Thousands march against war Karen Millen Dress opponents Summit in Chicago

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com It is the largest NATO summit, and it triggers a wave of indignation. Thousands of activists demonstrated at the beginning of the meeting of many leaders on Sunday in Chicago.Karen Millen Dress Their motto: "Kill one person - and it's murder kill hundreds of thousands - and it's foreign policy."

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Chicago - mesh, concrete barriers and heavily armed police secure the area, helicopters monitored the airspace, the Coast Guard boats with machine guns controlled the shores of Lake Michigan. Under the highest security on Sunday the biggest NATO meeting in Chicago, has begun. Strictly screened, in a building complex in the south of the town center meet for two days, the leaders of the 28 Member States of the military alliance.
Parallel to this, thousands of protesters hit the center of the metropolis.Karen Millen You want to use the summit to protest against war and NATO policy. The common theme of the various groups with hundreds of posters and American flags reads: "Say No to NATO's agenda of war and poverty!" In protest signs accusing protesters of NATO: "Kill one person - and it's murder kill hundreds of thousands - and it's foreign policy." The 30-year-old industrial worker Wes Harlem complains: "They marched into Iraq, and then come and corporations earn billions."

Especially the black masked block and often violent activists triggered by the security forces worried about 3000. So waiting in the skyscraper canyons of the U.S. metropolis hundreds of special forces in riot gear. Even before the summit, he had come to minor clashes, protesters played in several protest moves to the police cat and mouse, trying to paralyze police cars.

While the protest was peaceful at first several hours,Karen Millen Dresses it came after the official end of the operation to clashes with the police. There have been six arrests and several injured, local media reported. Several protesters were handcuffed on the floor with cable ties, eyewitnesses reported.

The security forces foiled also stated several planned arson attacks including a campaign office of U.S. President Barack Obama. Five young men are now under suspicion of terrorism. Among the detainees and incendiary weapons were found.

The NATO meeting will last until Monday. Some leaders like Chancellor Angela Merkel came directly from the summit of eight leading industrialized nations (G8) at Camp David near Washington. U.S. President Barack Obama was the first also moved to Chicago planned G8 summit because of the protests at his country residence at Camp David.

Merkel on the Afghanistan mission: "Working together in, out together"

The meeting is the future of the already ongoing for more than ten years mission in Afghanistan. The most NATO-led ISAF participating countries want to nail down the gradual withdrawal of its combat troops by the end of the year 2014 and discuss the basic features of a successor to the NATO deployment in support of the Afghan security forces.

It forges between Germany and France to a conflict. Merkel urged France on Sunday in Chicago, not to withdraw its troops prematurely. The newly elected President Francois Hollande had in his first international appearance last week reaffirmed his campaign promise to bring even the French soldiers by the end of this year, and thus two years earlier than planned to go home.

"We went together to Afghanistan and we want to pull together even in Afghanistan," Merkel said on Sunday in Chicago. Karen Millen Dress"We stand together in our determination to fulfill this mission," U.S. President Barack Obama said at the official opening of the meeting in his hometown.

Billion in assistance for Afghan security forces after 2014
Discussed is the possibility that France, despite withdrawal of its combat forces continue to remain a member in the ISAF compound and supports the use. Merkel called this option "desirable," while Defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere (CDU) called it "conceivable but not agreed". Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle (FDP) warned of a "race off" for domestic political reasons.

At the same time it is also about the funding of the Afghan security forces after 2014. Of the estimated cost of 4.1 billion dollars the United States, according to a diplomat to take $ 2.3 billion. Other pledges amounting to more than one billion dollars had already been made by other states. Germany wants to participate each year with 150 million €.

Currently, more than 130,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan, including about 4,700 soldiers of the Bundeswehr. The U.S. alone costs of the war in Afghanistan, currently around 100 billion dollars a year. Afghan President Hamid Karzai said after meeting with Obama that his country would not longer be a burden on the shoulders of the international community and hope for an end to the war.






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