This Greek company also attracts Karen Millen German experts

Successful Karen Millen exporters from Greece,http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com there's that at all? Sunlight makes the battery manufacturer before, how can made to work in Greece. Thanks to quality and modern factories, he made the bulk of its sales abroad - and even to attract workers from other EU countries.
The idea that a Greek batteries manufacturers conquered the German market seems about as absurd as that a German producer of olive oil in Greece is celebrating great success. Nevertheless, there is one such company: Systems Sunlight
The Athens company ranks in the top three manufacturers of complex systems, batteries, 2011 it made a turnover of 115 million €. It has representative offices in nine countries and a sales and partner network that spans more than one hundred countries. Sunlight is particularly active in Germany, where, among other things, the Federal Ministry of Defence buys the company for many years from submarine batteries.
The company is a beacon of hope: It shows that in Greece there are businesses that can succeed internationally. It highlights the strategies to grow the Greek economy and what problems need to be addressed here. She also goes the opposite way of most other companies. For example, the largest European retailer Carrefour has recently announced plans to retire because of the uncertain economic situation in Greece. The Sunlight leaders go hard but with Greece to court, they believe that many years of political mismanagement has damaged the enterprise.
Sunlight is an atypical company in Karen Millen Dress Greece. In a state with low Karen Millen competitiveness and low export ratio, it sold about 98 percent of its production abroad. In a country that suffers from capital flight and falling investments, the company plans a multi-million-euro project in northern Greece. "Many may think this crazy," says company president Konstantinos Lafkas while he destroyed a cafe in a cheesecake. In fact, there are good reasons.
"We do not play again in the second division"
Most Greek companies in the international market cut below average - and has been for years. They find it difficult to offer goods or services of high quality that are attractive to foreign customers. At the same time, the country can no longer compete on lower prices, because it has no more national currency that depreciates in times of weakness and the goods or services as an international comparison cheaper.
The combination of declining competitiveness and a rigid exchange rate was Greece's trade deficit to skyrocket - and with him the debt. It is one of the main reasons that the country now depends on a drip of EU and International Monetary Fund.
The Greeks realized this a long time but nothing. Because of the booming domestic consumption, fueled by low lending rates, and the state was for many companies long been a good customer. The homeland of Sunlight-chief Lafkas increasingly lost the connection.
The Greeks traditionally see themselves as proud entrepreneurs. "But they have become lazy," says Christos Kartalis Sunlight Board. Lafkas is against his own people no less critical. Give it to conquer markets, he says, markets with tremendous potential. "But what Greek companies already sell in Turkey or the Middle East? Almost nothing."
Now the debt-based consumption boom is over, the faltering domestic consumption. In order for the Greek economy is growing again, Karen Millen Dresses companies must export a lot more. Finally, exports contributed to only about 20 percent of Greek economic performance. This makes the country one of Europe's advices rearmost seats, says Dimitris Lakasas, the chairman of an association of export-oriented companies in Northern Greece. "We do not play again in the second division." The company had two options: export more - or perish.
"The brand is damaged Greece"
One might think that the Greek government in its effort to create new growth, is a strong supporter of the export industry. But that's not true. Greek companies such as Sunlight is not because of the state apparatus successful exporters - but to spite him. "The brand is damaged Greece," says Lakasas. How much the more difficult the business, the company has experienced Sunlight itself - with its expansion in Germany. "It took a long time to convince the Germans that a company is a reliable partner of the little Greek," says Kartalis.
The Athens company ranks in the top three manufacturers of complex systems, batteries, 2011 it made a turnover of 115 million €. It has representative offices in nine countries and a sales and partner network that spans more than one hundred countries. Sunlight is particularly active in Germany, where, among other things, the Federal Ministry of Defence buys the company for many years from submarine batteries.
The company is a beacon of hope: It shows that in Greece there are businesses that can succeed internationally. It highlights the strategies to grow the Greek economy and what problems need to be addressed here. She also goes the opposite way of most other companies. For example, the largest European retailer Carrefour has recently announced plans to retire because of the uncertain economic situation in Greece. The Sunlight leaders go hard but with Greece to court, they believe that many years of political mismanagement has damaged the enterprise.
Sunlight is an atypical company in Greece. In a state with low competitiveness and low export ratio, it sold about 98 percent of its production abroad. In a country that suffers from capital flight and falling investments, the company plans a multi-million-euro project in northern Greece. "Many may think this crazy," says company president Konstantinos Lafkas while he destroyed a cafe in a cheesecake. In fact, there are good reasons.
"We do not play again in the second division"
Most Greek companies in the international market cut below average - and has been for years. They find it difficult to offer goods or services of high quality that are attractive to foreign customers. At the same time, the country can no longer compete on lower prices, because it has no more national currency that depreciates in times of weakness and the goods or services as an international comparison cheaper.
The combination of declining competitiveness and a rigid exchange rate was Greece's trade deficit to skyrocket - and with him the debt. It is one of the main reasons that the country now depends on a drip of EU and International Monetary Fund.
The Greeks realized this a long time but nothing. Because of the booming domestic consumption, fueled by low lending rates, and the state was for many companies long been a good customer. The homeland of Sunlight-chief Lafkas increasingly lost the connection.
The Greeks traditionally see themselves as proud entrepreneurs. "But they have become lazy," says Christos Kartalis Sunlight Board. Lafkas is against his own people no less critical. Give it to conquer markets, he says, markets with tremendous potential. "But what Greek companies already sell in Turkey or the Middle East? Almost nothing."
Now the debt-based consumption boom is over, the faltering domestic consumption. In order for the Greek economy is growing again, companies must export a lot more. Finally, exports contributed to only about 20 percent of Greek economic performance. This makes the country one of Europe's advices rearmost seats, says Dimitris Lakasas, the chairman of an association of export-oriented companies in Northern Greece. "We do not play again in the second division." The company had two options: export more - or perish.
"The brand is damaged Greece"
One might think that the Greek government in its effort to create new growth, is a strong supporter of the export industry. But that's not true. Greek companies such as Sunlight is not because of the state apparatus successful exporters - but to spite him. "The brand is damaged Greece," says Lakasas. How much the more difficult the business, the company has experienced Sunlight itself - with its expansion in Germany. "It took a long time to convince the Germans that a company is a reliable partner of the little Greek," says Kartalis.


Greek Vice-Minister Karen Millen resigns

Greece's government Karen Millen plagued by injury worries: According to the nominee from the http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com finance minister is also the Vice-Minister of Merchant Marine approved from the Cabinet - allegedly because he runs a business in a tax haven
Athens - It is the second resignation in two days: After the departure of the designated Finance Minister Vassilis Rapanos also admitted Giorgos Vernicos his seat in the Cabinet. The tourism entrepreneurs was only on Thursday sworn in as Deputy Minister of the Merchant Marine. The shipping industry is considered to be central in Greece.
Vernicos itself gave no reasons for his resignation called. The opposition party Syriza had accused him of having an offshore Karen Millen Dresses company based in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific - a designated low-tax paradise. Under Greek law prohibits entrepreneurs take over such transactions with any government post.
Samaras announces European tour
Previously, only two injuries Karen Millen Dress were the new Greek government is Karen Millen starting difficulties. Only on Monday after Treasury Rapanos had a circulatory collapse submitted his resignation, before he could put his oath of office. His successor, the economics professor Yannis Stournaras.
Must also beware of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, the hospital bed - after an eye Operationer its operations temporarily lead from home, said a spokesman.
However, the new Greek prime minister wants to travel soon apparently to Berlin, Paris and Brussels to promote a relaxation of tight support requirements. "He is planning a European tour when doctors allow him to travel," a government official said on Tuesday in Athens.
At the EU summit on Thursday and Friday Samaras will not appear. There he Represented among others, President Papoulias and his new finance minister Karolis Stournaras.


Gema want real names Karen Millen Dresses or money

The club music http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com pirates has released an album of songs under Creative Commons license.Karen Millen Because only two artists appear under a pseudonym, now accuses the Gema. She calls real name.
Hamburg - It goes without Gema: The club music pirates in the past year has released a compilation with 19 songs, which can not be represented by the artist development company - but have made their songs under a Creative Commons license. That means you can play the songs and sometimes even use it for commercial purposes, without having to pay for the Gema.
Now, the Gema suing Karen Millen Dress music pirates, the first hearing before the District Court of Frankfurt is on 9 Take place in July. It's about the song "Dragonfly" from the band Texas Radio Fish, which was published in December 2010, according to pirate music on ccMixter, a platform for music under Creative Commons license.
But because the two musicians in the band just under the pseudonyms Electronico Karen Millen and Elron XChile occur, can check the Karen Millen Dresses Gema claims to not know if they, the artists may not yet represent - or one of the world of the participating societies. Evidence that no compulsory license royalty-is on the CD is required of the manufacturer.
But the real name of Gema is why you see now before the court. "I assume that this requirement, the Court of Gema is cut around the ears," is music pirate boss Christian Hufgard quoted in a statement. The German Copyright Act explicitly look for the possibility of anonymous and pseudonymous publication.
In fact, artists can register at the Gema with a pseudonym. "Nevertheless we always need the real name," says GEMA spokesman Peter Hempel. "The risk of confusion is otherwise just too high." The pirates, however, see the music differently. "If a pseudonym can not be found in the database of Gema, then they may ask for any money," said Hufgard.

