dictator Kim Jong Un, the mystery Karen Millen of his side

Who is the woman Karen Millen Dress on the side of Kim Jong Un? Experts and media abroad has puzzled the http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com attendant of the North Korean dictator at a gala. If this was the ruler dancing Disney characters for themselves - that have earned Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh does not really
Pyongyang - Who is the novelty of his side? No, this is not about Heidi Klum's ex Seal, or to separate the Vanessa Paradis Johnny Depp. But the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Who attended a gala on Friday. Next to him sat a black-clad woman with short hair, such as photos show the state press. The woman can also be seen on recordings of the state television that she and the dictator at a memorial ceremony for his grandfather died in 1994, Kim Il Sung will show.
The unusual appearances in the media and now provide experts abroad for guesswork. South Korean newspapers on Monday speculated, could the woman it is Kim Jong Jong Yo us younger sister or a sweetheart deal.
The newspaper "JoongAng Karen Millen Ilbo," reported that the wife was the famous singer in North Korea Hyon Song Wol and possibly a lover of the ruler. Both would know since younger days, going into North Korean leadership circles speculation about an affair between the two, the newspaper reported, citing a South Korean intelligence officials. Yang Moo Jin of the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul maintains the thesis that could be the mystery woman a mistress Kim Jong us, however, was unlikely. The First Ladies of North Korea would usually almost never appear in public.
Whoever it is - the woman seemed to be well liked the event. That may have been because of the extremely unusual circumstances for North Korean occupation of the ensemble. Many actors on stage were dressed as famous Disney characters, such as still images show photographs of the state television.
Because Mickey Mouse is standing next to Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Karen Millen Dresses Tigger are also visible. Karen Millen Dress The figures are for children in North Korea but has been popular for years - they're about to see on backpacks, pajamas, or cases that are imported from China. But such an open show with Disney characters is new.
The figures make it out of the realm of U.S. arch-enemy in an official show and the North Korean television is remarkable. Dictator Kim Jong Un is said to have founded the new combo. Some observers see this as an indication that the authorities will differ from his father and predecessor. He is said to be made to an image of youth, vitality and modernity zuzulegen. The state news agency reported that the dictator had "a grand plan to usher in this year, a dramatic reversal in literature and art."
If this plan is the frequent use of Disney characters provides the entertainment company that would not like that. The show had not been authorized by the company or licensed, said a company spokeswoman.






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