Via announces Karen Millen Dresses 49-dollar PC

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com This PC is different: It will cost only $ 49, is as big as a hand-held and works with the Android mobile operating system with Windows or Linux.Karen Millen Dresses The low-cost computer is ready for use only with a little reworking.
The symbolism is clear, the picture still raises questions on: the new PC motherboard from Via and have the banana actually located next to each other, as can be seen on the above picture? For then it would be a very large specimen of the yellow tropical fruit was, as the red-painted plate is 17 inches long. This is quite large for a banana, but for a compact PC board very much.
$ 49 will cost the 17-centimeter-long PC. The sensational price of the APC-called mini-computer is achieved by the fact that the customer only equipped with the chip motherboard and power supply will be sent. Around the casing, the user must take care of themselves. Suitable models should be easy to find, because the board has standard dimensions (motherboards in this size as a neo-ITX bezeichent).

Apart from the case but all this should be with the small computer. The operating system is not intended to serve the expensive Windows-compatible PC or a Linux, but Google's smartphone operating system Android.Karen Millen The name stands for APC Android PC. Via promises an Android in an "optimized" version, this will be based on Android 2.3 and will be preinstalled on the APC.

The hardware itself stingy with big numbers. When driving a clocked at 800 megahertz Wonder media arm-processor is used with only one processor core.Karen Millen Dress So a chip, which is considerably slower than the dual-and quad-core processors in many current smartphones.

Too slow and too greedy?

He is assisted by 512 megabytes of memory and two gigabytes of flash memory. A hard disk or optical drive are not provided, a memory card reader and four USB 2.0 ports are the only way to connect external media. By Fast Ethernet takes the APC on contact with the network.
As a gaming PC so it is not good, at least not for hardcore PC gamers. Android games like "Angry Birds" but should work fine. This will support video playback via hardware acceleration, says the manufacturer. That makes sense, because video signals can be output via HDMI, including in HD 720p resolution.

Exactly what could be a typical application for an APC: The video playback devices on the television, the movies from a USB hard disk or network storage takes place. Quite so easily satisfied, as one would wish for, is the mini-computer is not here,Karen Millen Dresses unfortunately, writes "hardware hacks". Although he is idle satisfied with economical and consumes four watts even under full load only 13.5 watts, which is compared to Windows PCs very little. Compared to other mini-computers, the relationship between power consumption and power output but was unfavorable.

Moreover, the use Via press release left many questions unanswered. Those relating to the access to Android apps. Google access to play, the App Store for Android is limited, usually on Google appliances that meet certain standards, which the APC is nearly impossible.






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