enjoying wine and bread and beer and whiskey. It is "Ora et Labora" alone, in twos, threes or fours to play, and for any number of players are optimized rules. Depending on how much time the players choose the short or the long version.
The manual is very detailed, but are simply the rules and mechanisms. The very first game played out entertaining. However, hiding so many possibilities and combinations in the buildings and in the commodity chains that are opening up with each new game,Karen Millen the abbots of new strategies and see how they combine the buildings that the best way to achieve the maximum yield. And then there's still the players are the sparks between them to check out. A thoroughly enjoyable game optimizer with perseverance.
In the strategy game "Trajan" is the Roman Empire of the playing field. The panorama of the board extends from the Capitol Hill with the Senate on Trajan's triumphal arch in the foreground and the Forum, and the harbor district to the Gallic, Karen Millen Dresses Germanic and Britannic colonies. Everywhere in these places, players can multiply their power as Senators.
Central element for each player, a panel of six wells. As with mancala games, the player moves to colored stones from dump dump: He takes all the stones in a pocket and puts in a clockwise direction in each subsequent dump from one of the stones. The trough, into which he places the last stone determines its next action. Depending on where he lands, he can increase his influence in the Senate to secure the Emperor a favor,Karen Millen Dress in the forum of bread, games and ritual objects to buy for the people, expand the city to act in the port of goods or with his troops revenue from the provinces . achieve

"Trajan" is a puzzle game for planners with affinity that is easy to play fast and exciting to the end remains. The only disadvantage is that the players work side by side, it's pretty difficult to come to each other in the way. Especially beginners also lacks an overview of all the possible actions - such help is at such complex games really a standard.

Who is sent, can the same act more than once. It's important to play out a lead over other players. The senators need to think twice about the order in which they make their moves. Because with each train varies, of course, the number of stones in the troughs, and actions that were just within reach of wait must.

Stefan Field: "Trajan" graphics: Jo Hartwig, Ammonite Games, 2-4 players aged 12 years. Running time: 30 minutes per player, Price: 40 € (cheapest price in online trading)
The Caribbean in the heyday of piracy: sailing ships, gold and other precious goods, yarn, shady characters and competing colonial powers. This combines elements of "pirates of the Caribbean" at an excellent game scenario, each player takes a captain along with ship and tries to become famous as quickly as possible. Fame, players receive a variety of ways: If they raise ships that meet daredevil jobs or pursue rumors of treasures, both increases their reputation. But make merchants, the lucrative business to get fame. The purchase driver's career is at the beginning of the game the way much easier than the predator, which is why many players once create a financial cushion in a legal manner, then better equipped to hoist the skull and crossbones flag. Thus, the players not only fight against each other, strip pirates and naval ships through the Caribbean, which are not controlled by players.

"Pirates of the Caribbean" is a long game with a very extensive rules that beginners like to forget just one time. The game is designed for four players. When fully staffed, however, result in long waiting periods for players who just are not on the train. The best plays "pirates of the Caribbean" is so for two. Because then both players are always involved in the fighting - either because their captain is fighting itself, or take them over a non-player character. And the game lasts for two instead of three and a half hours only.

Luck plays a big role in "pirates of the Caribbean". It determines not everything, but who constantly has bad luck with the dice and the goods can not win. This creates "pirates of the Caribbean" very nice pirate atmosphere. In all the flaws, it is the best pirate game that is currently on the market.

Christian Marcussen and Kasper Aagaard: "pirates of the Caribbean", Graphics by Ben Nelson and Chris Quilliam, 2 to 4 players, ages 13 and older. Running time: 180 minutes Price: about 28 € (cheapest price in online trading)


media farce "FAS" Grass-derided Karen Millen Dress in the poem "SZ"

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com Grass is a mockery: Have a published in the "Süddeutsche" Greek poem, the satire magazine "Titanic" came up, Karen Millen Dress writes the "Hamburg - Guenter Grass has reported back with a poem on the current political situation - and then published the" Süddeutsche newspaper "the dry line. This time, wrote the Nobel Prize for Literature not about Israel but about Greece
The "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper" took this as an opportunity to show off the aged poet. Not grass, but the satirical magazine "Titanic" had written the Greek treatise, according to an article. On the Internet quickly zusammengegoogelt something, "the word order slightly shifted, lined up the most absurd genitive constructions and finished," writes Volker Weidermann.

Is the "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" fallen into a fake? No,Karen Millen Dresses in the preamble of the text is a little hint on the nature of the alleged disclosure. The satirical magazine "would have the pastiche of a grass-poem also hinbekommen not better," it says there at least in the online version. Would, because she has not. In the printed edition lacks the subjunctive, because the article appears without satire signal under the heading "News".

So exactly but some readers have obviously not looking at Twitter initially was supposed coup of the "Titanic" is celebrated. The "Süddeutsche" I can toddle off of the "Titanic", it said, and that the newspaper is because something has "turn on" leave. Karen Millen The chief editor of sueddeutsche.de, Stefan Ploechinger grabbed from vacation in Paris, referring to a recording of the NDR in the Grass argues his Greek poem itself.

The author of the fake, the Feuilliton for the "FAS" is in charge sees his contribution not as a satire or a joke. "Truth and fiction are indistinguishable yes really," Weider man said on Sunday. "Whether or not this now the" Titanic "or Grass imagines, for me is not a big difference." Excuse me in a serious sense he would "definitely not". "Grass will always continue to drive with the absurdity of his self-confidence and that's just funny how when the" Titanic "writes."

Grass is already spotted. Giant amplifiers on Twitter,Karen Millen Dress the entertaining entertainment medium, there are dozens of entries. Just two examples:

Schulte-Richtering: Most scared to have an EM from the German team, I propose that the following poem by Grass.

The thing: "You are home manager / the dictates of the savings / forces the cleaner / 30 at 5 Clock ..." "All right, Mr. Grass, here is your feeding cup."


Austrian Haneke triumphed again at Karen Millen Dresses Cannes

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com The director Michael Haneke has won with his film "Amour," the Golden Palm in Cannes.Karen Millen Dresses After 2009 it is the second major award for the Austrians. As best actor in the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen and two Romanian newcomers were honored.
Michael Haneke won the Palme d'Or for the second time: With his sensitive relationship drama "Amour" until he convinced the critics, then the jury. Only three years after his great success with "The White Ribbon," Haneke was able to repeat the triumph of the most important film festival in the world
The jury was chaired this year by the Italian director and actor Nanni Moretti ("Habemus Papam - The Pope has other ideas"). Besides Moretti sat on the jury: the fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, the actors Hiam Abbass, Karen Millen Dress Emmanuelle Devos and Diane Kruger,Karen Millen the film star Ewan McGregor and filmmaker Andrea Arnold, Alexander Payne and Raoul Peck.

Second place ("Grand Prize") occupied the media satire "Reality" by Italian director Matteo Garone. The third prize, the Prix du Jury, received surprisingly Cannes veteran Ken Loach for his social comedy "Angel's Share". The Briton was responsible for the twelfth time in the competition, 2006, he was with "The Wind That Shakes the Barley" won the grand prize. The Mexican Carlos Reygadas won for "Post tenebras lux" the prize for best director.

There was a double triumph is for the leading ladies of the Romanian film "Beyond the Hills" to celebrate: Cosmina Straten and Cristina gained ground in equal shares the prize as best actress. Cristian Mungiu's drama religion had recently won the award for best screenplay. 2007 Mungiu for "4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days" was awarded the grand prize.

Next years women then?

In the category "Best Male Actor" was able to win the Dane Mads Mikkelsen and his role in the abuse thriller "The Hunt" by Thomas Vinterberg. Mikkelsen was next to "Amour" actor Jean-Louis Trintignant as a clear favorite.
As the best debut was "Beasts of the Southern Wild" award from Benh Zeitlin. The Southern drama had already won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize.