time of the super cheap Karen Millen money is over

The bulwark of the euro zone is fragile:Karen Millen Many investment professionals expect interest rates to rise for German government bonds. They fear costly relief operations, which pollute the creditworthiness of the Federal Republic.http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The time for making super cheap debt in Germany is coming to an end.
Hamburg - The euro crisis, Germany is the guarantor of stability - but that image gets visibly cracked. More and more large investors expect the Federal Republic is nearing its limits, given all the impending burden of the debt crisis in southern Europe.
Spain's banking sector has just applied for EU aid, the fourth largest economy in the euro-zone, and it is possible that an appropriate recovery program is far more expensive than previously targeted. At the same time exacerbated the debt crisis in Italy, Greece and probably longer and requires more assistance is provided as yet. When the distressed state has a new government, expected to begin negotiations for a relaxation of the austerity measures.
Increase for countries such as Germany, Karen Millen Dresses the attempt to stabilize the euro-zone,Karen Millen all these operations, the risk of new financial burdens. Investors now fear that the Federal Republic could take over.
"The crisis has not even begun," Jamil Baz, chief investment officer said in the hedge fund GLG Partners, according to the British "Financial Times". The turmoil could employ the Euro-zone up to two decades. Many other hedge funds,Karen Millen Dress according to a survey at an industry conference in Monaco similarly pessimistic. More than half of respondents expect therefore that, that will double yields on German government bonds within one year.
"Germany is losing quality"
In recent months, Germany was able to borrow the supposed safe haven, almost for free fresh money in the capital market. Reason is primarily a capital flight from the southern countries, said Gavyn Davies, founder of hedge fund Fulcrum Asset Management and former chief economist at investment bank Goldman Sachs, but this will not last much longer continue.
Indeed, yields on German bonds have risen significantly recently. Bonds with a ten-year period brought about the beginning of June just 1.13 percent return. On Tuesday, it was 1.53 percent. This is still an extremely low value, but many hedge fund managers are betting that the yields increase in the coming months. The time of the super-cheap borrowing tends obviously to the end.
The other investment professionals see also Sun The world's largest bond investor Pimco has about only a few government bonds in its portfolio. "Germany loses the growing risks to quality," said Andrew Bosomworth, a fund manager and head of Pimco, Germany. Finally, the federal budget threatened by the multibillion-dollar rescue packages and other losses enormous loads. If countries such as Greece and Portugal do not repay their loans more from the bailout fund, threaten billions in losses.
According to the pessimists in the industry before long the first threatening losses. Georg Schuh, a senior investment manager at Deutsche Bank, as already expected a quick exit from the monetary union of Athens. It would hardly be likely that the country could repay its assistance in this case credit. A breakup of the euro zone keeps shoe is "very likely".


sales of asset management Karen Millen Dress burst

The German bank http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com has shelved plans to sell its Karen Millen Dress asset management for the time being. Even with the last remaining potential for a portion of the division, the Institute achieved an agreement. Perhaps the two new heads of the bank will also no longer sell.
Frankfurt - The German bank has to consider anew how they deal with their asset management. On Wednesday, the last attempt was bursting to get rid of a part of the business. The bank had terminated negotiations with the Guggenheim Partners Real Estate and RREEF infrastructure fund providers, the group announced on Wednesday.
"Both parties have not reached agreement on the terms for the sale of the business and have agreed to terminate the exclusive negotiations," it said in the statement. This strategic review of the asset management division was over.
How is it to continue with the division, the Karen Millen Dress Bank intends to announce in Karen Millen Dresses September when announcing the new chiefs Anshu Jain and Juergen Fitschen their long-term strategy for the bank. The two new leaders had to hold office until the universal banking model, and asset management know that you want as the new Asset & Wealth Management are equivalent in addition to investment banking, global payments and retail banking. "In asset management,Karen Millen there are many opportunities, but also a lot of work," had said Jain.
The sale of asset management plans dating back to the era of Josef Ackermann. The former German bank boss had wanted to bring the sale of low-yield asset management before he left in the bag. Exceptions to the plans was the business of investment company DWS in Germany, Europe and Asia.
But still failed to Ackermann's tenure, the sale of asset management for insurance companies (German Insurance Asset Management) and other institutional clients (DB Advisors) to the New York investment firm Guggenheim, who assumed the interest only for RREEF. RREEF makes with managed assets of 47 billion euros, just over ten percent of last November for disposition of transactions made.
Overall, the German bank managed in the division last € 542 billion, 130 billion is attributable to the DWS mutual funds, the bank wanted to keep the German from the outset.

Public Enemy age of Karen Millen Dress eleven

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The royal family of Bahrain's brutal counter-insurgency Karen Millen Dress before - now it pulls even an eleven year old boy in court. Ali Hasan spent weeks in jail: The sixth-graders should have protested against the government.
Manama - Bahrain's youngest political prisoner is just eleven years old. Ali Hasan, a student of sixth grade, short dark hair, enjoys playing soccer on the street outside the house of his parents in Bilad al-Qadeem, a suburb of the capital Manama. For nearly five weeks is not Ali more child, but in the eyes of the regime of the insurgents, who go almost every day against the royal family of King Hamad on the road.
Police arrested the Shiite boys in mid-May in his hometown, because, they say, was participating in a demonstration. The charge of the security forces: Ali did with garbage containers and timber parts blocked the road - and thus endanger public safety.
The eleven year old says he has still only played with two friends. Karen Millen His lawyer says the boy had the bins can not bear alone. They were so heavy that two men were needed to in order to move them. On Wednesday, Karen Millen Dresses the sixth graders had to once again defend in court.
Undermine national reconciliation
In order to take reprisals in the small Gulf state to ever more absurd moves. The royal family tried to hoodwink the world public is normal. In April, on the edge of the controversial Formula 1 race in his country, promised King Hamad Bin Issa Al Khalifa again solemnly reforms: The door stands for a serious dialogue with all the people always open. But what has happened really since nothing in the eyes of the opposition, all key positions in government are still in the hands of the ruling family.
The recommendations of internationally recognized legal experts Cherif Bassiouni, who investigated human rights abuses during the crackdown on protests in the spring of 2011, were hardly implemented. This undermines a national reconciliation, presented to the UN Human Rights Council established recently.
Arrested for a tweet
Since 14 February 2011, inspired by the Arab spring, Karen Millen Dress the popular Shiite majority against the government of Bahrain's royal house. They feel overwhelmed by the Sunni rulers disadvantaged politically and economically. Almost every day people go to the streets against their government, including many young people. They demand more democracy, more human rights - and to be beaten, arrested and tortured, as activists denounce. More than 80 people were reportedly killed in the riots to date, including police officers.
Finally, tens of thousands protested against the plan of Bahrain, with the power of regional leaders of Saudi Arabia, also ruled by Sunnis to work more closely in the wake of Gulf Union.
700 political prisoners are held, according to human rights organizations in Bahrain's prisons. Finally, the prominent opposition Nabeel Rajab was re-arrested - ostensibly because of a tweet. He is accused of "insulting national institution" via Twitter have one. Rajab had been repeatedly critical international media interviews.
In particular, Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, for more than 40 years in office, is considered hard-liners. He compares the opposition with terrorists, accuses opponents of the regime, trying to make his country "a second Iran".
And now to the eleven-year old Ali to be a member of this same opposition. The kid understands the world no longer, his lawyer says: "Ali is not a political activist or demonstrator who is a child who has played as children do at his age."
"So scared that I could not move"
The "Guardian" told the boy that the police had placed him on the day of his arrest in a panic. He had been - other than his two friends - that it had not managed to run away. "I was so frightened by the guns of the police officers that I could not move me." The police had then taken him to various guards: "I was crying the whole time and told them that I would confess everything so that I can finally go home."
For four weeks, the police locked the boy until he was finally brought to court and released on bail. Ali says he was in prison with two children have been locked in a room. After all, he must write the final examination there his school.
His father, a distributor of auto parts, calls the accusations of the accuser lies. "The saying, my son had taken money that he set fire to tires and blocked the road have." This is absurd, "I am not a rich man, but I have enough money so that my boy did not take to the streets in order to find money."
The human rights organization Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have condemned against Bahrain's security forces: They had interviewed the young Shiite hours without a lawyer. This is contrary to all human rights. It seems as if there were the only evidence against the eleven-year-his faith and the testimony of police officers, said a representative from Human Rights Watch.


Politics show the Karen Millen Dress most powerful

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Is the G20 the new government in the world economy?Karen Millen Dress At their summit in Los Cabos Mexico's most powerful nations hold more of a pure political show. Groundbreaking decisions are not - remains the normal peak-madness
American tourists who land in these days in the Los Cabos airport, offers a unusual sight. Lined up neatly parked the machines of the powerful of this world on the dusty tarmac in the Mexican desert: from the Air Force One to the chancellor of the Airbus.
Did you see Obama is also here, "one mother said aboard a landing machine to her son. The joy lasted about this discovery, but only briefly, because as soon as they left the airport building shows that it is rather annoying when to the destination with the U.S. President and two dozen of his colleagues have to share.

The fringed with palm trees and cactus street from the airport to the hotel corridor along the coast is closed for hours, so that the delegations can go back and forth undisturbed. Hundreds of tourists from the airport in the roasting heat. Karen Millen Dress"I feel sorry for the tourists, so start their vacation," says an employee of the Mexican Foreign Ministry, who has just received UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

When the G-20 circus invades a city, a state of emergency. This is especially true in a small seaside town such as San Jose del Cabo, where there are few main roads. Once somewhere is a convoy with police escort in motion, nothing more. And the Government, it seems to drive constantly between the sprawling hotel complexes on the Pacific Ocean back and forth. Barack Obama on the first day of the summit only receives Vladimir Putin, Karen Millen Angela Merkel for bilateral talks at the luxury resort Esperanza, in German, "Hope." The Chancellor is staying in a hotel called "One and Only Palmilla."

As always, safety plays a big role. The sandy beaches of the Karen Millen Dresses Peninsula are protected by warships. On the road patrol pick-up trucks of the Policia Federal, thanks to the look of the machine guns mounted on the back of most martial.

Tremendous effort, poor results

Anyone who has experienced a G-20 summit, asks himself quickly to the meaning of this spectacle. The tremendous effort by the poor results seems justified. At the end of the two-day rendezvous with palm trees is primarily a document filled with melodious intent. The once well-known draft of the paper contains:
■ The euro countries to say that they want to come off for months, deepening debt crisis. With the new government in Athens to be worked to keep Greece in the European Monetary Union. The planned recapitalization of the banking Spain is welcomed, as well as the European Pact for fiscal discipline, the permanent rescue ESM and the planned growth.
■ The G20 agree on a "Los Cabos-action plan" for growth and jobs. The European G20 countries say growth momentum, without giving up the course of fiscal consolidation. The United States is conceded, given the growth measures to adapt the pace of fiscal consolidation.
■ The states emphasize the importance of free trade and warn again growing foreclosure. The end of 2013 expiring "standstill agreement", after which it will be no new protectionist measures will be extended to the draft final declaration, according to two years. This point is controversial, and a final agreement is still open.
■ rules for dealing with large, "systemically important" financial institutions ("SIFIs") in the event of a crisis should be pursued. The Financial Stability Board is to November 2012 proposals for standards for splitting and processing of major banks to submit in trouble.

Alone only bound by none of these points. The G20 are for the 2008 financial crisis is a kind of economic government of the world, but in contrast to EU summits discussed here only to be decided.

In Los Cabos will generate the impotence of the club, whose members are 85 percent of global output, particularly evident when the dominant theme of the euro crisis, the G20 to contribute anything other than words. The respresentatives of the euro zone, in addition to Merkel also the leaders of France, Italy and Spain, and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy forbid, but also good advice from outside. The euro crisis, so their message would, dissolved in Europe.

