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More than 150 http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com residents of the Russian town of Krymsk Karen Millen Dress died during the floods in one night. The governor of the territory near the Black Sea coast, defends itself against accusations that he had warned too late - and making others responsible for the failure.
Released as the water the streets of the town of 60,000 residents counted Krymsk again and had with them the bodies of at least 151 drowned, the state power in the shape of the governor ventured into the disaster area. The provincial town of Krymsk, 30 kilometers from Russia's Black Sea coast, was at the weekend was run over by a water drum, triggered by torrential rains in the surrounding mountains
At least 171 people died in the floods in the popular holiday region as a whole in Russia died. But do not hit it as hard as Krymsk city, the night was surprised by the flood waters. Seven feet tall should have been the flood that swept inland from the coast. In view of this murderous force President Vladimir Putin sought to compare with those deadly waves devastate the Asia out of the blue all the coastal strip.
"Like a tsunami," would have paved the way to the water masses, was the head of state. This would give Russia's strong man also Karen Millen Dress expressed his conviction, the nature of violence was not just stop and therefore carry no blame for the death of the victim, and certainly not the Kremlin or the authorities.
In Krymsk destroyed the Karen Millen inhabitants are of a different opinion. It also had experienced Tkatschjow Provinzgouverneuer Alexander, when he turned the angry citizens. "Do you think about the disaster is man-made?" exclaimed the governor of the Kremlin. "Yeahhhh," said to him, the angry people. "But where will the water come to be?" Said the Governor. "From the reservoir," it echoed back from the crowd. Meant the 15 kilometers of Krymsk is remotely located dam.
Waning confidence in authorities and government
People believe the floodgates of the dam were opened on purpose, and their city had been sacrificed to protect Novorossiysk, a Russian holiday paradise. There are no drainage in the direction of Novorossiysk, and assure the authorities that no one had given the order to the flood of Krymsk, in fact, was the plain lake overflowed.
But the protests bear fruit some 70 years of Soviet propaganda, and now twelve Karen Millen Dresses years controlled media in Russia, Putin's new mistrust of citizens towards public pronouncements have fanned. Thus, if the flowing tide exposes a collateral damage: the eroding confidence in the Russian authorities and government.
"It is not the forces of nature have flooded us, but the state power", announced on Monday that Moscow's high-circulation tabloid "Moskovsky Komsomolets". The authorities should have been warned. Ten years ago, in August 2002, large parts of the Black Sea region were flooded after heavy rains, at least 60 people died at that time.
During bloom now conspiracy theories, environmentalists are struggling to steer the focus on the root causes of the flood. The disaster area is located between the Black Sea coast and flat over 3000 meters high foothills of the Caucasus Mountains. Previously had forests during heavy rains slowed the outflow of water, according to extensive deforestation, "there is now nothing more to stop it," said Igor Estin sealed by the conservation organization WWF.
Doubts about the emergency management
Similar flooding threat in the 200 kilometers from the Black Sea city of Sochi, the venue for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Skiing and other sports facilities would be built there in violation of safety standards to "dangerous places". A storm in Krymsk they would "all in the river Mzymta" rinse.
The large number of casualties also raises doubts about the emergency management authorities who have already conceded error. Although most were on Friday from 22.45 clock displays warning messages on television. Some quarter of Krymsk had since but apparently no longer current.
Instead of a siren or the sirens of emergency vehicles from police and fire departments sent Russia's disaster control experts seem to prefer to use SMS. According to the respected daily newspaper "Kommersant", the news was useless, however: once they reached the receiver until the day after the disaster, once calculated the critical section of text was missing with the warning before the flood.
In Krymsk Governor Tkatschjow nourishes itself doubt that the authorities have done everything in their power to prevent the tragedy. Yes, says the province of Prince, the weather warnings had reached him, but it was late by 22 clock. At this late hour it was just not been possible to warn the public via TV, radio and television, "or do we have to scour around each house"
On Monday pushed Tkatschjow further responsibility. The governor deposed the mayor and the chief of Krymsk of the district. Both were aware of the flood warnings, but warned the population not in time.






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