Künasts fight the complete dismantling, no one wanted

http://www.karenmillendressesshopuk.comOnly in the second round, the former top candidate was elected to the party council - the Greens contend with their front woman.
Again and again she looks at her cell phone and fidgets with her ​​fingers. Renate Künast sitting in the front row, the seats are left and right side of her. She is nervous. The choice of the party council , for the candidate they can be crucial to their political future. The mood among the 155 delegates to the Environmental Forum in the Kreuzberg district of Jerusalem Church is not clear before the election judge. A "shock" will probably collect them, say green leaders. But that Künast, the first for a woman places compete, karen millen outlet
with only 48.3 percent in the first round, the second worst result among 13 women and thus do not get a quorum, creates many delegates does speechless.

Show real compassion but few.

If they start again? No one knows. To Künast around, has assembled a small round, including her confidant Senate, Volker, the former party leader, who now works as a federal coordinator in the Baden-Wuerttemberg State Representation . A top politician from the Realo wing says: "If she takes up again and is not elected, it's the end of it."

Some realists complain about the party left and see they are responsible for the poor performance of Künast. But the Left Party makes among the delegates from less than 40 percent. "It is the first opportunity after the election, in the discharges of individual frustration," said Green MEP Michael Cramer. A former Green Party official called a "poisoned state association." The consequences of the power struggle between the party and the left wing reformers in the group are a good three months after the tentative peace still very noticeable.

Mainly from their own Realo wing criticism flattens at the former top candidate even half a year after the Berlin election does not: Künast have practiced a lot too little self-criticism, and not their own fault confessed. A leading politician from the federal level, says: "She has a bad year behind him. And because she was heavily involved. "The fact that the Realo camp juxtaposes their frontwoman, karen millen dresseseven the Left Party's true solidarity with the parliamentary group leader. "If they can drop their wings, after all, party members should deal fairly with her ​​and tell her open," for example, says Monika Herrmann, District Councillor in Friedrichshain- Kreuzberg . By that she means the federal and state level.
Künast occurs once again. And she comes in her second job amazingly humble speech. It is not known of her. "I know I've made mistakes. I want to work up the truth, "she says. It is "for Berlin and for you in the Bundestag. So I ask again for your votes. "You would like to participate in the Party," because to me the state association at heart. " The round begins.

The result has been predictable . With 76.4 percent it achieved the best result. But they also gets decent applause. A complete dismantling of the real politician, no one wanted. But the damper, the Künast has suffered, it is not destined for a top candidate for the election 2013th When she presented in early March when the federal examination of their thoughts on green realists of the party, karen millenhardly moved a hand to cheer about. And in Berlin, the enthusiasm among the realists hold for Künast limited. "Who is going on already and remounted posters for Renate," a top politician says, "after such a Berlin election campaign, which was for a ton." In the fall, fall to decide whether Künast as top candidate enters the race.






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