"Mr. Lahm is Karen Millen not my boss"

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com For weeks, debate continues as to the situation in the European Championship host country Ukraine. Now,Karen Millen on Uefa chief Michel Platini in the debate. He dismisses criticism of the apolitical stance of his association. Particularly outraged the functionary of the German team captain Philipp Lahm.
Nyon - UEFA president Michel Platini has defended the line of his non-political organization in the discussion of human rights in Ukraine. The head of the European Football Union rejected the claim of DFB captain Philipp Lahm after positioning and an intervention of Uefa with sharp words. "He can say whatever he wants. This is not does not matter to me. Mr. Lahm my boss. He has to demand anything from me. He is captain of the German national team is also captain of the Uefa," said Platini, the news agency dpa.
In the future, the Frenchman wants to exclude political considerations in the applications. Minimum standards on human rights issues as a condition he refuses. "The members of the Executive Committee must choose according to their best knowledge and belief," said Platini said: "At first everyone was happy with the choice of Poland and Ukraine, and what we do when a government changes, we then take out the tournament.? political reasons, gone? Difficult, difficult. "

Lahm was recently criticized in Der Spiegel, the political leadership of Ukraine because of dealing with the detained opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko. The Munich had demanded of the Uefa to rule on the issue of clear human rights in the former Soviet republic.Karen Millen Dresses Towards Platini said: "I think he should take a stand And I'm curious to see what he has to say.."

"You take care of their own business"

Long's 56-year-old former world-class professional had been silent in public - which accused him not only lame. "Everyone has to fill his area of ??responsibility. I do not do politics, I do football. If I wanted to do politics, I would go into politics," Platini said now.

The Uefa will not interfere in the future in political or religious matters. He had informed the government of Ukraine to the concerns regarding the use of Timoshenko. "But the response is clear: 'Take care of your own stuff that is not your area of ??responsibility,Karen Millen that's a problem of the Ukrainian judiciary..'" Said Platini.

Some politicians accused the European champion from 1984 incredibility. "I can show you the reaction time, as the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine was awarded. Everyone applauded and welcomed the opening to the East." Those who wanted to stay away from the games now in Ukraine, are "the same people who said four years ago, how great it is that we open ourselves to Poland and Ukraine," said the UEFA chief.
In early May, for example, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and the other 26 members of the European Commission had announced a protest against the treatment of opposition leader Tymoshenko want to stay away from the Championship games in Ukraine. Also, many German politicians do not want to travel to the Ukraine, where the DFB team of national coach Joachim Loew their three group games against Portugal (June 9 in Lviv), the Netherlands (June 13 in Kharkov) and Denmark (June 17 in Lviv ) contests.

"On the third day, it's good"

"Now, if some do not want to come to Ukraine, they are not. When they come, they come from. I do football and organizing the €. For another, it is too late now", said Platini. He drew before the opening game of the co-hosts Poland to Greece on 8 June at the National Stadium in Warsaw on the importance of the first European Championship in the former Eastern bloc. "Everything is ready.Karen Millen Dress We see no major problems. People in Poland and Ukraine are eager to show that they have organized an outstanding European Championship," said Platini.

The association manager is convinced of a successful tournament. "We know how it is run. As with all World and European Championships. The first day is difficult, it will be better on the second and the third is good," Platini predicted.






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