Millionaire spoof bar codes Karen Millen on Lego price tags

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com A millionaire software manager perhaps paid too little aware of toys:Karen Millen A US-based retail chain accused him of having tampered with fake bar codes, prices of Lego building blocks. In his house, investigators found thousands of them.
The American department store chain Target has an objection to the software manager Thomas L. serious allegations: He is said to have robbed the company in at least four cases. This is the 47-year-old have gone on refined. Instead of secretly carrying goods from the store, he had stuck the Lego brand toys with fake bar code labels and bought so at considerably reduced prices, reports NBC Bay Area.
The report concluded that the targets own security staff discovered discrepancies when they purchase history of the defendant examined. As the company has taken it, do not say the report. However, it was noticed that Thomas L. For example,Karen Millen a Lego model I purchased the Millennium Falcon spaceship from "Star Wars" movies for 49 dollars. According to the price list he would have had to pay $ 279.

Was on a surveillance video can also be seen as the man exchanges the barcode price tags on a Lego box, said a police spokeswoman. That he was shot by his purchase, a target company spokesman explained by the fact that purchases of Lego most closely watched.Karen Millen Dress For the Danish building blocks are the same popular and very expensive.

Hundreds of Lego boxes in the house

It seems the accused does not have to worry about money. After his arrest, he deposited $ 10,000 bail apparently effortlessly, in order to get back on the free foot. NBC Bay Area designates the manager who helps with the software giant SAP the title of vice president, as a multimillionaire.
Privately, he seems to be a Lego fan. During the search of his house, investigators found hundreds of Lego boxes. In addition, he has since April 2011 under a pseudonym in 2100 Lego parts sold on Ebay and it occupied about 30,000 dollars.Karen Millen Dresses 32 already prepared in his car Lego price tags were found.

Hard work of the investigators

In any case, the mesh with the manipulated bar code was probably not an isolated incident, said police spokeswoman. It was only the first time that you in Mountain View, a city in Silicon Valley, one such case has revealed. Back in 2005, was in the U.S. state of Nevada arrested a man who had purchased the same way Lego bricks valued at about $ 200,000 to rigged prices in Target stores and sold via the Internet.

In the case of software millionaire, investigators now face a laborious task: try to find out which of the many Lego kits honest in his house the man bought and how much he has to surreptitiously trick theft






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