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So now even Apple Karen Millen Dress U.S. media report that the Group is building a mini iPad with less than eight-inch screen,http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com although Steve Jobs had always rejected. The tablet market leader is running late. Amazon's Kindle Fire is a sensational success. And Google's new Nexus 7 could be one.
The Apple CEO was sure. "We do not believe that you can build a seven-inch screen is a great tablet," said Steve Jobs said in October 2010 during an analyst conference. Such "Tweeners" (from In Between = in between) are "too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with an iPad." Users need their hands "with sandpaper" sharpen, so as to use a tiny can, Jobs scoffed. Ten inches were "the minimum" for a decent tablet.
As was the man to whom the success of the Tablet-PC largely due to doubt, even really wrong. You can see it now, nine months after Jobs' death, apparently so well with Apple. Bloomberg and the "Wall Street Journal" (WSJ) consistently report that Apple later this year, a mini-iPad plans. The screen size will be between seven and eight inches. Come to the information from suppliers. The "WSJ" According to the mass production to start in September, in time for Christmas.
Kindle Fire rolls already on the Karen Millen market
The reason for Apple's swirling probably not least, the success of Amazon's low-cost mini-tablet Kindle Fire, which runs on a modified Karen Millen Dress Android operating system. For Internet Media Tablet, the dealer is not least a sales tool for digital content such as e-books, movies and music. A Barclays analysts say Amazon has sold only in the fourth quarter of 2011 5.5 million of its seven-inch Kindle Fire Tablets, for the year 2012, he predicted 18.4 million copies sold. In February 2012, the proportion of the Kindle Fire were in the market for Android tablets already at 54.4 percent. The dwarf rolled on the market - not least thanks to a price war from $ 200. A new version with better resolution to Chinese media reports coming in August, at the same price. And for good reason.
Last week Google introduced a tablet, which also has a screen size from seven inches (1280 x 800 pixels), light, handy, is fast and smart - and cost is 200 dollars. Construction is the Nexus 7 from Asus from Taiwan. It is already the newest version of Android called Jelly Bean and has a pretty user interface that runs consistently at 60 frames per second. This ensures smooth animations and transitions between apps and screen content.
Subsidized units are to encourage the media buying
Like the Kindle, the Fire Nexus 7 is designed mainly as a media Karen Millen Dresses consumption device. The user should buy music, movies and series episodes on Google's backing store - what works in Europe or not, because Google has still not reached agreement with rights holders. Even Amazon's Kindle Fire in Europe there are not currently buying.
The Nexus 7, it should be, according to Asus, however, in Italy in September, in the version with 16 gigabytes of memory for 249 €. In Spain, the device is an Android-specialist blog establishes that in an eight-GB version for 200 euros on the market.
For competitors who push themselves with seven-inch tablet in the market, the business in the face of the giant race that unfolds there will be heavy. Google's Nexus 7 costs in manufacturing, according to analysts at iSuppli 130-210 dollars - profits with the hardware in this calculation are virtually impossible to carry. David Pogue of the "New York Times," According to Google's developers have admitted that the Nexus 7 does not even deserve money when it is sold in our own shop. It should also be brought into the off-trade - then certainly a loss.
Google seems here rather to be laid on the model that follow about the manufacturers of game consoles: hardware to possibly subsidized predatory pricing in order to subsequently sell content on the device and where you can earn it. Even unknown cheapies from Southeast Asia, which currently present new Android tablets can often beaten with weaker performance of the 200-dollar price point is not a rule.
For comparison, a recent seven-inch Android Tablet from Samsung would cost in a version with 16 gigabytes of memory and UMTS without actually 459 €. Meanwhile, however, it is often to get much cheaper, often for under 300 €.
It will be interesting to see whether Apple will continue to be in this mini-tablet segment with its comparatively high price strategy - or whether the tablet market leader enters an appearance but a price war.





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