Nationalist wins presidential Karen Millen Dresses election in Serbia

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com There is a surprising result in Belgrade: Karen Millen Dresses opposition leader Tomislav Nikolic wins the runoff election for the Serbian presidency - polls actually had the EU supporters and incumbent Boris Tadic predicted a massive victory.

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Belgrade - Serbian drumbeat: Contrary to all surveys, forecasts and Western support for his opponent has won Serbia's opposition leader Tomislav Nikolic on Sunday the ballot for the presidency. It is quite clear two percent against the longtime incumbent, Boris Tadic, the choice of research group CESID shared by extrapolation to 70 percent of the votes cast.
Nikolic claimed victory for himself and his followers Progressive Party (SNS) have stated: "Serbia has received this evening a new president." Tadic conceded defeat during a press conference: he congratulate his opponent to the Nikolic "deserved victory" in the runoff election, Tadic said on Sunday evening. He wished the 60-year-olds 'success'.

Nikolic has been a persistent challenger of 2004, the previous incumbent Boris Tadic. His good performance comes as a surprise: Tadic had gone into the race as favorite, he had all the polls predicted a massive victory. The latest opinion analysis had seen him with 58 percent of the front.

Nikolic: "Are not differ from the European path"

Tadic also had by far the better cards in this election campaign.Karen Millen The media extolled him as well as Brussels and Washington. The 54-year-old was in the past two weeks practically ubiquitous. With giant ads in the newspapers,Karen Millen Dresses with daily interviews and reports on all TV channels. Tadic had received awards en masse from western organizations with which he was hailed as the most important Democratic politician in Serbia.

The deselection of Tadic was due to the dire economic situation, with record unemployment and business failures, prominent commentators analyzed the totally surprising election outcome. The fact that the population was dissatisfied with the policy, was also the record low in voter turnout: Only 45 percent of citizens went to the ballot at all. According to initial results, there were 100 000 next intentionally invalidated ballots. A low turnout is as presented by the statistician Nikolic also benefit.

Nikolic was the greatest loser in Serbian politics. He and Tadic were already over at the last two presidential elections. At that time, Nikolic was a bitter opponent of Serbia's rapprochement to the EU. Meanwhile, however, also support him and his Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) for EU membership - but not at any price, as he said during the campaign.

Tadic makes himself since he took office for much closer ties between Serbia and the European Union. Following the arrest and extradition of the alleged war criminal Ratko Mladic, the country was in March, official candidate of the EU.Karen Millen Dress Point of contention with Brussels remains the status of Kosovo. Belgrade refuses to recognize the independence of its former province continue to categorically.

Tadic had promised his countrymen that he wanted to bring the negotiations for EU membership before the year is going and hope for membership within five years. In his vote, he described the election as the way forward.

Breakdown in Brussels: Congratulatory letter sent out three hours early
Although the Balkan country is buffeted by the worst social crisis since the civil wars in the 90s, the election of Tadic strategists a completely coated image of a wonderland Serbia had drawn. Oil shale deposits should make the country for Saudi Arabia in the region. Prominent Western companies were on display this snake to be allowed to invest in Serbia. Tadic claimed the last camp in Serbia will be the largest solar park in the world built.

What the country can expect from the new president, remains open. In any case, it will come to a cohabitation with the government. For although by Nikolic newly formed Progressive Party (SNS) had won the election two weeks ago, the Democrats (DS) form of Tadic with its former coalition partners, the government again.

It is not clear, the policies of Nikolic. Even on election night, he promised that "Serbia will not deviate from the European path." Currently, there are the U.S. and the EU had not really believed in this change. But Brussels was then allowed faster with the congratulations for Nikolic by a breakdown as: Just three hours before the polls closed, the EU leaders sent the new president their best wishes.






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