U.S. markets rise despite Karen Millen Dress moderate economic outlook

The growth in the U.S. Karen Millen is cooling down: According to the latest report from the Fed,http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com the economy is growing only "moderate to moderate." The U.S. stock markets increased in the course of the day but - thanks to positive corporate reports and the hope of new economic aid from the Fed.
Washington - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke can not see in the cards. Although he emphasized the fundamental state of readiness of the Federal Reserve Banks (the Fed), but was also during his semi-annual report before the U.S. Congress with references back to specific measures.
The hopes of the financial market to another, large-scale bond purchase program slowed the Fed Bernanke: "The recovery has been slower than we wish, but we have made progress." The Fed would still be ready to act, should this be necessary.
Critically, the central bankers said on the development in Europe: As IMF chief sees Bernanke Lagarde no quick relief in sight: "I do not think they're close to a long-term solution to their problem." The Fed chief warned again against the contagion of the world economy. The laste difficult situation on the global economic outlook.
The "Beige Book", published on the evening, regular economic report, the Fed pointed to a "modest to moderate" growth in the U.S. economy. That's a shade weaker than the last report two months ago. Above all, the job market weakens further, the unemployment rate in the U.S. currently at 8.3 percent. Even the real estate market is not out of the crisis - even if the number of building permits rose sharply last so like the last time nearly four years ago.
Given moderate economic data was last time and again over a new intervention by the U.S. Karen Millen central bank Karen Millen Dress has been speculated. The market "wants to really, really," a third round of large-scale bond purchases (QE3), Kim Forrest said of the Fort Pitt Capital Group. Driven by the hope of new cash injections, the Dow Jones index meanwhile rose to 0.8 per cent and 12 903 points. The broader S & P 500 also put on about 0.8 percent and rose to 1372 points - the highest level since early May. The index of the Nasdaq Composite gained 1.3 percent to 2948 points.
Some positive company news contributed to the good atmosphere in the U.S. stock markets: The world's largest chip company Intel indeed severed his prognosis. Positive rated stockbrokers, however, the trend in gross margins. The stock gained 3.7 percent. Up it went, with an increase of more than six percent for the Honeywell paper. The conglomerate had submitted a gain on expectations of experts. In the wake of the two heavyweights were up other tech and industrials.
On the sobering news of the Fed, Karen Millen Dresses the stock exchanges in the evening barely reacted. The central bank decides the next time on 1 August about their future course of monetary policies. He also put German DAX benchmark index for the fourth consecutive trading day. Even before the publication of economic report on the evening he went with a significant increase of 1.62 percent at 6684.42 points from the day.






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