In addition to the important Un Certain Regard, Karen Millen Dresses the family drama "Después de Lucia" by Mexican director Michel Franco named best film. The Special Jury Prize was awarded "Le Grand Soir" by Benoit Delépine and Gustave Kervern. Chairman of the 20-member "Un Certain Regard" jury was actor Tim Roth.

Whether next year can take a woman a major prize to take home? After two weeks of sustained criticism of the invitation policy of the festival's president Gilles Jacob said the first time an understanding of the requirement to show more works by women directors in the competition. "I'm sure Thierry Frémaux, head of the selection committee will next years of careful search for films by women," he told the British Sunday newspaper "The Observer".

critics from within the torpedoing Karen Millen of energy systems

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com R?ttgen is gone, Altmaier still new in office - and suddenly gets the energy transition in the criticism.Karen Millen In the black-yellow coalition, a new eco-debate has broken out. FDP chief Brüderle requires the construction of coal-fired power plants, even longer run times are on nuclear talks once again.
Berlin - How serious is the government with the withdrawal from nuclear energy? In the government coalition, the voices of those who are loud, pull the turn of the success of green energy in doubt. The project, to the shutdown of the last nuclear power plants in Germany to increase the share of renewable energies to 40 percent, was a very ambitious goal, said the FDP parliamentary leader Rainer Brüderle the "Welt am Sonntag". "We will have to build a series of gas-and coal-fired power plants -. Perhaps more than we first thought"
Former Federal Minister accused the federal states,Karen Millen Dresses without regard to delivery to seek safety a self-sufficient energy supply.

Criticism of the current energy concept also comes from the CDU. Union Group Vice Michael Fuchs (CDU) took even a delay of the nuclear phase this week. "So far, the reduced energy revolution unfortunately that we want to disable the nuclear facilities, but the consequences have not thought through," said the chairman of the parliamentary group of medium-sized newspaper. "We have not at the cost side under control."

Also, Federal Research Minister Annette Schavan (CDU),Karen Millen Dress told the paper, but are long-term wind and solar energy as the target. Along the way, but it will give stages, where gas and coal would have to close gaps.

In the energy transition responsible for the Environment Ministry,Karen Millen the Minister has just been replaced. After the forced exit Norbert R?ttgen the Ministry is now the Merkel confidant Peter Altmaier (CDU). Apparently trying to critics of the energy transition, the personnel castling for a new emphasis on environmental policy to use.

Altmaier holds to course

"The basic problem is this government that they do not believe in the energy revolution," said Green party leader Cem Ozdemir in "Welt am Sonntag". Decide whether the new environment minister could promote the conversion of the energy supply Altmaier really am, mainly because, if he asserts himself against coal and nuclear lobby in the coalition's own ranks.

Altmaier itself, in the last few days in office, called the energy revolution as "biggest challenge" in his political life. Nevertheless, he felt it but "well prepared".

Demands of the economy or politics for a return to nuclear power, he can not see. "Nuclear energy in Germany's history. The exit is decided. And I know of no serious force in Germany, which wants to revise it," he told the newspaper "Welt am Sonntag". "The acceptance of nuclear energy in Germany was no longer available to Fukushima, and it exists even today. Germany may be the first economy in Europe provide the energy revolution."

Massive pressure from industry

Some of Altmaiers party colleagues seem to want to but apparently different. And even in the economic voices are raised doubts on the previous R?ttgen plan for the energy transition. Sun grabbed Werner Wenning, chairman of the E.on, the policy sharply. "There has been no reliable planning for this political project," he told the paper. "This has to change soon. Because the energy change is the biggest intervention in the value chain of German industry, the world has ever seen."

Hans-Peter Keitel, Chairman of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), speaks openly in an interview that he hoped for a fresh start with the new minister: "There are signs that our messages have arrived," he said. "There is no reason to beat now the battles of yesterday."
The nuclear phase is a highly complex project to bring about its success not only by political intent was. "An awakening to greater European policy in the energy revolution is overdue. Why should not we manage with the new Minister for the Environment?" He said.

Emotional is the "entry - in fact in what?" among citizens not yet arrived. Doing so could many places quickly lines are built. "For these projects we need to find more acceptable. We need to have a moving story and a credible strategy of how we make the energy revolution a success." Needed was "a proper management to ensure that our companies are not put at risk by international standards."

The municipalities, however warned against a failure of the energy transition. "So far not benefit the communities, but large investors. This must change, otherwise the energy revolution is in danger," said the chief executive of the German Association of Cities and Municipalities, Gerd Landsberg. For it would have to the communities, the intervention in the landscape by power lines or wind turbines are represented and suffered from their citizens. Especially in the taxation of wind turbines there is a need for improvement.


SpaceX's Dragon makes historic Karen Millen Dress space station dock

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com WASHINGTON: SpaceX on Friday became the first commercial outfit to dock its own cargo capsule at the International Space Station, Karen Millen Dress marking what experts have hailed as a new era for private space flight.

The California-based SpaceX, owned by Internet entrepreneur Elon Musk, has now reached the climax of its test mission to become the first privately owned craft to reach the space station, restoring US access to the space outpost.

With no humans on board, the capsule is delivering about a half ton of supplies and science experiments for the ISS, and aims to return a slightly larger load f gear to Earth on May 31.

"It looks like we got us a Dragon by the tail," said US astronaut Don Pettit, who was operating the Canadian-built robotic arm from the space station as it reached out and hooked on to the unmanned SpaceX capsule at 9:56 am (1356 GMT).

The two spacecraft were traveling about 250 miles (402 kilometers) above northwest Australia at the time of the grab, NASA said.

"Dragon captured by the International Space Station! Just awesome," wrote SpaceX chief executive Musk on Twitter.

Next, a formal berthing brought the capsule closer to latch on at the station's Harmony module at 12:02 pm (1602 GMT), NASA said.

The Dragon is toting 521 kilograms (1,148 pounds) of goodies for the space lab,Karen Millen including food, supplies, computers, utilities and science experiments. It plans to return a 660-kilogram (1,455-pound) load to Earth.

"Everything has gone very smoothly," said a NASA commentator,Karen Millen Dresses adding that the six member ISS crew would soon start working on equalizing pressure between the two spacecraft.

The hatches are set to open on Saturday so that the unloading of the Dragon's more than half ton of cargo can begin.

A press conference is scheduled for 1pm (1700 GMT) to discuss more details on the mission.

The US space shuttle program ended last year, leaving only Russia capable of carrying astronauts to the ISS and the space agencies of Russia, Japan and Europe able to send cargo missions to service the $100 billion space station.

SpaceX hopes its gumdrop-shaped Dragon capsule will be able to carry astronauts to the ISS in about three years' time. Until then, US astronauts must pay Russia about $63 million per seat aboard the Soyuz.

The capsule blasted off atop the Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida on Tuesday.

The demonstration flight has been near flawless,Karen Millen Dress according to progress reports from NASA and SpaceX, after the launch marked what NASA, the White House and SpaceX officials described as a "new era" in space flight.

In addition, a successful berthing mission opens the way for SpaceX's $1.6 billion contract with NASA to supply the space station and return cargo to Earth in 12 missions over the coming years.

SpaceX and a handful of other companies are using their own funds but are also being helped in their endeavors with seed money from NASA to build cargo and crew capability.

Both SpaceX and NASA have praised their newfound partnership, while insisting that any missteps that may occur are a necessary part of such demonstration missions.

While SpaceX is the first in its field, its competitor Orbital Sciences also has a $1.9 billion contract with NASA to supply the space station and is scheduled for its first launch attempt later this year.

SpaceX is the brainchild of Musk, a 40-year-old billionaire who made his fortune founding a company that later merged with the PayPal online service, bought by Internet auction giant eBay for $1.5 billion in 2002.

Today he leads SpaceX, Tesla Motors -- a venture marketing electric cars -- and SolarCity, a company that makes solar panels for homes and businesses.


