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Declaration of Karen Millen Dress war on the majority of society? Silly multicultural dream? http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.comOr sign of successful integration? The ARD-long documentary "God in honor of the" highlights the emergence of the Cologne Central Mosque. A film that shows in the most grandiose way: Democracy must also hurt
This is a movie about the talking. Talking about the low and high speeches, speeches about the achievement and Broken speeches. Who on Tuesday evening, the ARD documentary "God in Ehrenfeld," sees must endure tight political pronouncements, sweet hymns and multicultural strunz stupid racial slurs. A show of strength, not only for fine spirits. Takes 90 minutes of the film, he is full of angry, rowdy, proudly proclaiming exhausted and argumentative minds.
Over several years, accompanied the filmmaker Birgit Schulz, the planning and building the largest mosque in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. Karen Millen DressA process that gave the district and the city at least since 2007, one or other emergency. It is about division, unification and re-splitting, it's about constantly shifting alliances to painful and painfully documented living democracy.
At the beginning and the end of "Allah in Ehrenfeld," (co-author: Gerhard Schick), two large public meetings. One is a kind of citizen consultation, should the voice of the people Ehrenfeld in 2007, questions and opinions on the proposed Central Mosque. The police monitored the crowded hall, again and again it leads P?bler from the hall. Processed until the final word is properly submitted contributions are, you have discussed about six hours.
The meeting is at the end of a press conference of the Karen Millen Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion (DITIB). She has been the construction of the very competitive Central Mosque in order, but abruptly announced in 2011 the architect. 2000 errors were allegedly found him. Dig deeper than the assembled journalists that the original draft of the Ditib had become perhaps too modern, blocks from the press secretary. In return, the successor to the terminated architect was made in grueling detail questions. Transparency down to sleep.
Colossus of House of Prayer
The film gives no conclusive answer as to whether the Ditib got pressure because of the rather non-traditional structure of the religious authority in Turkey or whether in fact structural defects have led to the dismissal of the architect. He is also no conclusive answer as to whether the central mosque in fact harmoniously blends into the cityscape, or whether this behemoth of a house of prayer with its 37 meter high dome and two 55 meter high minarets growing multi-cultural structures, burying itself.
Instead, many players throughout the Karen Millen Dresses city of Cologne struggle to speak. Actors from different political camps, which are united by the cause. With like-minded actors who are driven apart by the mosque. This makes the culture war so confusing Cologne: Who here actually fights against whom?
There is, for example, the SPD district mayor Josef Wirges, who praises his district as the old Social-Democratic working-class neighborhood with multi-cultural value - which is a pre-driver of the mosque project, but now reviled by the people: three-ring binders hate mail he has standing in his office, many of them openly racist. Or the former CDU mayor Fritz Schramma, argues eloquently for all of the central mosque and receives a slap on the other. Only threaten his party colleagues in Cologne, announce their allegiance to him, then he can bep?beln at public appearances. Once he shouts an older man in rabiatem Koelsch: "Who has what we say in Germany or the Turks and Jews?"
Strange alliances, fragile front lines
But even from a very different side to stimulate criticism of the mosque. The Jewish writer Ralph Giordano sees it as the "symbol of a creeping Islamisation", even a "declaration of war". After all, Giordano can be in front of the camera on discussions with the Turkish town of Ehrenfeld. In an interview with apparently moderate Muslims, he says: "You gotta do sometimes think, what problem you are with the majority society."
What a statement of the author who has written "The Bertini" an evocative book about a Jewish family that breaks up during the Third Reich in an entirely different "social majority". Giordano's admonition could be so by a representative of the "citizens' movement Pro K?ln" are said to join a right-wing association that runs up wherever Turks dare to appear in the cityscape.
Rarely has one seen on German television news report, the detailed tracing such a social negotiation process - together with all his positive and uplifting the hose against each other, including the unpredictable and fragile alliances front lines, including serious reductions and escalating verbal discussions.
And? If the viewers sent after this grueling late-documentary, which lasts until after midnight, because at least with a conciliatory, democratic final scene in bed? Not at all. The opening of the meeting house was moved only once in 2013






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