In particular, U.S. President Barack Obama succumbed yet again to the temptation to interfere. The euro crisis dominated the front pages of U.S. media and is a threat to the U.S. economy. The President can not stand idly by, who wants to be elected in the fall for a second term. His appeals to the Europeans to suggest to voters that it contributes to solving the crisis.

The decisions are made elsewhere

The truth is different. The future direction for a stronger political union in Europe take place at the next EU summit in Brussels next week. The non-European participants of the G20 can possibly convey their good wishes for the success. Also, other topics covered the summit is not much new one. The final statement reads over long passages, such as that of the previous summit in Cannes in November.
Just as it is to announce that Angela Merkel holds a press conference not even necessary. They will fly back immediately after the end of the meeting to Germany, where the negotiations over the fiscal pact wait on them.

The old accusation that it is the G-20 summit is a mere political show, receives food in Mexico so new. Particularly dramatic uses host Felipe Calderón, the rendezvous of the powerful for his own purposes: The Mexican president went before the meeting specifically to June, the chances of his conservative PAN party in the presidential elections on 1 July convey. Normally, the summit will be held in November each year.

It seems that the G-20 are good times to show not as a campaign aid, Calderon has overestimated the international spotlight revealed. The presidential candidate of his party, touted on the campaign posters only by her first name is Josefina, in surveys knocked off third place.


Take three for Karen Millen Dresses Greece

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Greece's election winners have rushed to the Karen Millen Dresses formation of a tripartite coalition seems virtually certain. There is still controversy over the appointment of Cabinet - because the Democratic Left is afraid of a shift to the right.
They are all wearing red T-shirts, but there are no Communists or other political activists: On Tuesday evening, one of the Syntagma Square in Athens, a young band from the western Greek city of Agrinion. They are swinging melodies, the audience bounce. Many are likely to be happy about this change
They are all wearing red T-shirts, but there are no Communists or other political activists: On Tuesday evening, one of the Syntagma Square in Athens, a young band from the western Greek city of Agrinion. They are swinging melodies, the audience bounce. Many are likely to be happy about this change
So shall Samaras Adonis Georgiadis have proposed among other things, as a department head, the former member of the Nationalist Party was Laos. Dimar member Nikos Mpistis told the radio station Real FM, his party would support a coalition, therefore, to minister to prevent right-heavy attitude.

The Greeks seem, however, Karen Millen Dress despite these personal questions,Karen Millen draw the continuing tense situation in the euro zone and the still open debate on the Nachverhandung austerity to restore some confidence. Before the election, they had withdrawn on demand, for fear of leaving the monetary union, some 800 million €. Now the depositors began, according to a banker so to pay a portion of the money back. Alone in his bank had received 15 million euros,Karen Millen Dresses the man said "The bleeding has stopped."

Circulating in Greece, however, another explanation for the positive development: The parliamentary elections were about 720 foreign reporters in the country, many of them employed Greek people. The so joked with journalists, would now probably just put their fees at the bank


Hosni Mubarak is Karen Millen in a coma

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak as Karen Millen estimated from medical circles in a coma. He would artificially ventilated, it said in Cairo. Previously, the official Mena news agency, Mubarak was declared clinically dead.
Cairo - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the former fighting for his life: According to doctors he is in a coma and mechanical ventilation. The news agency "Reuters" quoted military circles, which he described as "completely unconscious". Jailed ex-dictator had suffered a stroke.
Earlier, the official news agency, "Mena" says that Mubarak was clinically dead,Karen Millen "Mubarak's heart has stopped beating, was treated with a defibrillator several charges, did not react," it said in the statement of the agency. Safety circuits and employees of the hospital confirmed the report.

Members of the military denied the reports, however,Karen Millen Dress compared to "Reuters": Karen Millen Dresses It is still too early to speak of it, that Mubarak was clinically dead. Also a member of the ruling Military Council, General Said Abbas, disagreed with the message.

According to "Mena" a prison official had initially alarmed by "the dramatic deterioration of Mubarak's health," the doctors. This would have given him medication for blood clots.

The representations of the state Mubarak remained contradictory at first: How media had previously reported, the heart of the former president was suspended for several seconds. Mubarak had lost consciousness, and doctors had him revived with a defibrillator. State media reported later, Mubarak was in a coma. Then confirmed by hospital districts, Mubarak was clinically dead

The Egyptian Interior Ministry announced on the evening, the condemned dictator was out of the infirmary of the prison in Tora been brought into a nearby military hospital. Even in recent weeks Mubarak had temporarily lost consciousness several times. According to security sources, he suffered from severe depression, shortness of breath and high blood pressure.

The former president was the beginning of June was convicted for his complicity in the deaths of demonstrators during the mass protests in 2011 to life imprisonment. Since then, his health deteriorated significantly.


Samaras Karen Millen Dress fights against the anger of the people

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com He has the most votes, he would have with the Karen Millen Dress Socialists even a majority in Parliament: The Conservative Antonis Samaras has after the first day of hearings, but no coalition. For his potential partner for fear of government involvement, the fury of the Greeks.
Three is the day after the crucial figure in Greece. By nearly three percent, the conservative New Democracy (ND) after the preliminary official results of parliamentary elections before the leftist coalition SYRIZA. Antonis Samaras has therefore three days according to the constitution now time to make as head of the largest party in a government-ND. And if it includes at least three partners, the Conservatives could count on a fairly comfortable majority.
But fear for the time being, the party chairman. After meeting with Samaras PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos said in the early evening that there was no agreement. "We have until tomorrow night find a solution," said the Socialist. He called for the Karen Millen broadest possible coalition, President Karolos Papoulias met with the major party leaders should be convened.

Although Samaras negotiated only after the lunch, Venizelos' Karen Millen Dresses statement is remarkable. Basically it would be enough for a two-coalition with the PASOK. Thanks to a bonus' of 50 seats in the election winners come together socialists and ND to 162 of the 300 seats in parliament. Karen Millen Dress The last regular Premier, Socialist George Papandreou had, however, last only governed by one vote.

Unpredictable Socialists

However, Samaras has good reason, its majority by another partner to expand. For the PASOK is unstable: The Socialists are open power struggle broke out after the party has slipped from 44 percent in 2009 to now, only twelve percent. Venizelos party leader, has threatened more rebellious members already with expulsion from the party.

Against this background is interesting to see whether the democratic left, shortly Dimar, also part of the next government coalition. With a vote share of six percent, they could add 17 more seats in parliament. Parts of it already attracts Pasok towards Dimar. Example, demanded the Socialist ex-prime minister Kostas Simitis already Dreierkoaliton from ND, PASOK and Acteon. Together, these would not only be a majority of seats, but had an almost 50 percent of the vote, a higher legitimacy as an alliance of two of ND and PASOK.

PASOK leader Venizelos now seems willing to do almost anything to save the remaining balance of his party. According to media reports, he will give a completely new structure of PASOK and even wants to change the name. But Venizelos' advances are calculated in the sought-after Dimar has not been good. The Dimar-Chair Fotis Kouvelis appeared angry that Venizelos had divulged confidential preliminary and therefore postponed a scheduled meeting for Monday evening.

Criticism of Samaras as a future prime minister

This could however have been a pretext for bringing peace to inner-party conflicts. Just as in the larger parties are fighting apparently also in the Dimar two wings: Those who want to take over the responsibilities of government, even when threatened with cuts in the face of the wrath of voters. And those who hope for a better result at the next election - and expect them soon.

So far, Samaras is not convinced by particular strength. When a potential partner, he flashed off already - the right-wing Independent Greeks who come to 7.5 percent and 20 seats. Their leader Panos Kammenos said after meeting with Samaras, the party would only accept a multi-party coalition and a prime minister who is not also a party leader. Thus, Kouvelis said indirectly against Samaras, also rejects the Dimar Kouvelis boss as head of government.

The runner-up Alexis Tsipras met on Monday in any case only pro forma, Samaras. "We will remain adversaries," the leader of the left alliance Syriza said then. His refusal to co-founded it with Samaras' attitude to the possible renegotiation of the austerity measures. "I have heard him yesterday say nothing of a renegotiation," he criticized Samaras' behavior since the election victory.
Familiar from Samaras but assert that it will come under an ND government to change. "Samaras will comply with both the savings and obligations to negotiate new growth-enhancing measures," said the chief economic adviser to the ND-chief, Dimitrios Tsomocos, SPIEGEL ONLINE. This included the withdrawal of "social injustices such as the lowering of already low pensions and the abolition of subsidies to large families."

Finance intends to take such steps, according to ND Tsomocos by the deletion of unnecessary authorities and subsidies. Also, should the tax system simplified and the tax burden can be reduced. "This will be financed by itself, because the amount of revenue increase," said Tsomocos.

Other ND politicians call for a renegotiation of the savings requirements. "Our citizens feel themselves as guinea pigs in a laboratory of crisis managment," said former Vizeverteidungsminister Militadis Vavitsiosis SPIEGEL ONLINE. "That's why they are turning to the extremes of the political spectrum."


United States to urge Egypt's Karen Millen Dresses military power transfer

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The Supreme Military Council has Karen Millen Dresses seized power for himself, now the U.S. apparently threaten Egypt with a loss of aid funds in the billions. The U.S. government insists that the generals make the constitutional power again.
Washington / Cairo - The United States appear to be highly concerned about recent steps to expand the Supreme Military Council in Egypt, his powers. The government in Washington has called on the generals to fulfill their promise and give up power to a democratically elected parliament. Otherwise the country, risking billions of dollars in aid money for military and economic support to lose, it was said, according to Associated Press from Washington.
"We call on the Supreme Military Council to help restore the confidence of the people and the international confidence in the democratic transition process," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Monday in Washington. This represents a critical moment for Egypt - and the world watching closely.

The armed forces shared Formerly known on Monday to try to Karen Millen surrender power to the newly elected president in late June. Late Sunday evening, the generals have released a new bill of rights, which limits the president's power considerably. At the same time they transferred the powers of the dissolved Parliament in the previous week up to elections on the military leadership and secured so central powers - one year after the revolution threaten the Nile new mass protests.

The military must meet its stated commitments and hand over power Karen Millen Dresses as soon as possible and permanently to a civilian government, said Nuland. A democratically elected parliament must quickly be made operational and the country get a constitution that widerspiegle the will of the Egyptian people.

