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The future constitutional Karen Millen Dresses protection chief Hans-Georg Maassen to reform the http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com intelligence - but even before taking office, he comes in for criticism: In the case of ex-Guantanamo prisoner Murat Kurnaz has he played an inglorious role.
Berlin - Usually the presentation of constitutional protection reports, no dates, on which it is highly forth. The interior minister and head of domestic intelligence lecture usually disciplined about the various threats to the security of the country. Two opinions, a few questions, that's it. But this year everything went a little too emotional.
On the one had constitutional protection Heinz Fromm President this Wednesday's probably the last major appearance. At month end, he will go ahead as a consequence of the breakdown series about the education of the very terrorist murders of NSU in retirement. On the other sat next to Hans-Peter Friedrich Fromm with an interior minister, who was visibly annoyed. And while the criticism of Fromm's successor, Hans-Georg Maassen, who will lead the agency in Cologne in August.
He think it's bold, how many in the Karen Millen Dresses opposition behaved these days compared to Maassen, scolded Frederick. Above all, the SPD and Greens would have to ask yourself, "if this is the real deal." Maassen, "an acknowledged expert, a brilliant lawyer" was. The message of the Interior: Maassen is the right man for the top job in Cologne.
Background of the more unusual outbreak of Frederick is a controversy about the role Maassen in the years of controversy over the Guantanamo detainee Murat Kurnaz. The Bremer was kidnapped in Pakistan in 2001 and then brought terror suspects to the prison camp at Guantanamo have been. Although the U.S. was quickly convinced of his innocence, the federal government struggled against Kurnaz back to leave the country.
Maassen was delivered as Head of Unit at the Home Office in Karen Millen 2002, the legal basis for the ban on entry of the Bremer. The words he put his superiors on 30 October 2002: The Guantanamo Haefling not allowed to enter again, he concludes. His residence permit had expired because he had stayed "more than six months abroad." "Because of the strict regulation is that concerning the existence or non existence, to rule a residence permit clarity. Hardship can be avoided only through the re-issuance of a permit," says the paper.
"Failure is not processed"
His opponents, who are mostly found in the ranks of the opposition keep him due to the harsh interpretation of the law for a cold and bureaucrats see in him the wrong candidate for the sensitive post of supreme constitutional protector. Maassen was "its failure in the Kurnaz case has not worked," said Green Party leader Renate Kuenast. Left-husband, Wolfgang Neskovic accuses the doctoral lawyers, it would show a lack of the "necessary constitutional empathy."
For Frederick, the dispute is tricky. The Home Secretary may have no interest in seeing that the man chosen by him is already damaged, even before he took office. The fact that one of his officers to Frederick the tip of the constitutional protection promoted shows how closely he wants to establish the authority of his future house.
Above all, a performance by his critics as proof of Maassen for his alleged cold-heartedness. On 26 February Maassen sat as a witness before the parliamentary committee of inquiry should investigate the background of the Kurnaz affair. Detail and tone of the officials described in staatsdienerischem from the Ministry of Interior at that time, as it came in 2002, disputed the right to view that Kurnaz in the event of a release should not enter Germany.
Steinmeier praised delicate course
He also repeated his assessment that Kurnaz was a 'residence permit expired because he had spent more than half Karen Millen Dress a year abroad. That Kurnaz had come unwillingly to Guantanamo, played no role in Maassen view of entry question: "Do not be critical if the stay abroad is voluntary," he said. Criticism of the decision he did not accept. "There is a void by operation of law," said Maassen. "The mere creation of the offense means that the foreigner loses his residency, he needs without express official available. Very wording of this provision it is important only to the absence of more than six months," said Maassen.
Make even brought to its attention to the U.S. government request that the residence in Kurnaz's passport "physically invalid," the lawyer thought it consistently. "That I know of general administration and border police practice is in all cases, in which was a residence permit expired or withdrawn," Berlin "taz" Maassen quoted at the time. "The physical invalidation is not an independent administrative law formative dar."
The elaborate sets of Maassen then get back now. He himself has said anything yet, it gives the Minister the more backing. Frederick believed the SPD and Greens would shift the responsibility for the behavior in the case of Kurnaz Maassen. The outrage "on a legal assessment of head of unit" moor is misguided, the CSU-man on Monday.
Of the SPD should be Maassen but hardly criticized. The Social Democrats have to fear that their role in the Kurnaz controversy comes back into focus. When there were signals from the U.S. in 2002, that Kurnaz might be set free, had the red-green government agreed as a precaution, the Bremen deny entry. The then head of the chancellery, Frank-Walter Steinmeier had stumbled on the case in retrospect, almost.
For the delicate legal assessment in the Kurnaz affair there was before the committee even explicitly praised by Steinmeier. The way that the Home Office have taken the time, be seen on the agreed line was, he remembered before the parliamentary committee. "So I did the Home Office not only done nothing wrong, but that was the Ministry of Interior are to blame part of the implementation of the decision," the current SPD parliamentary leader before the Committee






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