ministers Bahr provides health Karen Millen insurance ultimatum

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com Many public health insurance companies are sitting on abundant cash reserves - and stand out to pay their insured money back.Karen Millen Now threatens health minister Bahr: Either the repayment is voluntary, or they will be enforced by the federal government.

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Hamburg - The battle has been weeks: The Federal Government is urging the public health insurance, their partial contribution lush cushion for repayment of the insured to use - so far with limited success. Now is the Federal Health Minister Daniel Bahr (FDP), an ultimatum: if well-funded cash voluntarily repay some of their money to the members, he will force the premium payments.
If necessary, the legislature must act, said the FDP politician of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". It was currently being discussed by the coalition. "This would benefit insured no later than 2013." However, it was "certainly better if funds decide for themselves," added Bahr.

A blunt warning that explains the attitude of hard cash: cash benefit now pour ten premiums, of which less than one million members. Bahr: "But it could pay out more cash and benefit millions of contributors." In April,Karen Millen Dresses Bahr had spoken by more than 30 funds whose financial situation permit such a step.

According to Social Security may hold cash reserves of 1.5 maximum monthly expenditure. A reserve in excess of apparently several cash. The Federal Social Insurance Office (BVA) has already prompted several cash, a check as in step.Karen Millen They would have to respond to early June period, to the prompt. BVA President Maximilian Gassner founded the technicians in letters to the insurance company (TK),Karen Millen Dress the Hanseatic health insurance (HEK) and the IKK health plus the "in recent years to a level not expected in this structure of financial assets". The law in the social set amount of reserves that will exceed all three funds "significantly" argued Gassner.

Faster funding proposal for the long-term care

In an interview with the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" in Bahr also announced that the coalition would present with regard to the planned nursing care "in the coming weeks," a proposal for funding. With the new government funding to encourage citizens to privately provide for a possible nursing care. The amount of funds which stood first in the budget is not so important here, Bahr, "The key is whether the model is attractive and easy and that therefore the right course," said Bahr.

Before the start of the German Medical Assembly on Tuesday, the Minister called doctors and private health insurance (PHI) to submit a joint proposal for a reform of the medical fees to settle after the doctors services for private patients. "If we succeed in the medical community and the private health insurance, to make a joint proposal, then we can go far in this election period."






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