After the runoff election, both presidential candidates see as the winner

Similarly, said Pentagon spokesman George Little. Karen Millen Dress"We have insisted and continue to pass that gives the military the power to civilian, elected bodies and respect the universal rights of the people and the rule of law." The Defense Department was "deeply concerned" about the content and timing of the new bill of rights - would have concluded just as the presidential election on Sunday after the polling stations.
In Egypt, look after the runoff election for the presidency, both candidates as the winner. The Muslim Brotherhood declared its candidate Mohammed Mursi have received about 52 percent of the valid votes. The independent media in Egypt looked forward to the Islamists. A few thousand followers Mursi closed on Monday morning to celebrate the Tahrir Square in central Cairo, to the victory of their idol.

The supporters of his opponent complained on Monday, however the victory for the former leaders Ahmed Schafik. This won the election over the weekend with 51.5 to 52 percent of the vote.

Regardless of the outcome of the election probably scarce, the Supreme Military Council went with the new bill of rights, most powers in the state itself. The military council had taken over after the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak last year in control, the Constitutional Court had ordered the end of last week, the dissolution of Parliament.


Europe protested against Karen Millen criticism of the euro exchange rate

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The G20 summit in Mexico has not yet begun,Karen Millen as EU Commission President Barroso is bursting at the collar. Criticism of the European crisis management he will not stand for it. Even Chancellor Merkel defends from unilateral accusations.
Los Cabos - To kick off the summit in Mexico heats up in the circle of the strongest economies in the world (G20) on the mood. In Los Cabos Mexico, the European crisis management was under fire. But the Europeans have prohibited any teaching of post
Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed blame back unilateral decision. Karen Millen Dresses The debt crisis is not just a problem solely of Europeans, and other economic powers were in the duty, she said after arriving on the Pacific coast. "Here every continent will have to make a Karen Millen contribution. Everyone has to make here at the World Economic Forum's homework."

The crisis management of the Europeans should be one of the main themes of the Summit. Eu Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said shortly before the start of the summit on the issue of a Canadian reporter about the credibility of the EU: "Honestly, we do not come here to us to listen to teachings in democracy or in terms of economic policy."

G20 participants caught up in the blame game

It very pointedly World Bank chief Robert Zoellick brought to the point. Karen Millen Dress He holds the billion-dollar rescue of Spanish banks for poor crisis management: "The implementation was extremely poor, we are waiting for Europe says what to do.."

Then Barroso pointed to the origin of the crisis in the U.S.: the crisis was not caused by Europe, but have taken in the United States originate. Then, European banks have been infected.
Last weekend was the € zone Spain pledged an aid package worth 100 billion euros to recapitalize domestic banks. A calming of the markets failed to materialize yet.

In addition to the heated debate about the problems of the Europeans was also the escalating violence in Syria in Los Cabos is an important issue. In a joint appeal urged U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin, a cease-fire.

At their first meeting after the re-inauguration of Putin, Russia's and America's president was on the edge of the summit agreed that "an immediate cessation of all violence" was necessary. The meeting lasted two hours an unusually long time. The U.S. president spoke to reporters about a "candid, thoughtful and in-depth discussion" on a number of issues, including the nuclear dispute with Iran.


200 000 Montis protest Karen Millen Dress austerity measures

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com In Rome, tens of thousands of Italians against cuts in Karen Millen Dress the welfare system demonstrated. The government should invest in jobs rather than cut spending, the protesters demanded. The Prime Minister promised by Monti growth package does not meet the union learning
Rome / Milan - In protest against pension cuts, tax increases and labor law reforms have demonstrated in Rome, tens of thousands of Italians. In other Italian cities followed several thousand people calling up the main trade unions in the country. According to the workers representatives are 200,000 people involved in the demonstrations.

They demand that the government of Prime Minister Mario Monti decisive action against the financial and economic crisis. Monti's technocrats had just agreed a new package of measures to promote economic development on track - but the heavily indebted country tumbles further against the abyss. Industrial production has shrunk since the beginning of 2008 by about one quarter, sliding towards a recession, Italy. The unemployment rate among 25-year-olds stood at 36 percent.

"The real change is that the country needs is not there," Karen Millen said Susanna Camusso, head of Italy's largest union CGIL. "We are here because the program leads the government to deepen the recession in our country."

Demonstrators in Rome appealed to the government, not to Karen Millen Dresses curtail the social system of the country to reduce debt. They should focus instead on creating the face of high unemployment new jobs. In addition, the union called for tougher action against tax evasion.
The rally was peaceful, Rome. Incidents occurred in smaller protest campaigns in Bologna, which had visited Monticello on Saturday. Police and protesters came together briefly, then paint bombs flew to the headquarters of Deutsche Bank, as the news agency Ansa reported.

Prime Minister Monti reiterated his warnings of an economic decline of Italy. "We have been withdrawn from the abyss," he said. "The hole is bigger and threatens to engulf us. We stuck again in a crisis." After the tough austerity program now to get Karen Millen Dress
the economy encouraged. Monti wants to lead Italy without European aid money from the crisis.

It is unclear still whether this succeeds: The announcement of aid for the Spanish banks and the threat of withdrawal of Greece €-driven but last refinancing costs for Italian debt again soared. Yields on ten-year Italian government bonds rose again to more than six percent. Returns in excess of seven percent forced Greece, Ireland and Portugal under the international bailout.


As Greece slipped into Karen Millen Dresses crisis

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The euro crisis is nearing a new high point: Karen Millen Dresses On Sunday, the Greeks choose a new parliament - the leftists win, a rift threatening the donors. But how could it come to this? Chronology of a disaster.
Hamburg - The Euro-rescuer preparing for emergencies: If the election is in Greece on Sunday, the unity of the Euro-zone on the game. If the leftist coalition win at the 37-year-old Alexis Tsipras, threatening a massive conflict with the partners of the Community currencies. Because Tsipras promises to the voters to cancel the saving agreements.
This in turn would lead to a stop of the international aid loans, warned Bundesbank chief Jens Weidmann. He described a loosening of restrictions in the Spanish newspaper "El País" as "not possible". A withdrawal from the euro-zone is Karen Millen not ruled out. The reason: If the lender to adjust its aid payments, Greece would bankrupt almost immediately. To be able to pay back, the country could be forced to abandon the euro - and the drachma was reintroduced.
This would have dramatic consequences. Given Karen Millen Dresses the necessarily following devaluation of the new currency is thus expected to chaos for consumers and businesses. Inflation and unemployment would rise sharply, it threatens social unrest.

More unemployed than employed

Meanwhile, Greece is the fifth consecutive year of recession, the economic output by a quarter since 2008. The number of jobless rose Greeks so much that there are more unemployed than employed.

How could this happen? It is clear that the political elite has Karen Millen Dress
surreptitiously using tricks and manipulation of statistics to be included in the euro zone. The goal: The government in Athens wanted to benefit from low interest rates, investors €-countries for new debt granted. In return the land but lost the ability to increase the international competitiveness by it devalued its currency. How much has the country lived beyond its means since 2001, the public was revealed only in the fall of 2009. At that time the government had to admit to a deficit of 12.5 percent - in the household lacked money twice as much as previously thought.


The myth of the Karen Millen overload of Germany

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Merkel warns against overstrain of Germany in the Karen Millen Euro-crisis. But the country is really dangerous to take it? Once before, the Federal Republic of the function of a global economic locomotive imposed - against considerable domestic opposition, but with success
One should be careful not to overwhelm Germany. So it said Angela Merkel in the Bundestag. It is not the first time in German history that makes the rest of the world demand on Germany, Germany will not or can meet. Recall from the Fourth Summit of the G7, the then seven largest industrialized countries, held in Bonn in 1978. Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and his Japanese counterpart Takeo Fukuda came under pressure from Jimmy Carter and others to stimulate the domestic economy. Politicians and journalists the time spoke of Germany as a locomotive for the global economy.
Schmidt conceded. The locomotive ran through Karen Millen the second oil crisis, this time to a halt, but the world economy collapsed, at least not together, despite oil shocks and recessions in the U.S. and the UK. The decision of 1978 was an important and good example, can function as a global economic coordination. Germany and Japan have not personally pulled the world economy out of the mess. But they have made an Karen Millen Dresses important contribution, that it was not worse.

When Angela Merkel asks now also a matter that we should not Germany overwhelm, then one wonders whether they like Smith will snap back then, when the Heads of State and Government of the twenty most industrialized nations earlier this week in Mexico, or the Euro-summit, a week later.

The Chancellor's bluffing?

What I more often hear in discussions abroad, the question is whether the Chancellor's bluffing. Germany would be in a Euro collapse of the chief mourner. This is due to surpluses in the European payments system and credit guarantees for Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain soon. This could lead to losses of one trillion euros loose. Given these figures, wondering more and more foreign politicians and economists as Karen Millen Dress
to whether you should maybe try times the hardness of Angela Merkel?

I advise against it. The German position is partly irrational. They want to limit its credit risk strictly, but you will not believe that the euro is falling apart. And when the two goals can not be reconciled, then it suggests verbal order. The behavior is more reminiscent of a psychopath who holds a gun to his head and utters threats. Even if the risk is greater for the person concerned as to the environment, there is still some residual risk. And so I would warn against overestimating German rationality in the debate.

Even Merkel's warning of an overload of Germany is such an irrational act I would call it a category mistake. If you would require Germany to pay the debt of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, then that would indeed be an overload. This can not, of course, Germany. But that's not what anyone calls with influence in this debate. The idea of ??the Union bank is not, as one commonly thinks in Germany to guarantee German Greek saver accounts. The idea is that you create in Europe a common fund to recapitalize banks and German banks, and centralized oversight. Once this is established, then the question of deposit insurance is very different. And it is not absolutely necessary that this be financed by the depositors themselves must. If the bank is Union, then this function can also at the European Central Bank will be located.

It calls for the pooling of unforeseeable risks

What is required of Germany and of all other 16 euro area countries is not the pooling of debt itself is the pooling of unforeseeable risks. Without this, the situation is hopeless. So now tinkering in Brussels on measures that they must meet in order to breathe tomorrow, and then rules on the breath.
Another sign of irrationality is the proliferation of conspiracy theories about aliens that want our hard earned money. I recently had to laugh out loud when I read in a newspaper of a conservative conspiracy Anglo-Saxon investors and the Left in Germany read. As it explains the mass exodus of Asian investors in the euro area? That are also Anglo-Saxons? Or members of the Left?

