Assad in the German dictator's Karen Millen Dress TV western guilt for bloodshed

There is another tirade http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com of hate against the West: In a television interview, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad once again the U.S. Karen Millen Dresses blamed for the bloodshed in his country. The interview will be broadcast on the evening in the ARD
Frankfurt / Main - It is one of his rare appearances on western television. In an interview to be aired this Sunday on the program "mirror world", the Syrian president has once again made the West responsible for the bloodshed in his country. "As long as they (the U.S., editor's note) grant support terrorists in any way, they become their partner," Assad said in an interview with the journalist Juergen Todenhoefer for ARD.
Has been raging for nearly eighteen months in Syria, a bloody battle between the army and rebels of the dictator. The United States "are part of this conflict," said Assad. "They span an umbrella and offer these gangs defense to destabilize Syria." Assad refused to resign, which is going on with brutal violence against an increasingly strong protests from.
"A president should not run away from domestic challenges, and we are here right now in front of a national challenge in Syria. The President can not escape just such a situation." Was recorded at the fifth interview conducted in English July by the Syrian state television in the guest house Assad in Damascus.
Annan arrives in Syria
The Syria-envoy Kofi Annan,Karen Millen has arrived for talks with Syrian President Assad in Damascus. Annan's spokesman Ahmad Fawzi told that on Sunday. For more information on the timing of Annan's visit to Syria was not Fawzi.
The UN special envoy Annan had conceded in an interview at the weekend that international efforts have failed to find a political solution to the conflict in Syria. A submitted by Annan peace plan began with a ceasefire that went into effect in mid-April, however, soon broken by both parties to the conflict was. "It is clear that we were not successful," said Annan, the French newspaper "Le Monde".
An official at the Syrian Foreign Ministry said on Sunday,Karen Millen Dresses Annan was expected to meet with Assad to discuss the current "crisis". In the coming week, the United Nations once again deal with the bloodshed in Syria.
Maneuver by the Syrian army
The Syrian army began on Sunday after a report by the state news agency Sana with multi-day maneuvers. Ground forces, Karen Millen Dress air force and navy were involved in military exercises. So should the "combat readiness of the Army" will be tested.
Opposition reported at least eleven people had arrived on Sunday in clashes in Syria killed, including two children and a rebel fighter. Rebels continued their attacks against the army first time a tank, as the organization reported Syrian human rights monitors.
Meanwhile, suspected opponents of the regime abducted the son of a member of the inner circle to Assad. The SUV of Salim Daabul was on Sunday in the village of Deir Atija northeast of Damascus was attacked by armed men, told opponents of the regime and acquaintances of the family. The driver died. The son of longtime office manager of the President is kidnapped by the attackers, three bodyguards were wounded.
China, however, rejected the criticism by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returned to his position in Syria the conflict as "completely unacceptable". Clinton had asked China and Russia at a meeting of the so-called Group of Friends Syria in Paris, "to stand on the sidelines" is not on. Both superpowers were blocked with their veto in the UN Security Council resolutions against the Syrian regime, nor participated in the conference in Paris






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