Russia says Iran talks Karen Millen Dresses on track despite differences

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com MOSCOW: Russia on Friday called the latest round of talks on the Iranian nuclear standoff "constructive" Karen Millen Dresses despite big differences that remain as the parties head for more negotiations in Moscow next month.

However, Russia outlined no new initiatives that could be discussed following a bruising session in Baghdad that ended with Iran declaring its "absolute right" to enrich uranium despite fears it was actually building a nuclear bomb.

"The round was held in a constructive and business-like atmosphere despite the significant differences in approaches that remain," the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement.

Iran and the six big world powers held what negotiators called open and intense talks that produced no breakthroughs and almost ended with Iran walking away in fury at Western offers on the table.

But the parties did salvage an agreement to meet again in Moscow on June 18-19 as the July 1 deadline for the enforcement of an EU embargo on Iranian oil looms.

Russia said world powers offered Iran a set of "concrete proposals" in Baghdad concerning its controversial enrichment of uranium to 20 percent.

Moscow's statement did not specify what the offer included amid reports that it concerned providing Tehran better access to aviation parts and agricultural assistance but not the lifting of UN Security Council and unilateral sanctions.

The six world powers "also designated specific initiatives that provide positive incentives for Iran as a reciprocal measure,"Karen Millen Dresses the Russian statement said.

The wording suggested these sweeteners would be delivered to Iran only after it took the initial step of halting its controversial enrichment programme and shipping the fuel already produced abroad.

"For its part, Iran declared its readiness to hold further discussions about the 20-percent enrichment issue,Karen Millen together with the discussion of an entire range of other issues of interest to Tehran, including the recognition of its right to enrich (uranium),"Karen Millen Dress the Russian statement said.

Moscow has promoted a "step-by-step" solution to the crisis that involves gradually lifting four rounds of UN Security Council sanctions against its trading partner in exchange for Tehran's cooperation over its nuclear programme.

It outlined the initiative to Iran's visiting foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi in Moscow in August and has since promoted it with sceptical officials in Washington.

But Iran has yet to formally accept the Russian formula and insisted that unilateral and UN sanctions be lifted before it makes any concessions on its part.

Moscow's statement said Russian negotiator Sergei Ryabkov held separate talks in Baghdad with his Chinese and Iranian counterparts in an attempt to find common ground.

Both Russia and China have condemned the EU oil embargo and been far more supportive of Iran than the United States or the European team comprised of Britain and France along with Germany.

Russia has defended its close military and trade ties with Iran as well as its decision to construct the Islamic state's first nuclear power plant.

But it has also been more critical of Tehran's behaviour in the past year and decided to shelve the deal to sell its advanced warhead system to Iran that was opposed by the United States and Israel.

The Moscow statement said world powers were still seeking to "completely restore trust" in Iran's nuclear work.


US says China's yuan undervalued,Karen Millen not manipulated

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com WASHINGTON: The Obama administration on Friday rejected calls from Congress to brand China a currency manipulator,Karen Millen but said its "significantly undervalued" currency was a key brake on global growth.

The US Treasury Department said China had not met the standards for manipulation of the yuan, also known as the renminbi, to gain an unfair competitive trade advantage.

Such a distinction could pave the way for retaliatory sanctions.

"The available evidence suggest the RMB remains significantly undervalued,Karen Millen Dress and we believe further appreciation of the RMB against the dollar and other major currencies is warranted," the Treasury said.

In its semi-annual report to Congress on exchange-rate policies, the Treasury pledged to "closely monitor" the pace of the yuan's appreciation and "press for policy changes" to boost China's exchange-rate flexibility.

Beijing's tightly managed currency policy has triggered huge trade deficits in the United States, fueling a long-running source of friction between the world's two largest economies.

Critics in Congress accuse China of keeping the yuan artificially weak to flood the US market with cheap Chinese imports that have wiped out US jobs.

It is a hot-button campaign issue as Democratic President Barack Obama seeks reelection in November against the presumptive Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

With the fragile US economy at the top of voter concerns,Karen Millen Dresses Romney and some lawmakers have been calling for retaliatory sanctions against China, accusing Obama of failing to protect American jobs as the economy struggles to recover from the Great Recession.

The Treasury's decision touched a nerve with Senator Chuck Schumer, Karen Millen a New York state Democrat whose legislation -- backed by both Democrats and Republicans -- was passed in October calling for retaliatory duties on Chinese goods if
manipulation were found.

"The administration continues to let China get away with flouting trade rules just for the sake of diplomacy. Calling out China as a manipulator may be awkward, but it is time to take off the kid gloves," Schumer said.

"With the administration continuing to balk on this, it's up to Congress to act."

Scott Paul, the head of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, a Washington lobbying group, agreed, urging "Congress to pass legislation to deter China's currency manipulation."

"I'm perplexed by this decision because it runs counter to the goal of reshoring jobs from China," he said.

But the president of the US-China Business Council, representing 240 US companies that do business with China, defended the decision as "the right call."

John Frisbie warned the manipulator label would likely spark a negative reaction by China and hamper progress on the currency issue.

"The Obama administration's engagement with China at the recently concluded Strategic and Economic Dialogue (SED) and other channels has delivered results. These types of engagement need to be sustained and expanded," Frisbie said.

The Treasury explained it declined to brand China a currency manipulator in part because of the yuan's appreciation against the dollar since June 2010 and a decline in its massive current account surplus, a broad measure of trade.

It also cited China's commitments in the Group of 20 major economies and the US-China SED "to move more rapidly to a more market-determined exchange rate system."

The Treasury said the yuan had appreciated 8.0 per cent against the dollar since June 2010, when China moved off its peg against the dollar, through May 15, and adjusted for rapid Chinese inflation was up 40 per cent.

But, it said, "in 2012, through May 15, the RMB has been virtually flat against the dollar."

The Treasury said that despite China's moves to widen the yuan's trading brand and other reforms, "the underlying factors that distort China's economy and constrain global demand growth remain."

"With the global economy continuing to face headwinds as it recovers from the financial crisis, it is important that China follow through on these commitments."


guide to dispute Schwabedissen Karen Millen Dress Bartsch and hardens

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com One insists on his candidacy, the other wants only if he no longer competes. Catherine Karen Millen Dress Schwabedissen and Dietmar Bartsch fight for leadership of the Left. A whole host of other candidates in the race
At a management dispute at the party left the fronts remain hardened. The Left Party candidate for the Presidency, Catherine Schwabedissen wants, do not form a double top with the Bundestag Vice Dietmar Bartsch.Karen Millen Dress They've already ruled out half a year ago, said the election failed in NRW top candidate on Thursday in the ARD "Morning Magazine". You, the aim is to bring together the party and "end to make it to the poles collide." Bartsch was but a representative one of two wings, which are perceived as divisive, said Schwabedissen, together with the deputy party leader wants Katja Kipping form a double top.
Bartsch wants to turn but to hold on to his candidacy for the party leadership. It is now for weeks and months in the party today and saw offers submitted, as he wanted to bring the left back on track, said Bartsch, had declared the end of last year, Karen Millen his candidacy on Thursday in the ARD "Morning Magazine". "Because I know a lot of support in East and West." He therefore saw no reason to resign from his candidacy.
On Tuesday,Karen Millen Dress the former party leader Oskar Lafontaine had withdrawn his offer to run again for the top job. He drew the conclusion from a power struggle with Bartsch. Candidate at the party congress in early June now next Bartsch three women at the party presidency: Vice Party leader Katja Kipping, the NRW State leader Catherine Schwabedissen and the Saxon parliament deputies Sabine Zimmermann.
Bartsch Schwabe dissent criticized the explicit rejection of that form with him to a joint leadership. "This Ausschlie?eritis run to or about these calls, or not to run," he said in the "Morning Magazine". "We have a sovereign who decides,Karen Millen Dresses and that is the Congress." (DAPD / AFP