One expects no sacrifice of Angela Merkel, but only the willingness to solve a problem. Instead, she seeks refuge in long-term issues such as political union. It's as if a fire department in advance of a fire, but instead of deleting, first of all explain what everything will not be deleted, and sign ratify before using all sorts of papers and leaves. Is it an inferiority complex that determines this irrational attitude? Or look out the inability of our own food? Or perhaps a lack of understanding of economic events?

34 years ago, Germany's economic establishment was also up in arms against the government's policies. It has changed very little since then. The main difference is that the monetary union is the use of higher today.


SPD and the Greens vote for Karen Millen Dress coalition agreement

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com SPD and Greens agree: On special days they Karen Millen Dress have Party in North Rhine-Westphalia voted for the coalition agreement that will shape their future government work in 2017.
Hagen / MA - The new edition of the Red-Green coalition in North Rhine-Westphalia is perfect. On special days of the SPD and Green Party coalition agreement of 2017 on Friday night was waved through without any problems. At the party congress of the SPD in Hagen All delegates voted for the agreement. The Greens in Duisburg, there was a vote against and three abstentions.
With the SPD-Green Party decisions has cleared the last hurdle for the continuation of the coalition. On Monday, the treaty will be formally signed. Two days later the prime minister wants to Hannelore Kraft (SPD) in Düsseldorf parliament be re-elected.

"I am proud of the result, we can present," cried the power to Karen Millen delegate. From a social democratic point of view there were a good contract, "There is a lot of red in it." The contract was "not a compromise formula," but a "strong and sustainable employment base."

As important building blocks called the planned Karen Millen Dress power savings of one billion euros by 2017 and investment in children, education and local authorities. "We want and need to save," said Kraft, and announced a "fiscal policy with a sense of proportion" to.Karen Millen Dresses "We make a preventive policy that pays a rate of return"

The cities and towns continue to force secured the help of the provincial government. The Basic Law already in debt brake, which will also be incorporated into the NRW state constitution would not be borne by the municipalities. "The municipalities may not be the fool," said Kraft.

Green Party Education Minister Sylvia L?hrmann also campaigned for the draft: "The coalition agreement is a strong piece of green," said L?hrmann. In some "tough coalition talks," the Greens would have compared to a "strengthened SPD" claims. As he states in the three weeks of coalition negotiations sometimes "crunched strong." At the end of the talks both sides expressed but again "brought together".

In energy policy, the SPD and Greens had found a compromise: they profess to accept the expansion of renewable energies as well as a necessity, "nor for a long time" coal power plants for electricity supply.

Femen activists Karen Millen Dresses disappeared in Donetsk

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com They protested with nude action against Karen Millen Dresses prostitution and sex tourism: Now, three activists of the Ukrainian women's group in the European Championship venue Femen Donetsk are missing.
Kiev - by up to 15 men were allegedly followed the three women. On Friday evening the members of the protest group Femen Alexandra Schwetschenko, Jana and Anna Bolshakova Tschanowa disappeared in Donetsk. In the eastern Ukrainian city took place on Friday the European Championship match between France and Ukraine. "They were spies of the secret, not ordinary policemen," said Anna Hutsol Femen boss.
To shake off the pursuers would have separated the three. Karen Millen Alexandra had grown into a bus, since the afternoon they had not been reached by her cell phone. From 17 clock also broke the contact with the two from another. A request from the Karen Millen Dresses Donetsk police administration was inconclusive: "They do not arrest the three women," said Hutsol.

The situation is reminiscent of the kidnapping case in Belarus. Karen Millen Dress In mid-December the group had protested against President Alexander Lukashenko there. Then the women were gone for days, until by the time the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry were released the activists. Dressed only in jeans and T-shirt she arrived at the airport in Kiev, they were back then for days gone by Belarus and interrogated.

Femen denounces prostitution and sex tourism. Its members are held in public protests usually only half or light.


Obama loosens rules for Karen Millen young immigrants

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Work permit instead of deportation, Karen Millen the U.S. mitigate its rules for young immigrants. Even when an illegal entry certain people will no longer be sent back to their homeland. The Republicans are resisting the innovation.
Washington - The U.S. is pursuing a part regide policy against illegal immigrants and put millions in the security of their borders. But now the rules are relaxed for certain immigrants. People who as children or young people came to the U.S., can now hope for a right to stay.
These regulations apply to those immigrants who are not older than 30 and the time of entry were highest 16 years of age. This Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on Friday in Washington. In the evening, Karen Millen President Karen Millen Dresses Barack Karen Millen Dress Obama also spoke about the novelty of the up to 800,000 people could be affected.

The planned changes were "fair" and would make the system fairer and more efficient, "said Obama. Talented People", the Americans were practically "should not simply be deported Sun Obama called on Congress again to pass a law to this regulation to make it permanent.

At the same time he warned against exaggerated expectations. The new rules should not be misunderstood as a path to U.S. citizenship. In addition, there is no solution to the immigration problem in the U.S., according to the president.

Napolitano struck a conciliatory tone: "Our immigration laws must be enforced carefully and sensitively (...) But they are not made in order to be implemented blindly without taking into account the individual circumstances of each case.." Also, the laws were not meant to have "productive young people" out of the country.
Under certain conditions, to the young immigrants even get a work permit. So they must have a university degree and not be noticed by law. The scheme enters into force at a time, to the Obama for votes of millions of U.S. immigrants advertises.

The provision is in keeping with an amendment, the so-called Dream Act, which Obama has long promised to the immigrants, but the resistance from the Republicans in Congress is stuck. You could say also allege that illegal immigrants are now pushing the labor market and take away the jobs of Americans.

Accordingly, the negative reactions in the conservative camp. The Republican politicians Lamar Smith spoke immediately after becoming aware of the novelty of a "breach of trust against the American people."

Germany is threatening a Karen Millen Dress clinic death

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The number of sick houses in Germany is likely to be reduced Karen Millen Dress drastically to a recent report indicates that threatens almost every sixth of the more than 2,000 clinics in Germany, the bust. For patients, but even that could have advantages.
Berlin - Germany could in the future fewer patients, but perhaps better hospitals are available: Almost every sixth of the approximately 2050 hospitals threatened with bankruptcy. This is the result, the Rhenish-Westphalian Institute for Economic Research (RWI) in its current hospital report. Thus, the situation has deteriorated significantly: Some 15 percent of hospitals are in danger of insolvency. 2011 there were only twelve and the year before, only ten percent. Especially small community hospitals are affected.
Many of the approximately 300 hospitals in a critical situation could no longer be continued for years, said study author Boris Augurzky RWI. The reasons for the economic difficulties he called rising wages and energy costs and structural problems. Karen Millen Could help the houses specialization - for patients according to the experts could be even better because the quality would increase the supply.

The researchers see the billion dollar market of clinics at a turning point. In the future the costs would rise faster than revenues. Small houses with large supply and high cost, they give little chance. "Specialized clinics are set up cost significantly more,"Karen Millen Dresses said Augurzky. Hospitals with no discernible economic future and significant importance for a region should be abandoned.

Laggards are Hesse, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Lower Saxony

The association of statutory health insurance Karen Millen Dress urges hospitals to improve efficiency. "If individual, close unprofitable hospitals, the care given the high density of hospitals as a whole is not in danger, even though it might in some cases as in the country mean longer distances," said association spokeswoman Ann Marini.

Received should be small houses with total care if it for miles there is no alternative, said Augurzky. The most difficult was the situation according to the study in Hesse, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Lower Saxony / Bremen. At best, the economic situation of the hospitals in Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, followed in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, North Rhine-Westphalia. In the middle are Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

For the public, so as municipal buildings, the situation with least 18 percent in danger of insolvency at the most critical. The cash expenditure on hospital care rose within a year by about 2 to 61 billion euros.


"Health is more expensive in Karen Millen Dresses any case"

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com An aging population, more obese and more mentally ill:Karen Millen Dresses A comprehensive study by the Robert Koch Institute, highlights the risks in the German health care system. The health economist Jürgen Wasem is explained in the interview, what to policyholders
SPIEGEL ONLINE: A new study by the Robert Koch Institute, shows that chronic diseases have increased dramatically since 1988. More and more German are extremely overweight, diabetes and mental illness increase. What does this mean for our health care system?
Wasem: In Germany, two things come together: we have an aging population, resulting in significantly increased costs - for example by more heart disease. The Robert Koch Institute has now shown that even within age groups are more diseases: obesity,Karen Millen diabetes and depression.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: And that will drive costs up.

Wasem: Yes. But this is true under the condition that nothing changes. The policy has been trying for 30 years to slow the escalating costs of health care system. In 1976, the former health minister has warned Heiner Geissler,Karen Millen Dresses the cost of health care would rise in 2020 to 100 percent of economic output - if things continue going as between 1970 and 1975. In fact, there was an increase, but by then six percent to ten percent of today's gross domestic product.
SPIEGEL ONLINE: The funds currently have billions of surpluses, many have abolished their additional contributions again. However, in view of the risks that you mentioned, an aging population and more chronic diseases: Do expect the insured with higher premiums?
Wasem: Absolutely. Health is more expensive. We will not come because in the years to come it. About the extent is debatable. Even beyond the question of what to bring preventions. I'm rather skeptical. Because much of what is done is preventative,Karen Millen Dress though good for the quality of life of people, but only shifts the cost to the rear end of his life. Money is not saved by it.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What do you make special contributions to high risk groups? In private health insurance, there are the so-called by the health checks. Provocatively asked: Should obese people pay more?

Wasem: I would never accept our society. Therefore, the welfare state idea is just too strong. The private health insurance can get away with this because people can go to the emergency in the law. In addition, one must consider the risks are not so one-dimensional: Not everyone who is overweight, gets automatically diabetes or heart disease. He only has a significantly higher risk. This is true even for smokers. The risk of getting lung cancer is eight times larger than in nonsmokers. Still gets the majority of smokers do not lung cancer.


Opel employees forgo Karen Millen wage increase

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The IG Metall union is against the car manufacturer Karen Millen Opel. By October the overdue wage increase will be suspended for the employees. This saves the company a two-digit million amount. Poker in the background to the Bochum plant.
Frankfurt / Rüsselsheim - As part of the redevelopment talks with Opel, the tariff increase for the more than 20,000 employees in Germany have been put on hold. So Opel is relieved by a double-digit million amount. Opel's board had agreed on Wednesday prepared to give in the course of the reorganization by the end of 2016 layoffs.
However, the waiver is subject to change: If the negotiations fail with the Opel management board, the increase will be paid immediately. The suspension of the tariff increase will be effective as a courtesy of the IG Metall for the offered job guarantee.

