football Security Summit Karen Millen Dress and the Great Divide

Politics and Karen Millen football associations in the forthcoming season http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com and decided against pyrotechnics fans Walt stadiums are longer, sharper inlet controls, expanded video surveillance. The success of these measures is uncertain, the supporters' organizations think about it much.
The Palace Hotel and the Hotel Intercontinental in Berlin are on the same street, walk to get from one hotel to another in just over four minutes. On Tuesday, the distance between two places seemed infinitely far, however, when a huge trench was between. The hotel sat the club representatives for the first three leagues, the DFB and Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) together to the so-called Security Council meeting on a dramatic penalty catalog for violent fans think. 500 meters to the most prominent supporters' organizations met and deliberated on how to dissuade the policies and associations such measures are best.
Of reassurance, of objectivity in both places a lot and was often mentioned. Also of dialogue was spoken. And yet both sides talking about just the same. Do they do something completely different.
The DFB, DFL and the Minister Karen Millen Dresses but over, but not talked with the fan groups that raised by organizations such as Pro or our fans turn a lot of frustration. "No one knows so well about it, as the curva tick and what is being thought as we do," says Philip Mark Hardt, spokesman of pro fans. Understand it, no one would be why waived at a summit on violence amongst fans on "expert knowledge of this." So "so basically pointless meeting" will, says Mr Jacob Falk.
Measures against "the minority of incorrigible"
This looks DFL President Reinhard Rauball, 500 meters differently. Karen Millen There could be no question that the fans would be left out, "whose ideas" is thoroughly incorporated into the ideas of the security conference. Moreover, "now sat together those who have to stand up for what happened, too." He was referring to the clubs, not the fans.
It was at the meeting with the Interior Minister but primarily to the fans who will stand up straight, namely that "minority of diehards who abuse the soccer stage" (Rauball). The stadium ban policies should be reinforced, "be effective" admission control, video systems can be upgraded to ensure a "reliable identification of troublemakers". And above all: zero tolerance "against any form of pyrotechnics," as DFB chief Wolfgang Niersbach added. All measures "to preserve the unique fan culture," as stated in the subsequent press release.
Understandably, the chairman of the Conference of Interior Ministers, department chief of Karen Millen Dress Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Caffier Lorenz, put on after the meeting, a very satisfied face-Border: "All the issues we have our desired interior minister in the spring, were taken up here." All steps "help make us the question of violence is not completely out of hand" in his view it.
Standing ban is off the table for now
Only the cost of taking over the police action by the clubs, which was what the interior minister, remains unfulfilled. For now at least - because "if the measures do not fall, then we do not have one, two ideas that we now had to discuss yet," Interior Minister Friedrich holds potential threat in the hindquarters. Then again a potential ban would be standing room on the agenda.
In the hotel next door to Palace of the sentences as Caffier, "it must be clear that states are not above the law," dismissed as populism. Fananwalt Rene Lau is one that both the criminal proceedings as well as the use of police time had been years of declining numbers of the question. "This increase of violence in football, which is just wishful thinking that there's just not," says Berlin lawyer.
Last year there were 846 injured in Fanrandalen so Lau, at the Munich Oktoberfest last year alone the police had registered for its own account 10 000 injured. "What happened at the disco every weekend, every shooting, no one is interested. Only in football it's the really big issue."
And it will probably remain, as all clubs from League one to three have pledged to introduce a common code of conduct for fans and to punish violations, however rigorous. It will include "a consistent sanction against troublemakers, hooligans and violent criminals" and demanded a clear rejection of the pyrotechnics






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