The last Karen Millen Dresses experiment

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com The SPD, he has brought back to power - and then leave. The Left Party has made it into parliament - now she has left him standing. Karen Millen Dresses Oskar Lafontaine never wanted to be the only large unfinished. This time, he apparently miscalculated.
His desk is empty. He was always really, except for one, maybe two books that he is reading or want to recommend for reading. In the party, they have only recently retold, or rather whispered, behind his back. In the face it says it does not so much what she really wanted to say: Is that your way of working? His critics fear him, which will be no different than before. They fear his sharp ridicule, as they have indeed admired again his sharp mind. And he is wrong is a key measure of real intellectual and political course of stacks of files, often unread,?
He has all but the most important figures in his head.Karen Millen Since it is no challenge, then they crackle, whether the gross national product or the world economy, taxes and charges in OECD countries, on wages and salaries and their development in the past. . . Who would, who could counter that fast? And who could quote Goethe again just to say how right Marx and Engels and Wagenknecht have? "What is the spirit of the times / That's the reason the 'spirit / In which the times are reflected." Faustian fun if he is to what Marx and Engels wrote: "The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas, ie the class which is the ruling material force of society is, at the same time its ruling intellectual force. "
The last three words to reverberate. Ruling intellectual force - that sounds like a motto for this man claimed he has knowledge and power. Yes, this is not understandable? Because he knows more, he wants to have more to say, as simple as that,Karen Millen Dress and he who does not understand how he intended to take them seriously? Lafontaine is smart enough not to say that. He looks just like he would do it. His face then takes these Napoleonic expression. Which is broken only occasionally by a laugh, more a chuckle that makes him seem human as less domineering in the moment: Is not it wonderful how his nose pointed to the cartoon?

From time to time, Lafontaine is testing whether the people he has before him, whether individual or many, it may also follow. From this he concludes, who studied physics, then whether they will follow him too. For one thing caused the other to him. He is old enough, soon 69, and experienced enough to be here to make no more experiments, but the intellectual test arrangements set up, as he has done this hundreds of times: who follows him in his assumptions, follows his leads. Or in the aberrations, no matter. He collects people, voters, disciples. There are clever and Failed including, at times,Karen Millen Dresses be both. Some are heard again, as the Oscar lost, might have miscalculated, but surely. And in his element: the struggle for power.


party consensus shattered in Karen Millen organ donation reform

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com From a cross-party agreement on reforming organ donation is not because the government Karen Millen wants to pass on patient information without their consent. Greens and Left Party fear the commercialization of the data.
With the cross-party consensus on the reform of organ donation, it is now nothing. After Tagesspiegel Greens and Left Party-information of the contemplated changes in transplant Protection Act are not in parliament on Friday to agree. Both groups offended by a passage in the bill that personal data may be passed on organ donors without consent for research purposes at the pharmaceuticals industry.

Paragraph 14 of the Bill allows unauthorized data disclosure when "outweighs the public interest in carrying out the research project, the legitimate interests of the person concerned and not to achieve the research purpose is otherwise."
In this way, probably came "highly sensitive information" about organ donors and recipients, such as about their lifestyle or their medical history, in the hands of the industry, criticized the Green Party politician Elizabeth Scharfenberg. Many donated for altruistic reasons and were not willing to share their data for research purposes, said left-expert Kathrin Vogler.

The health ministry rejected the concerns.Karen Millen Dresses It does not go to the commercialization of data, a spokeswoman said. However, there is a strong interest in the sometimes serious side effects to reduce the life-long medication to be taken after transplantation by more research. Personal data will only be passed if "neither the anonymity nor the solicitation of consent impossible", according to a statement from the Federal Government, the Tagesspiegel present. The use of data for purely commercial purposes would be "impossible". But this was not for research projects that "commercial interests are also pursued" at the same time.

It is irresponsible to the citizens' trust in the donation as "continue to gamble," said Green MEP Harald terpene. He recalled that this trust by the events surrounding the German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO) "already shaken" is.Karen Millen After being accused of nepotism and mismanagement of Business Board of the Foundation have already had to resign. To fundamental reform or reorganization of the organ donation system, but there is not - even if Union, SPD and FDP, the rights of control of funds, hospitals and medical associations on the fly will still increase with an amendment.

It is annoying that you can not use the opportunity to be a real structural reform, said Scharfenberg. And Kathrin Vogler has "profound reflection on appropriate structures for the organization of organ transplantation to be absolutely necessary." Through the rush with which they are to incur the law, proved to Union, SPD and FDP, the organ donation "a disservice".

As far as the Left, which wants to reject the bill on Friday completely,Karen Millen Dress like the Greens are not. They put themselves in the health committee established solely on abstention. And then it concerns only the Transplantation Act. It commits all major hospitals to employ agents and transplantation to optimize the processes for organ donation. In addition to people who have relatives or friends to donate an organ alive, be better off social legislation
About the project to confront the future of every citizen aged 16 and over at regular intervals with the question of his willingness to donate organs, is voted on separately on Friday - and not by political groups, but in a free conscience. But even here, the consensus is fragile. The green does not suit that health staff should be entitled to the requested their readiness to enter on their own insured health card. And at the left, a majority has already announced that agree across party developed application group for data protection reasons not to want.


249 km traffic jam Karen Millen Dress in Sao Paulo

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com Nothing works in S?o Paulo: A strike by subway riders has caused in the Brazilian metropolis of record storage.Karen Millen Dress Angry commuters had to wait sometimes for hours. Police used tear gas against rowdy passengers at a bus station.
Sao Paulo - The strike had the subway rider days' notice - but the infrastructure was the metropolis of S?o Paulo, the onslaught of the masses, not up. The municipal transport company announced on Wednesday a total of 249 lines of cars of kilometers in the city - as much as never before in one morning.
In the morning, even the bus stations were overcrowded. The buses themselves were stuck in traffic, as estimated at up to five million Brazilians in their cars. Commuters were stuck for hours. Police officers on motorcycles had to pave the way ambulance.

At some bus stops there were tumultuous scenes. According to local media applied to air passengers were out of the tires of buses and blocked roads and at times even a subway station in order to make their anger over the air strike.Karen Millen Dresses In the eastern district of Itaquera, police used tear gas to disperse the crowds.

Underinvestment in infrastructure

The subway riders demanding less working hours and higher wages. 8000 of 9,000 employees had stopped work. After five hours, the workers ended the strike - after a lightning deal at around six percent wage increase and a food supplement.
The strike, however, reveals a fundamental problem of the Brazilian mega-city, the infrastructure of the country remains quite some time behind the rapid economic growth in recent years. In the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo's 20 million people live, Karen Millen every day 900 new vehicles are registered.

Spending on roads and public transport are growing,Karen Millen Dress but nowhere at the same pace: According to an analysis by investment bank Morgan Stanley, Brazil has invested in recent years, only 17 percent of its gross national product in the road - China and India used in each case to about 40 percent.

The previous record for storage of S?o Paulo was the morning at 191 kilometers. During rush hour in the late afternoon in 2009 the all-time record was set - with 293 miles.


Via announces Karen Millen Dresses 49-dollar PC

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com This PC is different: It will cost only $ 49, is as big as a hand-held and works with the Android mobile operating system with Windows or Linux.Karen Millen Dresses The low-cost computer is ready for use only with a little reworking.
The symbolism is clear, the picture still raises questions on: the new PC motherboard from Via and have the banana actually located next to each other, as can be seen on the above picture? For then it would be a very large specimen of the yellow tropical fruit was, as the red-painted plate is 17 inches long. This is quite large for a banana, but for a compact PC board very much.
$ 49 will cost the 17-centimeter-long PC. The sensational price of the APC-called mini-computer is achieved by the fact that the customer only equipped with the chip motherboard and power supply will be sent. Around the casing, the user must take care of themselves. Suitable models should be easy to find, because the board has standard dimensions (motherboards in this size as a neo-ITX bezeichent).