The waiver brings immediate relief to the automakers: Karen Millen Dresses At an estimated average salary of 3,500 euros a month would Opel to October around 19 million euros less need to transfer to the employees.

On Wednesday, the Executive Board, IG Metall and the Karen Millen works presented key points of the recovery plan: According to Opel waived until the end of 2016 on compulsory redundancies and also operates the threatened closure of the Bochum plant until then on. From 2017 onwards,Karen Millen Dress but no further manufacturing in Bochum is scheduled to close the plant would need. About the details of the rescue plan is now being negotiated.

The subsidiary of U.S. company General Motors will reduce its production capacity. Most recently, the company had closed a plant in Antwerp. Since then, the demand for models from Opel and its sister brand Vauxhall, however, continued to fall. Alone in the main market of Germany in May eleven percent less Opel cars were sold.

The Bochum Mayor Ottilie Scholz (SPD) requires a long-term prospects for the Opel plant in their town. It is among the most efficient car plants in Europe, said the SPD politician. "It should be possible for Ford to award in a product campaign with 23 new models, 13 new engines and transmissions for the Zafira, a follow-up production to Bochum."

Carpet Affair Niebel Karen Millen Dress says sorry

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Short, but clearly, Minister Niebel in parliament for Karen Millen Dress the unpaid import an Afghan carpet has apologized. The SPD is accusing the minister but continues to face tax evasion - and again called on the Liberals to resign
Berlin - Dirk Niebel kept it short and concise. Only about three minutes was the development ministers on Wednesday afternoon during the current session of the Bundestag at the podium and had it not lack of self-criticism. To have a private erstandenen carpet from Afghanistan to take first in Dienstjet the BND and pay duty on arrival in Berlin did not have was a "mistake" that only he was responsible. "No," said Niebel, "is angry about this process Karen Millen more than I do."
The clear rating should be a sign. Even in recent days had Niebel in the so-carpet affair - for days recurring theme in the media - repeatedly acknowledged his mistake in his private idiosyncratic import Dienstjet carpet in the BND president. Now would Niebel do the job in the Bundestag final. He specifically apologized for it and the BND chief, who "has been placed in an awkward situation."

Whether the process is done so remains to be seen. The opposition, Karen Millen Dresses at any rate saved in a heated debate in parliament with no frontal criticism. The SPD-development expert Sascha Raabe requested it again for the resignation of FDP minister. This has damaged the "reputation and credibility" of Germany. Already on Monday, politicians from the SPD and Left Party had declared Niebel was not because of the carpet affair as minister acceptable.

SPD raises Niebel before tax

Background of the dispute is a nine-square-meter carpet, Niebel the weekend even presented a press photographer. Niebel had bought the carpet in March at a private business trip for about 1,400 dollars. Since Niebel and his delegation were, however, come with a scheduled flight to Kabul, he ordered the Afghan embassy in the carpeting, to make them part of a forthcoming travel to Afghanistan.
When a few weeks later, the BND chief Gerhard Schindler in Kabul,Karen Millen Dress he took the carpet in his Falcon Dienstjet to Germany. Schindler was reportedly believe that the carpet is the employer's essential gift Niebel, the odd VIP transport in the BND-machine would have been so easy. Arrived in Berlin-Sch?nefeld, a driver Niebel the carpet was finally on 20 May on the runway still opposed and was driving without an inspection by the customs according to Niebel directly home.

The failure to customs control the Bundestag was one of the central issues in dispute. So had Niebel only after a very specific request by Spiegel last Wednesday a so-called applied incorrect statement of the rug and missed the registration of the goods with a "misunderstanding" justified. The SPD accused the ministers nevertheless to tax evasion. The prosecutor in Potsdam is still examining a possible criminal conduct of the Minister has, however, no proceedings are initiated.

Whether the affair with Niebel's turbo-end performance is hard to say. The SPD is clearly willing to focus attention on the process further. Sun criticized the parliamentary secretary, Thomas Oppermann, the BND, had been misused for private purposes. In the intelligence community would already scoffed at the "federal resent service" in which the chief person surrendering the post. Chancellor Merkel added that his colleague Raabe, must now ensure that "not only flies a carpet, but this minister."


simulations for the Karen Millen Dresses day after

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com What happens next in Athens? The election in Greece Karen Millen Dresses threatens to triumph the savings to be enemies. Around the country yet to hold in the euro zone, will now be discussed in Brussels, allegedly, a relaxation of the reform program. The simulations alert in Berlin.
Berlin - Never has the word seemed appropriate choice as by the fate of these days. On Sunday, the Greeks flock to the polls will show whether the land which has been fighting for over two years with the debt crisis, has a European future. Karen Millen Athens triumph in the Euro-skeptics and opponents savings - as the polls suggest - is a rapid withdrawal of Greece from the euro-zone is not excluded.
And then what? Such a withdrawal may have to cope economically for the rest of the continent. Politically, the consequences would be most devastating. When Europe began to crumble only once, so the concern in the capitals, is the vision of a strong union states across the United States in grave danger.

So far it seemed clear the line of the EU towards Greece: Karen Millen Dresses Athens either follow a strict austerity program, or there is no money left. But can this really hold line, if after the election Sunday, the opposition in power saving perhaps? It's a delicate poker which may emerge. For the Greek parties, almost all agree: The economy requirements have to be renegotiated.

The emergency loans to Spain with relatively small numbers in the wake of highly indebted Greece desires: The politicians in Athens daily see their chance to grow, to loosen the bonds that they always advertise aggressively for corrections to the domestic economic and social reforms. The head of the Greek conservatives, Antonis Samaras, called on Wednesday open a renegotiation of the bailout. The financial expert of the radical left Syriza, Theodore Paraskevopoulos required in the ARD a three-year debt moratorium. The logic is that Europeans will give in - out of concern for the euro.

If the austerity program defused?

Serve with a report of the "Financial Times Germany".Karen Millen Dress In Brussels, writes the newspaper that there was now a willingness to accommodate Greece. The savings program, the troika of the International Monetary Fund, European Commission and European Central Bank ordered the country could be renegotiated and a little weakened. From Brussels came a prompt denial - you hold on to the supports.

In Berlin, the simulations provide yet for irritation. There will - at least officially - no one put the savings targets for discussion. Bavarian Finance Minister Markus S?der (CSU), made it clear: "There is no second chance." The conditions - saving billions from rehabilitation course - were clearly defined, said Soderberg told SPIEGEL ONLINE.

"Much of the initial enthusiasm for reform is in Athens already paralyzed," also criticized budget expert Norbert Barthle. "As long as no serious damage will be seen to solve the debt crisis is not to think of other concessions. And Greece shows this date will unfortunately only in parts," said the conservative politician. It argues that the privatization plan, which would collect the land up to 50 billion, "zero point zero progress" so far.

The international donors have put together a tough reform package, which provides about mass layoffs in the civil service, the sale of state-owned large-scale deficit and clear boundaries. Over the next three years to save Greece ten billion euros, for example by blatant cuts in health care, pensions and government apparatus. These conditions are "generally not negotiable," said Barthle. "Because that would be totally wrong message, even to the other debts States, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus."

The dilemma of the donor

Otto Fricke, budget expert of the FDP parliamentary group, has also pointed to legal problems, you should roll up the reform package now. "German aid would be difficult without the agreed consideration consistent with the Constitution," said Fricke SPIEGEL ONLINE. . "Greece can not unilaterally change contracts as a receiver too, for subsequent governments in Greece, the Roman principle of 'pacta sunt servanda' - contracts are adhered to."

But the Greek rescuers stuck in a dilemma. Just as the policy in Greece sets up these days, should any future government in Athens renegotiation of the austerity program demand. If you stubborn, you risk the withdrawal of Greece from the euro-zone. The consequences would be incalculable.
Already, the country seems paralyzed by the power vacuum, fights with hemorrhaging banks, a run-down health system, a massive flight of capital. Greek media report does, the Mediterranean country was only a few weeks smoothly. Two billion € the country stood up to the 20th Available in July - after he ran out of funds to pay civil service salaries and pensions. The Finance Ministry in Athens did not confirm the reports.

Probably would have to step in again, the donors of the EU and the IMF - as the markets can no longer finance the Greeks long ago, hardly anyone gives them more money. Indeed, the European partners would not be likely to drop Athens, if only to avert the nightmare scenario of uncontrolled €-exit. A third rescue package would not be excluded. As the "Time" on Wednesday in relation to financial and government districts reported, the Bundestag vote may still be fresh in the summer of billions of Greece.

That would shake each other by the coalition again properly. The critics always new cash injections are certainly alarmed. CSU minister before precaution Soderberg makes clear: "If Greece does not fulfill the requirements may be subject to any further payments."


Riots in Tunisia,Karen Millen a war of Islamists

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Street battles and gunfights: radical Salafists and al-Qaeda Karen Millen attack the Islamist government of Tunisia, which they consider too moderate. But the new leaders hit back hard
Berlin - It was the largest street battles that Tunisia experienced since its revolution in the past year. In the capital on Tuesday burned a police station in the wealthy district of La Marsa, street barricades were erreichtet, the police had fired warning shots and arrested at least 162 people. On Wednesday it was revealed that in the port city of Sousse even one protester was shot dead. The 22-year-old had suffered a head shot, said a hospital in the city.
The government imposed a curfew: Between 21:00 and 5:00 clock it is in the Greater Tunis and other districts are valid until further notice - for fear of new clashes.

The front-line but this time not between revolutionaries and the old Karen Millen Dresses regime. Islamic radicals are fighting against the democratically elected and run by the Islamist party Ennahda coalition government.
The riots are the biggest challenge for the North African country.Karen Millen Dress So far, the democratic transition works: Once in power in January, Zine el-Abedine Ben Ali was driven out, the Tunisians elected in the first free elections in October with 40 percent of the Islamist party Ennahda to power.

But now fears Tunisian Interior Minister Ali Larayedh new unrest. "We believe that it the next day to continue." On Friday, the radical Islamists have called for a demonstration.

The Ennahda party fails increasingly split between its two fronts. On the one hand, she does not want to spoil themselves with the secular elite of the country, accusing her, not hard enough to take action against radical Islamists. On the other hand, the party intends not meet even conservative members of their own supporters on the head.

The Islamist party fails the balancing act between the fronts

The result is now a political limbo. Thus Ennahda continued her campaign promise and refrained recently to be a reference to Sharia - to use in the Constitution - the Islamic law. This decision comes in the more radical part of her supporters to protest and incomprehension.

