rebels conquer crossings Karen Millen Dresses on borders with Turkey and Iraq

The army Karen Millen Dress of Syrian President Assad is increasingly in trouble: rebels are said to have http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com taken several checkpoints on the borders with Turkey and Iraq. Some transitions are supposed to have been ruler of the troops retreated in the direction of Damascus, as they say.
Damascus / Istanbuld / Beirut - In Syria, rebels have apparently taken several border posts. At crossings with Turkey and Iraq, it should have come to battles with forces of the Assad regime.
The Iraqi Brigadier General Qassim Karen Millen Dresses al-Dulaimi confirmed clashes between rebels and security forces on a Syrian outpost in the mountains. When the fighting more than 20 Syrian soldiers were killed. In addition, rebels have taken another post near the Iraqi town of Qaim: About a dozen fighters had asked the tax collector to leave their posts. According to local Iraqi authorities are still several border crossings in the hands of the Syrian regime.
Even at crossings with Turkey, there were fights, after the Syrian army had withdrawn troops there, obviously. On the border Karen Millen with Turkey, the rebels have the posts of Bab al-Hawa taken, said the London-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights. In images of the Al-Arabiya news channel fighters are seen, which tore at the border crossing Photo of President Bashar al-Assad and his father Hafez from the walls. The item was, according to the Turkish army fought over for days.
Turkey took a further transition to the rebels, according to Syrian opposition Karen Millen Dress activists after the troops from the border town Jarablus Assad had withdrawn. The regular Syrian army was concentrating on the fight seems to Damascus, said Iraq's deputy interior minister Assadi.
Fierce fighting in Damascus
Since the weekend, there are in the Syrian capital, heavy fighting between insurgents and government troops. On Wednesday, were in an attack on the leadership circle closest to President Assad was killed including Defense Minister and his deputy Daud Radschha Assef Shaukat, a brother of the head of state. The Syrian state television showed on Thursday for the first time since the attack Assad's pictures.
Since Wednesday, about 20,000 Syrians fled into neighboring Lebanon, as local representatives of the security forces rushed informed. Syrians need to leave Lebanon without a visa. The observatory said of the onset of mass exodus from several districts of the capital. According to the organization, the Syrian Army attacked with tanks for the first time the district Kabun.
However, it was also reported from other parts of Syria by fighting: In the town of Deir al-Zor, soldiers have fired on a mosque in the Syrian army, in which the faithful had made the last prayer before the start of Ramadan. At least seven civilians were killed, according to opposition activists, some 20 had been rescued with serious injuries from the building.
Despite the escalation of violence in Russia and China blocked UN Security Council again adopted a resolution, with the pressure on Assad should be increased. It is the third time since the beginning of the conflict in Syria 16 months ago that Moscow and Beijing to prevent decisive action of the Security Council against Damascus.
The "failure" of the Security Council meant that the UN observer mission "not go" could, said the spokesman for U.S. President Barack Obama, Jay Carney, Washington. The current mandate for the 300 observers will expire on Friday.






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