Apart from the case but all this should be with the small computer. The operating system is not intended to serve the expensive Windows-compatible PC or a Linux, but Google's smartphone operating system Android.Karen Millen The name stands for APC Android PC. Via promises an Android in an "optimized" version, this will be based on Android 2.3 and will be preinstalled on the APC.

The hardware itself stingy with big numbers. When driving a clocked at 800 megahertz Wonder media arm-processor is used with only one processor core.Karen Millen Dress So a chip, which is considerably slower than the dual-and quad-core processors in many current smartphones.

Too slow and too greedy?

He is assisted by 512 megabytes of memory and two gigabytes of flash memory. A hard disk or optical drive are not provided, a memory card reader and four USB 2.0 ports are the only way to connect external media. By Fast Ethernet takes the APC on contact with the network.
As a gaming PC so it is not good, at least not for hardcore PC gamers. Android games like "Angry Birds" but should work fine. This will support video playback via hardware acceleration, says the manufacturer. That makes sense, because video signals can be output via HDMI, including in HD 720p resolution.

Exactly what could be a typical application for an APC: The video playback devices on the television, the movies from a USB hard disk or network storage takes place. Quite so easily satisfied, as one would wish for, is the mini-computer is not here,Karen Millen Dresses unfortunately, writes "hardware hacks". Although he is idle satisfied with economical and consumes four watts even under full load only 13.5 watts, which is compared to Windows PCs very little. Compared to other mini-computers, the relationship between power consumption and power output but was unfavorable.

Moreover, the use Via press release left many questions unanswered. Those relating to the access to Android apps. Google access to play, the App Store for Android is limited, usually on Google appliances that meet certain standards, which the APC is nearly impossible.


"Mr. Lahm is Karen Millen not my boss"

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com For weeks, debate continues as to the situation in the European Championship host country Ukraine. Now,Karen Millen on Uefa chief Michel Platini in the debate. He dismisses criticism of the apolitical stance of his association. Particularly outraged the functionary of the German team captain Philipp Lahm.
Nyon - UEFA president Michel Platini has defended the line of his non-political organization in the discussion of human rights in Ukraine. The head of the European Football Union rejected the claim of DFB captain Philipp Lahm after positioning and an intervention of Uefa with sharp words. "He can say whatever he wants. This is not does not matter to me. Mr. Lahm my boss. He has to demand anything from me. He is captain of the German national team is also captain of the Uefa," said Platini, the news agency dpa.
In the future, the Frenchman wants to exclude political considerations in the applications. Minimum standards on human rights issues as a condition he refuses. "The members of the Executive Committee must choose according to their best knowledge and belief," said Platini said: "At first everyone was happy with the choice of Poland and Ukraine, and what we do when a government changes, we then take out the tournament.? political reasons, gone? Difficult, difficult. "

Lahm was recently criticized in Der Spiegel, the political leadership of Ukraine because of dealing with the detained opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko. The Munich had demanded of the Uefa to rule on the issue of clear human rights in the former Soviet republic.Karen Millen Dresses Towards Platini said: "I think he should take a stand And I'm curious to see what he has to say.."

"You take care of their own business"

Long's 56-year-old former world-class professional had been silent in public - which accused him not only lame. "Everyone has to fill his area of ??responsibility. I do not do politics, I do football. If I wanted to do politics, I would go into politics," Platini said now.

The Uefa will not interfere in the future in political or religious matters. He had informed the government of Ukraine to the concerns regarding the use of Timoshenko. "But the response is clear: 'Take care of your own stuff that is not your area of ??responsibility,Karen Millen that's a problem of the Ukrainian judiciary..'" Said Platini.

Some politicians accused the European champion from 1984 incredibility. "I can show you the reaction time, as the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine was awarded. Everyone applauded and welcomed the opening to the East." Those who wanted to stay away from the games now in Ukraine, are "the same people who said four years ago, how great it is that we open ourselves to Poland and Ukraine," said the UEFA chief.
In early May, for example, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and the other 26 members of the European Commission had announced a protest against the treatment of opposition leader Tymoshenko want to stay away from the Championship games in Ukraine. Also, many German politicians do not want to travel to the Ukraine, where the DFB team of national coach Joachim Loew their three group games against Portugal (June 9 in Lviv), the Netherlands (June 13 in Kharkov) and Denmark (June 17 in Lviv ) contests.

"On the third day, it's good"

"Now, if some do not want to come to Ukraine, they are not. When they come, they come from. I do football and organizing the €. For another, it is too late now", said Platini. He drew before the opening game of the co-hosts Poland to Greece on 8 June at the National Stadium in Warsaw on the importance of the first European Championship in the former Eastern bloc. "Everything is ready.Karen Millen Dress We see no major problems. People in Poland and Ukraine are eager to show that they have organized an outstanding European Championship," said Platini.

The association manager is convinced of a successful tournament. "We know how it is run. As with all World and European Championships. The first day is difficult, it will be better on the second and the third is good," Platini predicted.


massive U.S. Karen Millen Dress arms stuck in fake chips

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com The U.S. Senate is deeply troubled: In American weapons systems, large quantities of counterfeit electronic parts have been installed,Karen Millen Dress most of them coming from China. Experts fear that cheap commodity refused on the battlefield - a potentially deadly threat to the soldiers.
Counterfeit electronic components are an annoyance for home users, for soldiers, they are a potentially lethal hazard. A report of the U.S. Senate has now revealed that a flood of inferior goods will find their way into U.S. weapons systems - most parts are from China.
"Deeply troubling" was what they had found there,Karen Millen Dresses U.S. Senator Carl Levin said as early as last November. The U.S. Government Accountability Office GAO had previously purchased a shell company 16 electronic components for weapons systems in 13 Chinese suppliers. The result: All 16 pieces were fakes. Seven of them come in under the other aircraft like the F-15 fighter jet and the tilt rotor V-22 truck to use.

Now the U.S. Senate has introduced a new, much larger report. In a two-year period from 2009 to 2010, a five-member team had examined the procurement of military material. "The problem of counterfeit parts in the military supply chain is widely distributed," says the Committee on Armed Services of the U.S. Senate in the most official jargon. In other words, there is poor quality chips,Karen Millen wherever you look.

The examiner would have considered only a part of the supply chain and discovered there already about 1,800 parts, which were probably forged. These consisted of various components in turn. At the end of about a million suspicious items were gathered.

"China is the epicenter of the global trade in fakes"

At 126 in 1800, the researchers looked suspicious components closer - and it quickly became apparent where the goods were mostly junk: "China is the epicenter of the global trade in fakes," says the 122-page report. Therefore,Karen Millen Dress there is "overwhelming and indisputable evidence."

The Committee strongly criticizes in Beijing: "The Chinese government is doing nothing against the business of counterfeiting, which is operated openly in the country." More than 70 percent of the 126 parts you have tracked more accurately traced to China. In second place followed by the UK with a market share of eleven percent and Canada with nine percent.

The report says the junk goods put some in multi-million dollar weapon systems - including the attack helicopter AH-64 "Apache", the Marine helicopter SH-60B "Seahawk", in various transport aircraft and even in the mission computer of the "THAAD" missile, a major component of the U.S. defense system against nuclear ballistic missiles.

The report lists some examples in detail:

■ In the Navy SH-60B helicopter were found counterfeit parts in infrared aiming devices. If they fail, the pilot can use it in a battle his "Hellfire" missiles no longer identify targets at night no more or hazard.
■ In transport aircraft of the types C-130J "Hercules" and C-27J "Spartan" and the Marine transport helicopter CH-46 "Sea Knight" fake components have been used in screens that the condition of the engines, fuel consumption and the current location . inform The manufacturer of the chips, a company in Shenzhen, China has delivered according to the Senate report, probably about 84,000 counterfeit electronic components to the Pentagon. "Many of these parts were installed in military aircraft."
■ The P-8A "Poseidon", a converted for ship and submarine combat Boeing 737 is affected. 2009 ice detector flew aboard a Boeing machine just out of its holder. Only one and a half years later, in August 2011, Boeing warned that the U.S. Navy. Apparently a Chinese supplier had used parts sold as new.

