meetings of the Finance Minister Karen Millen Juncker is € group chief

The month-long http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com personal poker has tentatively to an end: Karen Millen Dress Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker remains for six months, head of the Euro Group. Wolfgang Schauble's ambitions have failed so initially. The German Klaus Regling to guide the ongoing EMS rescue.
Brussels - Just a few days ago, Jean-Claude Juncker made clear conditions for it to stand a few more months as chairman of the Euro-finance available. Brusquely demanded Luxembourg Prime Minister for his compatriot Yves Mersch a seat on the Executive Board of the European Central Bank (ECB).
Now the Euro Group agreed to meet this demand. Mersch, previously president of the Luxembourg central bank will get a seat on the six-member director board of the ECB. With his nomination, the Euro-finance paved the way for a further term of office of Euro Group Juncker boss. Luxembourg's prime minister will take another six months now chairs the euro group, it was learned on Tuesday morning. Juncker, the longest serving EU prime minister, had announced in March their intention to withdraw from his EU post. However, since no apparent successor amicable solution, he goes on first. Juncker officially got a new mandate for two and a half years, but he wants to quit before. As stated in the new year will go to the group € peak, remained to be seen. Federal Finance Minister Sch?uble was at least initially empty out - it is very doubtful whether he has a better chance in January when the elections get closer to Germany.
The staff agreed package is Karen Millen complemented by the decision of the German financial expert Klaus Regling as permanent head of the euro rescue ESM in Luxembourg. The euro-finance minister nominated the 61-year-olds for the East rumored Topp, produced by the group €. Regling is already the temporary rescue EFSF
Paris had spoken out clearly for a second term Juncker: 'We aim to ensure that, in fact, Karen Millen Dresses Jean-Claude Juncker today successor to Jean-Claude Juncker, "said Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici on Monday at a meeting of euro finance ministers in Brussels. To speculation that France and Germany could be divided in a rotation system of the Euro Group Chairman, said: "There is no request from France in this respect."
The normal mandate of the Euro Group Chairman lasts two and a half years, Junckers regular term of office expires on 17 From July.Karen Millen Dress Federal Finance Minister Sch?uble had indicated on several occasions to stand for the post ready in an emergency. Angela Merkel had brought him as a possible euro group chief into the game, the German Finance Minister Juncker, even as the "ideal candidate" referred to. But France's new president had Hollande months ago no doubt that it would not hold a German euro-group leader.
Juncker is one of the founding fathers of the euro. Juncker, the EU Council Minister Herman Van Rompuy, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and ECB President Mario Draghi, sitting in a reform group that will make concrete proposals to end this year to profound changes in the euro currency union.
The permanent rescue ESM is to have a registered capital of 700 billion euros, of which 80 billion euros will be paid in cash. The institution is thus a kind of European Monetary Fund, the strapped states and banks can assist. Regling has a long career in the financial sector behind him, among other things, he was Director General of the Economic and Monetary Authority in the EU Commission. The contract for the ESM has not yet been approved by all Euro states - Germany and Italy are still missing. The ESM, which was originally supposed to take his work earlier this month, can therefore start until later.
Yves Mersch takes up his nomination for the seat of the Governing Board of the Spaniard José Manuel González-Páramo, who was divorced in May from office. Madrid had long resisted the financial policy, which is regarded as one of the midwives of the euro. The 62-year-old Mersch heads since 1998, the Luxembourg Central Bank.






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