At the same time Ennahda has also angered liberals. In April two young Tunisians were sentenced to seven years in prison because they had posted cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed on Facebook that showed them naked. A Justice Department spokesman called it a "violation of the morals and disturbance of public order."

In addition, the head of a television station was sentenced to a fine for having aired the animated film "Persepolis." In this film had last year ignited the culture war between Tunisia and liberal elite of the religious people for the first time violent. In one scene of the film God is depicted as an old man on a cloud. For radical Islamists, this was the same blasphemy, since Islam does not provide visual representation of Karen Millen God or the Prophet Mohammed. The headquarters of the television station was then, as well as the private residence of the television bosses under attack.

Tunisian al-Qaeda and radical preachers stir up the conflict

The recent riots sparked an art exhibition in Tunis. There was the word "Allah" spelled out using insects, which indicated radical Islamists considered blasphemous. Even some moderate Tunisians saw the exhibition as an unnecessary provocation of the radicals in the deeply divided country.

In the dispute has now also mixed al-Qaeda. In an audio message posted on Sunday, her chief Ayman al-Zawahiri addressed the "real Tunisian Muslims" and called on them to rebel against the US-led coalition government Ennahda. He accused the Islamist party to represent a false Islam - that of the "U.S. State Department, the European Union and the Gulf emirates, Islam allows the casinos and nude beaches."

In addition, stoking the radical preacher Abu Ayoub Tunisian Ettounsi the conflict. In a video message he calls the "true believers" in Tunisia, on Friday to let their anger at the government free rein. He had already called the dispute over the animated film "Persepolis" at the protests, which ended in violence.
The reactions of Ennahda are yet again not clear. The party now faces is indeed hard and arrested in recent days across the country more than 162 Salafists, a conservative branch of Islam. They should be tried under anti-terror legislation, which even the deposed Ben Ali in 2003 and introduced to the persecution of his opponents took advantage. Tunisia's Salafist movement is not united behind the riots. Part of it has explicitly condemned. Only a radical branch welcomes the violence.

At the same time wants to make Ennahda but also a concession to the conservative base. The party expects a "blasphemy ban" in the new Constitution to use. This will be decided during the year before in 2013 under the new system of government comes to elections.

The Paradox of the riots and also contributes to the continuing economic malaise. With the victory of the Islamists, many Tunisians had linked the hope that some of the millions of exiled president would arrive with them. But unemployment is still high. The food prices are rising. Tunisia's economy is suffering from the weak economy, the most important trading partner, the European Union, and the lack of tourism revenue.


Nobel laureate Elinor Karen Millen Dress Ostrom is dead

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Economics Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom died in Karen Millen Dress her hometown of Bloomington. For their studies on management of natural resources, it was considered as the first woman in 2009 with the award. The 78-year-old was suffering from cancer.
Indianapolis - Elinor Ostrom had never sought the limelight and in 2009 was but suddenly in the Middle: When they in the grandiose concert hall of Stockholm, who accepted the Nobel Prize in economics, the first woman ever. Now oil flow at the age of 78 years died.
The American political scientist, died on Tuesday of cancer, Karen Millen such as the University of Indiana announced. Ostrom, who worked for the University since 1965, was "fabulous and irreplaceable" was, it was said in the Karen Millen Dresses statement. She had died in the early morning in the hospital.

Ostrom was the first and only woman ever to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics. It was 2009, together with the similarly derived from the U.S. legal scholars and economists Oliver Williamson has been awarded.

The renowned environmental economist had received the award for her research on management of natural resources. She had for years dealt with the question of how common property can be managed successfully by its users.Karen Millen Dress But they had visited, among other things fishing and alpine farmers around the world.

The researcher Ostrom was considered representative of a modern middle between applied and theoretical economics. Actually, trained political scientist, she alternated between economic and social sciences. Her colleagues describe her as passionate, humorous and straightforward woman.

Ostrom in 1965, her Ph.D. in political science at the University of California at Los Angeles and then moved to Indiana University in Bloomington. There she taught after being awarded the Nobel Prize - without much fanfare - until some time before her death.


It goes down Karen Millen Dresses with Italy

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The economy shrinks, rising debt, income is down. Karen Millen Dresses With Spain and Italy slipping deeper into crisis. In the financial markets, the pressure on the land. The Roman government put the blame on Germany.
Claudio Pesaro wanted to buy a home this year actually marry his girlfriend, have children. He is 35 years old and still lives at home. Although he has saved more than a third of the purchase price for the property, but no bank lends him the rest of job is also at risk, the company makes losses. So for now: no house, no marriage, no children.
Marco Michelli wanted to start their own small brewery with a beer parlor together. Beer is going well in Italy, especially among the young. But the municipal bureaucracy, covered him with conditions and fees, the bank withdrew the Karen Millen funding commitment. Project done.

Italian daily stories in four of the crisis.Karen Millen Dress The mood is bad. The number of people who take themselves for economic reasons, the life grows. The enthusiasm that had greeted by the € Italy has long vanished. Meanwhile,Karen Millen Dresses some 65 percent are more Euro-skeptical.

A new "black Monday"

The new "Black Monday" in the stock markets took the Italians therefore more like it left. They have hardly expected anything else. The economic tsunami wave comes back and hits Italy to Spain now. Courses of Italian shares plummeted. The yields at which buyers will find for the Roman government bonds jumped back over the six percent mark. Above all, hedge funds, stock market report professionals already invested large sums of money. You bet on the crisis, rising debt interest - and thus fueling the downward spiral.

On Wednesday of this week Italy is 6.5 billion, on Thursday, 4.5 and 9.5 billion euros on Friday even borrow from investors. Together so well 20 billion. Increase the required interest on such bonds only by one percentage point, about five to six percent, will cost the state an additional € 200 million. This is just as much money as Corrado Passera, the minister for economic development is lacking, to fund its expansion program announced for some time. The program therefore lies firmly still in the government's internal wrangling over its financing.

Next record debt: 2.000 billion Euro

Thus, new impulses are missing for the battered economy, "Bella Italia", the downward trend is continuing unabated:
■ Italy's industry produces nearly a month less, since early 2008, the entire production of "Made in Italy" shrunk by about a quarter;
■ The unemployment rate decreased in the last twelve months, from eight to ten per cent among the under-25s from 28 to 36 percent, while the report did not fall from the statistics, and many of the unemployed;
■ The gross domestic product - the sum of all economic benefits in the country - will increase this year from instead, recession rather than growth that is, the National Bank would be satisfied if the decline is not more than 1.5 percent of national income, consumption demand, the standard of living, almost everything falls;
■ The only thing that grows splendidly, is the mountain of debt, which this year will probably exceed the 2,000-billion mark, as long as the economy shrinks, the vicious circle of debt - produces almost automatically more new debt - to break hard.

Criticism of government Monti

All semi-tragic, stirs from the responsible minister for economic development, the bad economic data had been expected, exports actually run quite well, the banks are stable and the government spending plan to be developed. The situation is, therefore, so Corrado Passera, completely different than in the other crisis countries. Much better. Too bad that the markets do not want to recognize the subtle difference.

The Italians see their government is no longer with the enthusiasm of the early days. The brilliance of Mario Monti and his cabinet specialists faded slowly. Many Italians complain, Monti and Co. have a lot of talk of saving, but actually increased, especially taxes. High savings - for example in the wide network of unnecessary subsidies or luxuriant funded policy and management system - they have not so far. And the promised reforms of crusty Italian economy remained stuck in the initial stages.

Passeras glossing has for some criticism, scorn and ridicule thrown his compatriots, such as on the websites of the newspapers. "The day when we will have a serious politician," wrote one user, for example, under the pseudonym "ilfattorino" in the bourgeois-liberal "Corriere della Sera", "would be a great day". It sounded so similar in Berlusconi's last hours.

Merkel's fault
In their distress the Italian policy tries to shift the blame for their plight. On the earthquake in the north of the country, for example, then it has indeed caused great damage and considerable loss of production. But above all, and with increasing clarity, the Germans are identified as the culprit. In particular, the naturally hard-hearted Chancellor, Angela Merkel. For all that the highly indebted countries of the euro zone crisis demand and propose - if Euro-bonds, bank debt funded union or joint investment or growth programs - come from Berlin, a stubborn "No".

So it does not go further commented on this Tuesday, the financial newspaper "Il Sole 24 Ore" similar to the current political announcement. "You do not get very far if you continue ruling indifferent to the anger of the Greeks, the wounded pride of the Spaniard and the Italian and French fears," the commentator speaks directly to the incorrigible regent, as well as "a strong Germany" could be "between the debris of other countries will not survive. " And it is in German, "Quick, Mrs. Merkel."

Why not go fast, Prime Minister Mario Monti told the newspaper "La Repubblica". The quotes him anyway so that Angela Merkel for the upcoming 2013 election remains as hard. But it should have said Monti, Europe can not wait. "The time of hesitation" was over.


investors bet against Karen Millen Spain again

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Spain to get from the EU partners billion - still losing investors' Karen Millen confidence in the country: The government in Madrid has to pay for new debt interest record. The business newspaper "Expansión" already speculating whether new funding will be needed soon.
Madrid / Athens - The fear of investors prior to a new escalation of the euro crisis is increasing. The nervousness in financial markets has driven the ten-year Spanish bonds at record highs. The papers were remunerated on Tuesday afternoon in the peak at around 6.9 percent. That means paying the government in Madrid has the record interest debts.
It had its EU partners Spain just support for Karen Millen Dresses his ailing banks pledged - and up to one hundred billion euros. The relief that lasted at least one day, on Monday the stock market had reacted with the world price jumps. From the euphoria is now not much left Spain is once again the focus of the euro crisis.

Bad news coming from Italy. Karen Millen Dress The yield on Italian government bonds also rose significantly and was 6.3 percent. The euro slid to a daily low of 1.24 dollars, the Dax turned into the red. After the leading index was temporarily dropped below 6100 points, but he went with a gain of 0.3 percent for 6161 points from the market.

Rating agency Fitch downgrades 18 Spanish banks Karen Millen down

Reason for the growing panic in the markets is mainly traders said the upcoming election in Greece. Sunday is expected to decide whether the opponent of the austerity program to win the upper hand and thus threatens secession from the euro-zone.

In addition, many investors doubted the fact that Spain gets alone with the planned funding for the banking sector's debt crisis under control. The business newspaper "Expansión" According to the effectiveness of aid is highly controversial even among experts, the paper subtitled: "A new life is necessary?" The second time, writes the "New York Times" on its opinion pages, but would have to not only the banking sector, but like Spain are even saved.