Of the inferior parts can expect great dangers. Military parts, it is said in the report, would have some work in larger temperature range than industrial or commercial components. Among the sometimes extreme conditions of the battlefield can be a lifesaver for soldiers.

Russian roulette under combat conditions

"Counterfeiters often remove the part number of the manufacturer," the report said. "Such components can provide basic exams, but fail in the field when they extreme temperatures or other stresses." The Senate cited the president of industry association Semiconductor Industry Association as saying that the use of forged components in the military was "Russian roulette": Just in the battle - the moment of greatest stress - could set inferior parts of the service.

The U.S. Senate also prompted a closer examination of the suspect parts in 1800 by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), which is responsible for the missile defense system. The results were startling. The MDA was able to identify the performance class of around 60 percent of the 1,800 components. Only 20 percent were therefore suitable for military use. 50 percent were intended only for industrial and 30 percent for commercial use or may be even lower quality.
The MDA came across another piquant detail. At 1500 the 1,800 suspected components they could get the production status of experience. The result: 30 percent of the parts were manufactured in May 2011 even more. In addition, many companies relate to the supply chain of the military source from independent suppliers - rather than the original manufacturer or authorized distributor. "And this despite the danger of buying counterfeit parts from independent suppliers is far greater," criticized the Senate committee. In addition, the almost unmanageable number of suppliers come: in 1800 alone, the suspect parts came from more than 650 companies, each of which in turn have a whole network of suppliers.

The judgment of the Senate Committee fails devastating: The investigations "have exposed a supply chain that relies on purchase of electronic components for our most sensitive defense systems on hundreds of untested companies." This leads to an "unacceptable risk to national security and the safety of U.S. military spending."

Hardly surprising that appears, for purchase under increasing time and cost pressures, the armed forces of many countries more and more material from commercial vendors rather than developing their own money for more equipment. This also applies to rich industrial nations like the U.S. - where do ordinary about in helicopters iPads and Smartphones service.


Gunter Sachs Karen Millen Dresses collection of made a surprise price

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com Even the auctioneer was missing between the words: With the auction of the highlights of the art collection of Gunter Sachs in London are unexpectedly high prices paid. Karen Millen DressesOnly a Warhol self-portrait made 5.4 million pounds, the overall result of the evening was 36.6 million pounds.
London - Surprise at the heir: The auction of selected works from the collection of photographer Gunter Sachs and Playboy are on Tuesday evening in London, prices rose at a rapid pace - for works where that had not been anticipated. Overall, the auction house Sotheby's for more than 36.6 million pounds (45.4 million euros) - nearly double to more than expected according to the estimates.
Among the highlights of the evening included several pictures of the pop art artist Andy Warhol, who was a good friend of Sachs. One of his self-portraits with a wild mane of hair instead went for the estimated two million pounds for 5.4 million pounds to an anonymous bidder.Karen Millen Dress A portrait of Sachs himself out of his hand brought Warhol instead of the expected maximum of 600 000 pounds to around 1.3 million pounds.

An up to 4 million pounds valued Warhol image of Sachs' ex-wife Brigitte Bardot, however, remained at the bottom of the appraised value and made it to over 3 million pounds. A flower portrait of the artist, which was estimated at a minimum of 3 million pounds, reached 3.7 million pounds.

The son of German businessmen and jet-set celebrities had taken in May 2011 at the age of 78 years of life.Karen Millen Dresses With the collection of art he had begun in the 60s. He bought mainly works by artists with whom he was friends,Karen Millen such as Warhol.

After his suicide, the family had decided to sell part of the collection, which includes works by Yves Klein, Salvador Dali and others belong.

For astonished exclamation provided at the auction at Sotheby's three generously designed furniture of Allen Jones. A hat stand, a chair and a table that is created each consisting of a half-naked mannequin in vinyl and leather, had been estimated at a maximum of 40 000 pounds. The fiberglass pieces created from 1969, which is available in this way rarely achieved in the market, between 780 000 and almost a million pounds.


Millionaire spoof bar codes Karen Millen on Lego price tags

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com A millionaire software manager perhaps paid too little aware of toys:Karen Millen A US-based retail chain accused him of having tampered with fake bar codes, prices of Lego building blocks. In his house, investigators found thousands of them.
The American department store chain Target has an objection to the software manager Thomas L. serious allegations: He is said to have robbed the company in at least four cases. This is the 47-year-old have gone on refined. Instead of secretly carrying goods from the store, he had stuck the Lego brand toys with fake bar code labels and bought so at considerably reduced prices, reports NBC Bay Area.
The report concluded that the targets own security staff discovered discrepancies when they purchase history of the defendant examined. As the company has taken it, do not say the report. However, it was noticed that Thomas L. For example,Karen Millen a Lego model I purchased the Millennium Falcon spaceship from "Star Wars" movies for 49 dollars. According to the price list he would have had to pay $ 279.

Was on a surveillance video can also be seen as the man exchanges the barcode price tags on a Lego box, said a police spokeswoman. That he was shot by his purchase, a target company spokesman explained by the fact that purchases of Lego most closely watched.Karen Millen Dress For the Danish building blocks are the same popular and very expensive.

Hundreds of Lego boxes in the house

It seems the accused does not have to worry about money. After his arrest, he deposited $ 10,000 bail apparently effortlessly, in order to get back on the free foot. NBC Bay Area designates the manager who helps with the software giant SAP the title of vice president, as a multimillionaire.
Privately, he seems to be a Lego fan. During the search of his house, investigators found hundreds of Lego boxes. In addition, he has since April 2011 under a pseudonym in 2100 Lego parts sold on Ebay and it occupied about 30,000 dollars.Karen Millen Dresses 32 already prepared in his car Lego price tags were found.

Hard work of the investigators

In any case, the mesh with the manipulated bar code was probably not an isolated incident, said police spokeswoman. It was only the first time that you in Mountain View, a city in Silicon Valley, one such case has revealed. Back in 2005, was in the U.S. state of Nevada arrested a man who had purchased the same way Lego bricks valued at about $ 200,000 to rigged prices in Target stores and sold via the Internet.

In the case of software millionaire, investigators now face a laborious task: try to find out which of the many Lego kits honest in his house the man bought and how much he has to surreptitiously trick theft


Schweinsteiger Karen Millen Dress apologizes to the Federal President

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com In the Champions League final against Chelsea verschoss professional Bastian Schweinsteiger Bayern the last penalty.Karen Millen Dress Sadly, he slipped behind the grandstand - and struck out the hand of the President. Now, he apologized to Joachim Gauck: "I've seen nothing around me."
President Joachim Gauck was brave. Gently he took after the Champions League final on Saturday at the Handschüttel Marathon, gave himself a father, and showed genuine compassion for the unfortunate second. Alone, the mood of Bavaria for the lost game against Chelsea was the low point.
Ironically, Bastian Schweinsteiger had failed during the penalty shootout as the final shooter on the post-Bavaria. The Munich lost their final 4:5 against the English club of oil billionaire Roman Abramovich.

Twice in a row is fetched to the eager Gauck a basket. FC Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes, who stood before Schweinsteiger in line, grabbed a consolation prize and medal, and hurried away - without the President of a glance to appreciate. Heynckes did not apologize,Karen Millen but could put in an emergency, that he just had both hands full.

Just behind the coach Bastian Schweinsteiger,Karen Millen Dresses the tragic figure standing in the "drama home" of Bayern. He held his hand over her mouth and nose, looked blankly at the floor. When it was his turn,Karen Millen Dress the national team reached equally listless as mad at himself for the medal and ignored the benevolent hand President.

