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It was a relentless list of Karen Millen our own failings and those of his authority: The Not-chief of the secret service,http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Heinz Fromm, testified before the investigating committee on the NSU murders - and still looked stunned as to how his team him "after going".
Berlin - The scandal surrounding the murders of right-wing extremist terrorist cell Zwickau cost him the job as head of the Federal Constitutional protection. Now, Heinz Fromm, sharply criticized the actions of his authority and the German security forces in general practice. The failures during the investigation he described as a heavy defeat for the German security authorities.
"Ten executions of unsuspecting and defenseless people over a period of seven years - that is unprecedented," Fromm said on Thursday in Berlin at the beginning of his interrogation. He, too, for even the ever-new revelations and accusations were a heavy burden.
In the investigation into the murders admitted Fromm massive mistake. References to the right had not been determined. "This has proven to be narrowing analytical error," said the outgoing head of the constitutional protection. The search for the submerged right-wing extremists had been recruited after 2001. Protection of the Constitution did not see more action. "Seen from today's perspective, was a mistake."
Shredding should be covered up
It was not the final outs of the investigators: An employee of the intelligence was apparently destroyed during the investigation files, Karen Millen Dress without properly examined to ensure its relevance. Also in the evaluation of this approach is not saved Fromm criticism. It has led to a serious loss of reputation of the Federal Office, unfortunately, the consequences were not foreseeable, Fromm told the MPs: "I do not know if there will be a reasonable explanation for it sometime."
Fromm had asked for the Karen Millen process to his retirement in late July and separates from the office. However, whether these dropouts to resign for his decision from his post, was not decisive, Fromm said. It should rather have been an attempt to cover up this mistake. He had been "duped" by his own employees.
Fromm, however, the MPs could - otherwise than hoped - giving no Karen Millen Dresses explanation as to why a department head could destroy his authority shortly after learning of the murder series files to undercover agents in the far-right scene in Thuringia. He had no convincing explanation for it, said Fromm.
Had been agreed, old files that are no longer needed to destroy one by one. The responsible official it did may have been as follows: "? Old things - references to the NSU - None So gone," said Fromm. The fact that is documented in the records of the undercover agents of the Office of the Thuringian neo-Nazi scene is no direct connection to the terrorist group, is a possible, but no convincing explanation.
No evidence - that the sharpest criticism
The survey involved the former head of unit shed no more light, as the chairmen informed rushed to Berlin. For this process he had refused to testify.
Unions chairman Clemens Binninger (CDU), said that "the manner in which such records are made, stored or deleted, looks more like a lottery than a serious principle." Binns, "Some files were deleted, others were lying 15 years."
The committee chairman Sebastian Edathy (SPD) announced, have there been in 2011, a federal official action to destroy records 15 years old. Surprising is that the end of 2011 - had been deleted younger acts - shortly after flying up the National Socialist underground (NSU). Had become clear "that the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution can not be regarded as a bastion of privacy." It was there, usually very reluctant to part with files.






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