The rating agency Fitch has, however, the creditworthiness of 18 other Spanish banks downgraded. The potential for the loan portfolios of some banks could deteriorate further, the rating agency justified the decision on Tuesday. This was especially true for banks that would have given much credit to the construction or had no solid basis.

Among the 18 banks involved, the third largest financial institution CaixaBank, whose credit rating two notches to BBB is lowered, was the fourth largest bank and Banco Popular, which was one degree downgraded to BBB-. Bankia, which should be supported with 23.5 billion euros from public funds, was also downgraded by one grade to BBB. On Monday Fitch had downgraded the creditworthiness of the two largest Spanish banks, Santander and BBVA.
After the emergency loans to banks in Spain and Greece wants to renegotiate its own billion dollar aid package - the Greeks call Spanish-saving conditions. But the chances of success are low. A spokesman for the European Commission on Tuesday dampened hopes relevant in Brussels: "Our position is unchanged: we expect to fulfill all commitments made by the Greeks," it said.

Meanwhile, Europe braces itself for a possible exit of Greece € after the election on Sunday. At the European level is therefore to advise on measures such as border controls to curb the threat of capital flight. Also discussed was a limit of cash withdrawal in the country.

If the Greeks choose on Sunday radical forces that terminate the agreement for the bailout actually, then the country would have no choice but to leave the monetary union. This would lead, according to experts, that the Greeks stormed their banks to bring their € before being converted into devalued drachmas safety abroad. Since 2009, according to the authorities for 80 billion euros were deducted from the Greek banks are currently being raised in Greece every day hundreds of millions.


Putin's crackdown on government Karen Millen Dress opponents retaliation

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Russian President Putin is hardly back in power, Karen Millen Dress he puts the opposition in the country to grips - with house searches, stricter laws and intimidation. Now you can see: The sweet sounds before the election, only tactics.
On Monday morning, let Russia deploy police in the investigation committee Ljublinskij Street in southeast Moscow. At the entrance of the house, the residence of the lawyer Alexei Nawalnij respect men of the Interior in black riot gear and with assault rifles items, just as lived here with Nawalnij not Russia's most popular blogger and a leader of the opposition, but a heavily armed terrorist.
Special forces in balaclavas blocked access to Nawalnijs offices. Karen Millen Russia's Karen Millen Dress inquiry committee reported more than ten homes that were searched on Monday morning. Nawalnij affected side are also ex-deputy prime minister Boris Nemtsov and TV presenter Xenija Sobchak, who had become one of the most prominent since December, the representative of the protest movement against Putin.
According to authorities, the searches are related to violent clashes between police and demonstrators on 6 May, the day before Vladimir Putin's inauguration. At that time, dozens of demonstrators and police officers were injured.
The authorities chose the time of concerted action with caution. Karen Millen Dresses For Tuesday, the opposition had called for the next anti-Putin demonstration. "This is an operation to deter," said Olga Mikhailova Nawalnijs lawyer. Additionally, the country celebrated on Tuesday the "Day of Russia", Monday and Tuesday are public holidays so. Newspapers appear again until Wednesday, websites and radio stations are working with minimal staff.
Only the Kremlin-critical radio station Echo Moscow devoted his entire morning routine searches of the house - and tried for hours to get representatives of police and investigative agencies on the phone. "Hey, listen state power? Us as anybody?" Said Matvey Moderator Ganopolskij after Nawalnijs contact the lawyers had been denied to her clients. The station itself has become a target of the comprehensive campaign, which launched a successful operation of the Kremlin by Putin retaining power against opponents like Nawalnij and carries the counter-revolutionary moves.
"We must destroy this rogue pack that drinks our blood"
At the beginning of March, Putin assured editors of foreign newspapers, not to take action against the opposition want. "Why should I need it to do that?" said Russia's strong man then. "I do not know where do these fears." He wanted the opposite of a "dialogue with everyone."
Three months later, the leader of the winter mass protests expected implacable vengeance. Gennady Gudkov, the deputy, one of the organizers of the demonstrations, the authorities revoked licenses, required by his security firm. TV presenter Xenija Sobchak, the daughter of the former enjoyed a St. Petersburg Governor Anatoly Sobchak and Putin conveyor fools freedom was declared prior to the award of the Russian Television Awards persona non grata.
Activist Nawalnij who not only has the charisma of a leader, but also has a penchant for martial attacks against the leadership ("We must destroy this rogue pack that drinks our blood"), threatening a class action by members of Putin's party " Russia ", because he consistently as" crooks and thieves "means.
Just in time for the new mass demonstration planned for Tuesday has also exacerbated the Kremlin the right to demonstrate. At the weekend meeting Putin signed a controversial law with draconian penalties. Instead of 5,000 rubles demonstrators threaten up to 300,000 rubles fine, the equivalent of € 7300 - and more than a Russian worker earns on average per year.


Albania's parliament elects Karen Millen Dresses new president

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com To the occupation of the country's Karen Millen Dresses highest office has long struggled in the Balkan country. Now, the Albanian parliament the former Interior Minister Bujar Nishani elected as President - accompanied by protests: Several Members of the opposition abstained from voting.
Tirana / Hamburg - After several failed attempts, Karen Millen Dresses the Albanian parliament has elected the former Interior Minister Bujar Nishani as the new president. The opposition was voting on Monday in the capital Tirana to protest not participate.
The government had Nishani nominated for the office, after their previous candidates had jumped unexpectedly shortly after his nomination on Monday. Why the economic expert Artan Hoxha himself out of the race took, although the government coalition had enough votes for his election, remained unclear.
The 45-year-old Nishani was chosen on Monday by 73 votes. Karen Millen For his Karen Millen Dress choice of at least 71 votes of the 140-seat Parliament were necessary. MPs of the opposition Socialist Party were present at the vote while participating, but not of it. The Party leader Edi Rama said that the unilateral nomination Nishanis ruling by the Democrats of undermining the country's goal of joining the European Union.
Before the vote in Parliament on Monday three attempts had failed to elect a president after the government and the opposition could not agree on a common candidate. Nishani replaces President Bamir Topi, whose term expires in July.
Albania is hamstrung since 2009 by a domestic political crisis. The socialist opposition accuses the party of Prime Minister Sali Berisha of election fraud and corruption. The internal political dissension had recently also the approach of NATO to the European Union affected the country.
Although Albania is a parliamentary democracy, which determines the prime minister's political action. But the president has an important function at the top of the judicial system and is also head of the armed forces.


A tax-haggling Karen Millen in Berlin

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Is she coming? Or are they not coming?Karen Millen Negotiations between the government and opposition to the tax on financial transactions are slipped into the absurd haggling. This could be either of the two sides afford to walk away from talks
Berlin - It is now again reached the original position. The SPD is all terribly unfair, the union will not have meant anything, the FDP appeals to reason and the market economy, Horst Seehofer said in Munich that he now expected by the Berliners can do.
Welcome to the German policy.
It's a pretty absurd summer theater, which list the parties, especially in terms of financial transactions tax. For weeks, the issue dominated the domestic political headlines, which is not reprehensible, after all, the tax could be a useful thing to banks to participate in the cost of the crisis. But just as the dispute is now being staged, risk policy, that the audience turns away in horror. The haggling over the tax and to the European fiscal pact, Karen Millen Dresses which is in question actually takes, always skurrilere trains.
For a few days it was thought there was peace has Karen Millen returned between government and opposition. Karen Millen Dress The negotiators had agreed on a model in which all positions were able to find some way and that seemed to clear the way for the required two-thirds majority for the fiscal pact freely. But since the weekend, some coalition partners an introduction of the tax before the general election as a designated unrealistic, cool, all participants strongly again her political party Mütchen. The villain is as it should be different, always the other one.
Group CEO Juergen Trittin accuses the coalition "Zockerei" before and is threatening to not approve the Fiscal Pact, should the government fail to comply with the request for financial transactions tax. CDU and FDP would do "the opposite of trusted negotiation", poisoned and SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel and calls for a formal "Cabinet decision."
"Democracy can not do when everyone knows what the SPD wants"
This in turn brings the FDP into a rage. "We are firmly set, the impression that the SPD is looking for any straw in order to adopt the common compromise on financial transactions tax return," the deputy chairman of FDP etched in the Bundestag, Martin Lindner. "The SPD I say: It is good style, that is a deal," says financial expert Volker Wissing, who negotiated for the Liberals on the part of the coalition with the opposition. And Secretary General Patrick D?ring quips: "Democracy is not, when do all that the SPD will, but we all need to move a bit."
With so much excitement even a finance minister apparently loses the focus. On Sunday, Wolfgang Sch?uble, had made it clear that there will be submitting in this term is no longer good. On Monday, he rowed back and can say that the opposition could "rely entirely on the commitment of the coalition." So it still comes before the federal election? Well, after pushing his spokesman. It was just just the way that Germany could not decide alone about it. Two steps forward, one and a half back.
Absurdity of this argument, because neither of the two sides can afford it, the Fiscal Pact is to fail in the end, financial transactions tax or not. The government would not contract the savings in their own country can enforce it would be disgraced internationally. You must therefore to some extent on the opposition to go - without creating the impression that they cant order.
SPD and the Greens can play a bit with the muscles. But only a little. For the fiscal pact would fail because of them, they stand in the election campaign as suddenly as Europe's opponents. They must therefore swallow the bait, which throws the government - without creating the impression that they would surrender without a fight.
One word, many interpretations
The alleged compromise of last week's paper is a shining example of what comes out of such a hopeless situation. It would be based on the proposal of the European Commission to launch a Europe-wide financial transaction tax, it says. That that is happening is not very likely, the reluctance of the British or the Swedes are known
So the negotiators a set highlighted in the document, had been created in the new dispute. Not the project should be implemented, according to the federal government will use "timely" for it to achieve a tax in "as many" Member States. When a "real time" when it begins and ends is unclear, depending on the political compass, the word is interpreted differently. SPD and Greens mean by "immediately". The other side would hold true if one understands the expression, even for the year 2014 still timely.
Merkel herself confirmed in St. Paul's Church their will on the financial transaction tax. "We need functioning banks, we also need justice," said the CDU leader in the adoption of the Frankfurt Mayor Petra Roth.
And when she comes now, the tax? Very concrete and the Chancellor will not. She wants to negotiate again on Wednesday with the opposition over the fiscal pact. A schedule in terms of financial control, they should also have little ready. One set, however, "with conviction and with emphasis," for the introduction, says her spokesman Steffen Seibert.










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