Now the midfielder apologized to the President for his faux pas in the eyes of the world. It is "right under any circumstances" and "a misunderstanding", a "handshake refused" to speak, of the 27-year-old said in a statement of the football championship record. He had Gauck outstretched hand while walking through the stands simply "not seen".

"I have these moments, after this great disappointment, no longer seen around me," said Schweinsteiger. "I was desperately disappointed, as if paralyzed." The images from that moment the feeling awakened, he had spurned Gauck hand doing his suffering, he claimed the player.


researchers apologizes Karen Millen Dresses for gay studies

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com A U.S. psychologist asks forgiveness for homosexuals, he has worked on a questionable study on the alleged treatment of gays.Karen Millen Dresses The credibility of the study participants had not been proven.
In the U.S., but not only there were gays and lesbians as long term sick or have been prosecuted. It was not until 1974, the American Psychiatric Association, homosexuality from the list of mental disorders. This followed years of protests by the gay rights movement and a violent dispute in the scientific community.
Robert Spitzer of Columbia University, played at the change of the Psychiatric Association play an important role. But in 2001 he moved to the wrath of homosexuals in the U.S., as he worked on a questionable study. Spitzer was interviewed for 200 people who had claimed that a so-called Reparativtherapie, often called conversion therapy, their sexual orientation had changed. Instead they are now homosexual heterosexual respondents had declared.

As the psychiatrist, the results of its 2001 study presented at a recent conference, this caused indignant reactions in the gay and lesbian community. 2003 the work was published in a journal, but now she sees the now retired Spitzer with other much more critical eye.

He was not able to assess the credibility of the statements,Karen Millen Spitzer admits now. Even the appearance of the study, there had been criticism of the investigation. At that time, the researcher replied that he had no evidence that the reports meet the participants of the truth. But some aspects of the statements could not be easily dismissed Sun

Conversion therapies predominantly rejected

Now Spitzer wrote in a letter to the journal that he had been wrong then. "There was no way to verify whether a respondent agreed with the report of the change of sexual orientation. I think I have to apologize for the homosexuals that I have set up unproven claims about the effectiveness of Reparativtherapie." He also wanted to apologize to all the time and energy invested in treatment would, because they had believed that the Reparativtherapie works with "highly motivated people."

Conversion therapies are promoted primarily by fundamentalist Christians. Scientists reject the especially in the sixties and seventies, often offered treatments of homosexuals as much as possible. The majority of the so-treated children grow on people negative and harmful effects,Karen Millen Dresses provided the federal government established in 2008. The consequence is anxiety, social isolation, Karen Millen Dress depression to suicidal tendencies and prospects of the promised "cure" would be disappointed. A year ago, a Catholic Medical Association had made headlines, would cure the homosexuals with homeopathy.


experts reject pirated Karen Millen copy-warning model

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com Should ISPs monitor their customers - and exhort in the case of illegal downloads?Karen Millen At a hearing in federal experts expressed strong criticism of the proposal. The providers do not want to play.
Pirates! Criminals! Free Culture! Copyright and businesses complain that digital content will be cheerfully exchanged in the network - because they can be copied almost without loss, and make it possible platforms to share music, movies and books with people all over the world.
The discussion of copyright offenders to be rampant, and the copyright warnings on the Net era arrived in the Bundestag. There, on Monday addressed the subcommittee with the new media marketing and the protection of creative content on the Internet. Above all, it came to opinions on a warning model that had worked out the law professor Rolf Schwartmann on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (PDF file).

The draft, also known as the "two-strikes model", is aimed at users of peer-to-peer file sharing: To determine owners of copyright infringement, they should cooperate with the Internet access providers, so the real names and addresses of their customers have. The provider sends the appropriate copyright sinners then "an explanatory warning" and holding the set in an internal list, so the idea. Repeat offenders will be warned a second time, in case of recurrence may follow legal consequences.

The suggestion was well meant but: "With these warnings,Karen Millen Dresses people are informed that infringe copyrights in ignorance of the law on the Internet," says the study. Anyone aware of copyright breach, after all, knew that he was going out on such a list.

Huge weapons for very small animals

The move has been criticized from several sides. Oliver from the Internet Industry Association Eco Süme said, such a model is an interference with the contractual relationship between customers and providers,Karen Millen Dress because it makes the provider to sheriff's deputies. You have to control their users' Internet traffic, which could not be their role. The industry association has had meanwhile drawn up by a law professor Thomas Hoeren a second opinion.

Dieter Frey, a lawyer specializing in copyright and media law was concerned when Schwartmann model has a disregard for the secrecy of telecommunications, a middle-ground law.

The journalist Dirk von Gehlen ("Sueddeutsche Zeitung") considers that such monitoring is not to be proportionate and asked if there would not be fired "with very big guns on small animals." Also, technically the warning model was attacked.Karen Millen Frank Rieger, spokesman for the Chaos Computer Club was to keep in mind that the determination of an IP address is unreliable. The margin of error of such an action lies in the eight to tenth percent.

"Only the stupid ones" will be punished

Study authors Schwartmann reacted visibly touched on the significant words: "I feel like a father of a child who is being bullied," he said, referring to the debate on the Internet and in the committee meeting. The word "deputy sheriff" would like to see it replaced by the word "messenger" because it was more the function, handed down for providers of such a scheme.
Moreover, it could not be associated with an intensification of the methods mentioned, but rather by mildness. Finally, a copyright infringer be warned several times, without being punished. He would first draw attention to his offense.

The SPD was presented on Monday a white paper in which the warning model is rejected. Even with the Greens and the Left's approach of "two-strikes" controversy, the FDP seems to disagree. Union leaders have advocated, however.

How copyright should be enforced? Florian pressures from the Federal Association of the music industry said they had "modern forms of law enforcement" and find the question of whether the critics are warning of the model at all was a matter that existing law should be enforced. He hit perhaps the heart of the debate. For Gehlen noted that such a model mainly the wrong people, namely, "only the stupid" punish - those who did not know how to escape such a successful technical control.


Thousands march against war Karen Millen Dress opponents Summit in Chicago

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com It is the largest NATO summit, and it triggers a wave of indignation. Thousands of activists demonstrated at the beginning of the meeting of many leaders on Sunday in Chicago.Karen Millen Dress Their motto: "Kill one person - and it's murder kill hundreds of thousands - and it's foreign policy."

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Chicago - mesh, concrete barriers and heavily armed police secure the area, helicopters monitored the airspace, the Coast Guard boats with machine guns controlled the shores of Lake Michigan. Under the highest security on Sunday the biggest NATO meeting in Chicago, has begun. Strictly screened, in a building complex in the south of the town center meet for two days, the leaders of the 28 Member States of the military alliance.
Parallel to this, thousands of protesters hit the center of the metropolis.Karen Millen You want to use the summit to protest against war and NATO policy. The common theme of the various groups with hundreds of posters and American flags reads: "Say No to NATO's agenda of war and poverty!" In protest signs accusing protesters of NATO: "Kill one person - and it's murder kill hundreds of thousands - and it's foreign policy." The 30-year-old industrial worker Wes Harlem complains: "They marched into Iraq, and then come and corporations earn billions."

Especially the black masked block and often violent activists triggered by the security forces worried about 3000. So waiting in the skyscraper canyons of the U.S. metropolis hundreds of special forces in riot gear. Even before the summit, he had come to minor clashes, protesters played in several protest moves to the police cat and mouse, trying to paralyze police cars.

While the protest was peaceful at first several hours,Karen Millen Dresses it came after the official end of the operation to clashes with the police. There have been six arrests and several injured, local media reported. Several protesters were handcuffed on the floor with cable ties, eyewitnesses reported.

The security forces foiled also stated several planned arson attacks including a campaign office of U.S. President Barack Obama. Five young men are now under suspicion of terrorism. Among the detainees and incendiary weapons were found.

