Epigenetics In the womb, Karen Millen will decide who becomes ill

Small differences Karen Millen Dress in the belly of the mother determine the fate http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com which is a study of twins. In babies with the same genome, different genes are turned on and off. The differences can have a powerful effect on health.
Hamburg - In the genes is laid down, what will become of us: What hair and eye color, we get - but also, for what diseases we are most vulnerable. But even in the womb occurs as a result of environmental influences on changes in the genome. It is not the block sequence is altered in the gene itself, but its activity - such subsequent processes of interest epigeneticists.
An international research team has Karen Millen Dresses now shown that even in identical twins are active immediately after the birth of different genes. "Genetically identical people with very different epigenetic conditions to the world - with respect, not only on individual genes, but across the entire genome," scientists write Jeffrey Craig of the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI) in Parkville, Australia, in the journal "Genome Research".
"The Parent must therefore have been exposed in utero to other influences than the other," says Craig. The researchers conclude from their observations that have unique experiences on health in the womb can have a large effect.
Whether it turns off a gene in the womb, decide molecules: they Karen Millen attach themselves to the genome - the DNA - and thus prevent the information from the genome are recognized by the body. This process - known as epigenetics - essentially determines the physical development or the aging process.
Newborns are often mild heart condition
Will affect the epigenetics of the diet or hormones, which are exposed to the unborn in the womb. Animal studies have shown that environmental factors influence the epigenetic profile already in the womb.
The researchers led by Jeffrey Craig have now for the first time the entire genome of newborns to Karen Millen Dress be switched on and switched off genes studied: To the scientists analyzed the genes of cells from the umbilical cord tissue, cord blood and placenta of a total of 34 newborn monozygotic and two own twins and found differences in the epigenetic .
But why genetically identical cells that mature in the same womb develop so differently? "Although the twins share a uterus, can cause substances from the placenta or umbilical cord affecting fetus any different and changing its epigenetics," said Craig.
In their genetic analysis found that international team of researchers also explain why light newborns suffer more frequently from heart disease or diabetes. The relationship is already known for some time, but is not conclusively resolved, as the factors are interrelated. Scientists now have a new track: Obviously playing genes that influence birth weight, while a role in the growth, metabolism and disease in the coronary vessels.
"Our findings point out that one can identify disease risks shortly after birth", Richard Saffery, also says researchers at the MCRI. "The results could help to prevent the outbreak of disease by environmental factors and diet of newborns are adapted to the known risks."






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