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http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com Flickr tinkers on page layout - but the once-successful platform is already declared dead. Yahoo has ruined the once vibrant community and missed important trends, etched Gizmodo. Flickr fans react angrily to the obituary.
Flickr refurbishes to: Just recently, the platform presented several photo embellishments, such as new screen sizes and this week the "liquid" layout for larger images on the photo page. Among other things, that the announcement will be made true in January, that will do this year on the platform at last longer.
"Flickr is more gas," the Twitter Licensees commented pixelgraphix the latest addition, a user named FotoArch cheers: "Hüja old horse Flickr, keep it up!" The "old Flickr horse" has become eight years old in February, before the page set standards with their functions. But the once unique photo platform competition from Facebook, Google and + Co. has added powerful.

The modernization efforts may come too late, Mat Honan Gizmodo author writes in a detailed analysis. Basically, Flickr is dead, killed by his owner, the Web company Yahoo. Meanwhile, the platform was almost deserted, like a neighborhood that was hit by a housing crisis - with rusty bicycles in the neglected gardens and abandoned houses.

Meaning: The user no longer care for their collections and photo pages. While it was a subjective impression, Honan writes, but he saw fewer and fewer users of the same images on Flickr and for more and more on other networks such as Facebook,Karen Millen Dress Path or Instagram. And he believes also to know why.

Since being acquired by Yahoo in 2005 was just about everything went wrong, Honan writes, and lists potential missed opportunities and sleepy at Yahoo did not realize the potential of the Flickr community, after all, Flickr is still an early social network was. Instead of maintaining this culture, I tried Yahoo to integrate Flickr into its platform, with a compulsion to Yahoo account. This is the opposite of socially was, he writes. And,Karen Millen Dresses despite the fact that the communicative Flickr had always been excellent. As a result, other social networks could take the field.

No comment from Yahoo

The evolution to mobile surfing would have missed those responsible. Too late, a Flickr app for smartphones was released, and the judgment of the users had have had disastrous consequences: slow, buggy, user-unfriendly. Karen Millen Other apps and services took the photo functions, such as the network Instagram images.

Now after all is to be made up. Honan cites Flickr's product manager Markus Spiering, who says it will work on an improved app. The hated forced Yahoo login is long gone, and in general, Spiering, get the Flickr team at Yahoo, finally, the necessary support.

Asked for an opinion on Gizmodo-criticism, Spiering was told SPIEGEL ONLINE initially willing to talk - but the press office in Germany starting blocks. The official answer: not available with this text external to itself.

So speak the user. Below the text we read a lot of approval, but also outraged fans: "I do not know what you're talking about," writes one reader, "Flickr is a place made for people who take photography seriously." Another noted: "I like Flickr, just because there is not one of the leading networks." And a comment under the mammoth text is short and sweet: "tl, dr - I love Flickr." (Too long, I have not read - I love Flickr.)

The acquisition by a major corporation has damaged the talented small company, says Honan. This is a typical pattern: even the von Holtzbrinck bought StudiVZ been struggling with inactive members and innovation jam. Yahoo has maintained the service Delicious was acquired in 2005 Bookmark and barely six years later sold again - ever since the new owners are trying to catch out failure trends.

Apparently Yahoo has now regained interest in Flickr, perhaps just in time to keep the platform before the end. For a glimpse into a series of random Flickr account confirms the impression from the deserted neighborhood: Besides the names of contacts in each case the most recent uploads - and often 20, 30 or even 50 months ago. Abandoned gardens. But in between there are still a lot of well-kept active with veranda.

Niche service for photographers

One of the most active Flickr user is the 31-year old developer Dominik Schwind from Dusseldorf. He is a Flickr veteran, since August 2004. "At that time I had really nothing at all with the shooting guard, I've just logged on, because that was fashionable at the time. I came to photography only through Flickr," he says. Who was because of the community and not just because of the pictures there is, but usually now gone. Thus, the community actually was asleep a little.
"I remember that I organized earlier these meet-ups. Have, since about 15 Flickr user photos taken together and made." But through the years, the group was getting smaller, and when they were just the three of them have asked the former photo-friends. "They said they would find Flickr is no longer so great. To the German community was to be no longer looked after properly."

He even likes the "old horse" but still, even though they upload a lot less than before. Was it in 2005 to around 300 images per month, so there are now fewer than 20 On Instagram he is uploading multiple pictures per week - but also snapshots that he would never show on Flickr. "Instagram behaves like Flickr to Twitter to blogging," says Schwind. The quick shot against the rested art, so to speak.

That's the credo of many comments on the Gizmodo-text: On Flickr you can see quality, the platform could be a focal point for quality. "Flickr will evolve into a niche service for photographers and amateur photographers," says Dominik Schwind, "but it will never be the same as it was for the photo-sharing is only one answer. Flickr"





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