The NATO meeting will last until Monday. Some leaders like Chancellor Angela Merkel came directly from the summit of eight leading industrialized nations (G8) at Camp David near Washington. U.S. President Barack Obama was the first also moved to Chicago planned G8 summit because of the protests at his country residence at Camp David.

Merkel on the Afghanistan mission: "Working together in, out together"

The meeting is the future of the already ongoing for more than ten years mission in Afghanistan. The most NATO-led ISAF participating countries want to nail down the gradual withdrawal of its combat troops by the end of the year 2014 and discuss the basic features of a successor to the NATO deployment in support of the Afghan security forces.

It forges between Germany and France to a conflict. Merkel urged France on Sunday in Chicago, not to withdraw its troops prematurely. The newly elected President Francois Hollande had in his first international appearance last week reaffirmed his campaign promise to bring even the French soldiers by the end of this year, and thus two years earlier than planned to go home.

"We went together to Afghanistan and we want to pull together even in Afghanistan," Merkel said on Sunday in Chicago. Karen Millen Dress"We stand together in our determination to fulfill this mission," U.S. President Barack Obama said at the official opening of the meeting in his hometown.

Billion in assistance for Afghan security forces after 2014
Discussed is the possibility that France, despite withdrawal of its combat forces continue to remain a member in the ISAF compound and supports the use. Merkel called this option "desirable," while Defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere (CDU) called it "conceivable but not agreed". Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle (FDP) warned of a "race off" for domestic political reasons.

At the same time it is also about the funding of the Afghan security forces after 2014. Of the estimated cost of 4.1 billion dollars the United States, according to a diplomat to take $ 2.3 billion. Other pledges amounting to more than one billion dollars had already been made by other states. Germany wants to participate each year with 150 million €.

Currently, more than 130,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan, including about 4,700 soldiers of the Bundeswehr. The U.S. alone costs of the war in Afghanistan, currently around 100 billion dollars a year. Afghan President Hamid Karzai said after meeting with Obama that his country would not longer be a burden on the shoulders of the international community and hope for an end to the war.


Nationalist wins presidential Karen Millen Dresses election in Serbia

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com There is a surprising result in Belgrade: Karen Millen Dresses opposition leader Tomislav Nikolic wins the runoff election for the Serbian presidency - polls actually had the EU supporters and incumbent Boris Tadic predicted a massive victory.

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Belgrade - Serbian drumbeat: Contrary to all surveys, forecasts and Western support for his opponent has won Serbia's opposition leader Tomislav Nikolic on Sunday the ballot for the presidency. It is quite clear two percent against the longtime incumbent, Boris Tadic, the choice of research group CESID shared by extrapolation to 70 percent of the votes cast.
Nikolic claimed victory for himself and his followers Progressive Party (SNS) have stated: "Serbia has received this evening a new president." Tadic conceded defeat during a press conference: he congratulate his opponent to the Nikolic "deserved victory" in the runoff election, Tadic said on Sunday evening. He wished the 60-year-olds 'success'.

Nikolic has been a persistent challenger of 2004, the previous incumbent Boris Tadic. His good performance comes as a surprise: Tadic had gone into the race as favorite, he had all the polls predicted a massive victory. The latest opinion analysis had seen him with 58 percent of the front.

Nikolic: "Are not differ from the European path"

Tadic also had by far the better cards in this election campaign.Karen Millen The media extolled him as well as Brussels and Washington. The 54-year-old was in the past two weeks practically ubiquitous. With giant ads in the newspapers,Karen Millen Dresses with daily interviews and reports on all TV channels. Tadic had received awards en masse from western organizations with which he was hailed as the most important Democratic politician in Serbia.

The deselection of Tadic was due to the dire economic situation, with record unemployment and business failures, prominent commentators analyzed the totally surprising election outcome. The fact that the population was dissatisfied with the policy, was also the record low in voter turnout: Only 45 percent of citizens went to the ballot at all. According to initial results, there were 100 000 next intentionally invalidated ballots. A low turnout is as presented by the statistician Nikolic also benefit.

Nikolic was the greatest loser in Serbian politics. He and Tadic were already over at the last two presidential elections. At that time, Nikolic was a bitter opponent of Serbia's rapprochement to the EU. Meanwhile, however, also support him and his Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) for EU membership - but not at any price, as he said during the campaign.

Tadic makes himself since he took office for much closer ties between Serbia and the European Union. Following the arrest and extradition of the alleged war criminal Ratko Mladic, the country was in March, official candidate of the EU.Karen Millen Dress Point of contention with Brussels remains the status of Kosovo. Belgrade refuses to recognize the independence of its former province continue to categorically.

Tadic had promised his countrymen that he wanted to bring the negotiations for EU membership before the year is going and hope for membership within five years. In his vote, he described the election as the way forward.

Breakdown in Brussels: Congratulatory letter sent out three hours early
Although the Balkan country is buffeted by the worst social crisis since the civil wars in the 90s, the election of Tadic strategists a completely coated image of a wonderland Serbia had drawn. Oil shale deposits should make the country for Saudi Arabia in the region. Prominent Western companies were on display this snake to be allowed to invest in Serbia. Tadic claimed the last camp in Serbia will be the largest solar park in the world built.

What the country can expect from the new president, remains open. In any case, it will come to a cohabitation with the government. For although by Nikolic newly formed Progressive Party (SNS) had won the election two weeks ago, the Democrats (DS) form of Tadic with its former coalition partners, the government again.

It is not clear, the policies of Nikolic. Even on election night, he promised that "Serbia will not deviate from the European path." Currently, there are the U.S. and the EU had not really believed in this change. But Brussels was then allowed faster with the congratulations for Nikolic by a breakdown as: Just three hours before the polls closed, the EU leaders sent the new president their best wishes.


ministers Bahr provides health Karen Millen insurance ultimatum

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com Many public health insurance companies are sitting on abundant cash reserves - and stand out to pay their insured money back.Karen Millen Now threatens health minister Bahr: Either the repayment is voluntary, or they will be enforced by the federal government.

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Hamburg - The battle has been weeks: The Federal Government is urging the public health insurance, their partial contribution lush cushion for repayment of the insured to use - so far with limited success. Now is the Federal Health Minister Daniel Bahr (FDP), an ultimatum: if well-funded cash voluntarily repay some of their money to the members, he will force the premium payments.
If necessary, the legislature must act, said the FDP politician of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". It was currently being discussed by the coalition. "This would benefit insured no later than 2013." However, it was "certainly better if funds decide for themselves," added Bahr.

A blunt warning that explains the attitude of hard cash: cash benefit now pour ten premiums, of which less than one million members. Bahr: "But it could pay out more cash and benefit millions of contributors." In April,Karen Millen Dresses Bahr had spoken by more than 30 funds whose financial situation permit such a step.

According to Social Security may hold cash reserves of 1.5 maximum monthly expenditure. A reserve in excess of apparently several cash. The Federal Social Insurance Office (BVA) has already prompted several cash, a check as in step.Karen Millen They would have to respond to early June period, to the prompt. BVA President Maximilian Gassner founded the technicians in letters to the insurance company (TK),Karen Millen Dress the Hanseatic health insurance (HEK) and the IKK health plus the "in recent years to a level not expected in this structure of financial assets". The law in the social set amount of reserves that will exceed all three funds "significantly" argued Gassner.

Faster funding proposal for the long-term care

In an interview with the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" in Bahr also announced that the coalition would present with regard to the planned nursing care "in the coming weeks," a proposal for funding. With the new government funding to encourage citizens to privately provide for a possible nursing care. The amount of funds which stood first in the budget is not so important here, Bahr, "The key is whether the model is attractive and easy and that therefore the right course," said Bahr.

Before the start of the German Medical Assembly on Tuesday, the Minister called doctors and private health insurance (PHI) to submit a joint proposal for a reform of the medical fees to settle after the doctors services for private patients. "If we succeed in the medical community and the private health insurance, to make a joint proposal, then we can go far in this election period."










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