spam-hunters snap vast zombie Karen Millen Dresses network of

A vast network http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com of hijacked computers sent 18 Karen Millen Dress billion spam emails - every day. Now security experts have shut down the botnet named Grum. But the fight against these zombie networks has its pitfalls: Often they come back.
Hamburg - The Grum botnet was one of the world's largest. Now it is the California company FireEye security expert claims to be able to make the control server identified. These were taken down, shut down the botnet it. About 120,000 infected computers that 18 percent of global spam volumes have been sent, more precisely, 18 billion spam messages a day. The botnet itself could be even larger, so one of the researchers involved in security, because not all infected computers also sent spam.
Provided several days, the spammers and their pursuers a cat-and-mouse game, the company reported in the company FireEye blog. Controls for the infected computer servers in The Netherlands, Panama and Russia. The server in the Netherlands you have to turn off in conjunction with the local authorities.
Then is also the provider in Panama under the pressure of the IT security scene to bend and have the local control server taken offline. That left one in Russia. But the operator of the Panama-server replaced by six new control server in Ukraine. The activated security experts informed their contacts, system administrators and providers.
With success: be on Thursday morning, Karen Millen Dresses California time, then all the Grum-server in the Ukraine and Russia have been offline for a night raid. After the action, the amount of spam has dropped to 21 505 computers computer. Without new commands, these computers are at best still send e-mails that can be detected by spam filters - and eventually silenced.
FireEye also said the botnet was made up of more than 120,000 computers. Many of the infected computer could send no Karen Millen spam, because they were prevented from secure corporate networks of filtering software on it. The botnet operators, they should have used to place sites with advertising.
Declared Dead Live Longer
The Grum-end can be regarded as another success of joint efforts of IT industry, government and safety experts to make the spam waves and criminal activities of botnet operators to finish off. Sun last year, Microsoft, FireEye and U.S. investigators had dug along the Rustock botnet, which was at that time half the world's spam ascribed. Early 2010, Microsoft had managed to cripple the huge Waledac botnet through a legal trick. The effect of this shock, however, was comparatively low. At that time, security researchers suspected, perhaps some of the control server of the Waledac network are still active.
In the new case: Even if the end of FireEye Grum on its homepage as "Breaking News" sold, may be Karen Millen Dress the jubilation was short-lived. It is called the "New York Times," several cases where botnet operators after a short time were active again.
However, the infrastructure was destroyed by Grum was such that those responsible would have to build their botnet from scratch, FireEye researcher Atif Mushtaq says loudly, "New York Times". "If the main server is dead, the infected computer to send spam, or no longer communicate with a new server."
The spam problem is huge for many years, despite all the efforts of companies and authorities. 2010, says the IT consulting company Pingdom, already are about 95 trillion - that is 95 000 billion - spam e-mails have gone through the lines. A mad, of course, estimates of numbers - but no estimate is less than 60 trillion e-mails from the year. Back in 2008, calculated in the IT security company McAfee, but spent the transport of all these spam-bits-and-bytes of 33 billion kilowatt hours.





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