Outsiders in the Karen Millen Olympics losers to fall in love

Eddie the Eagle? Karen Millen Dress Legend! Eric the Eel? Cult! You have no http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com chance of gold - and yet hopelessly inferior outsiders enrich the Olympic Games. An overview of who is in London in 2012 and still hinterherhechelt deserves all respect.
Hamburg - In the list of results until they appeared on the very end, in the hearts of many fans, however they still occupy a top position. We're talking about Michael Edwards, British ski jumper Eddie the Eagle called (eagle), and Eric Moussambani, äquatorialguinesischer freestyle swimmer named Eric the Eel (eel). Both were so bad that they attained cult status.
Edwards, because he jumped at the Winter Games in 1988 with lenses as thick as the bottom of a bottle of sparkling water and short, frantic flailing arms of the Olympic ski jump in Calgary. The other, Moussambani, because he would have drowned at the Summer Games in 2000 almost to float in the trial of Sydney Aquatic Centre 100m freestyle.
Their opponents were much Karen Millen Dresses better, but most are long forgotten. Karen Millen Edwards and Moussambani Karen Millen Dress not - as told by the Olympic spirit to them under the slogan "The Ringer" can be so wonderful. In London again are athletes at the start, which remain the sole participation in the Games an enormous success.
Hamadou Djibo Issaka for example, a 35-year-old athlete from Niger, who rows for only three months in London, but still the one at the start was. His opponents were in the repechage at the weekend already reached the goal, as he struggled on the Dorney Lake, Eton, nor towards the target. Spectators and announcer ("You can do it!") Whipped him on the race track. Issaka managed in 8:39,66 minutes, 100 seconds slower than the winner.
"It went very well," he said, "I have achieved the goal." Finally, he was actually float. Now wants to develop in his African homeland a rowing team: "We'll start when I get back, we just have to wait until we have our own boats.."
SPIEGEL ONLINE presents another underdog: a swimmer from Lesotho, a sprinter from the Marshall Islands, an athlete from Saudi Arabia and a Japanese dressage rider, who has long since reached the age of retirement, based in London but still attaches to the youth of the world.
Not much is known about Masempe Theko, a swimmer from Lesotho. On the official Olympic website, we learn that she is 25 years old and in London is about 50 meters freestyle at the start. Reported height and weight: None. Theko is one of four athletes who sends the African country of the games - and the only swimmer.
From the database of the world swimming federation Fina shows that Theko participated in 2011 at the World Championships in Shanghai. 49.75 seconds over 50 meters freestyle meant to last place - more than five seconds off the penultimate, the then twelve-year-old Rebecca Kpossi from Togo.
For her Olympic dream on Friday Theko has trained recently in Wrexham. The coach of the local swim club was enthusiastic: "Our swimmers have benefited from training with an Olympic athlete for many, the stay a unique experience.." The members of the club have done anyway, to cheer the strong swimmer from Lesotho on their competition.






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