Gas platform Elgin a threat of poisoning the atmosphere?

http://www.karenmillendressesshopuk.comTo have the burden of the air are different representations - destroy microorganisms in the water, however, oil and gas constituents.
How much gas is leaked from the leak so far, no one knows for sure. Total announced on Wednesday the estimate of 20 tons of known, but the gas flow continues unabated. Besides the danger of explosion is also the question of environmental damage. The first thing to be said that not only "pure gas" comes to light, as it is delivered over the yellow lines to the consumer. This gas consists mainly of methane and ethane, and propane - all molecules which are composed of few carbon atoms. In the natural gas deposits in the earth but there are other compounds. For one thing, are somewhat more complicated structured carbon molecules, as well as sulfur,karen millen nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water.
In promoting - or if there is leakage - always comes up all the raw gas. So also the "Elgin" gas field. That explains why they were discovered on the platform, a five square kilometers on the water film. It is somewhat more complex carbon molecules, which are gaseous in the 200 degree hot reservoir and the cooling at the surface of a liquid form.

In the opinion of this total is not a big oil spill risk,karen millen dresses why were no measures taken for the time being. Over time, the oil will be decomposed by microorganisms. Such bacteria are found almost everywhere on Earth. They are specialized to feed on oil and gas components to meet their energy needs. There, the bacteria have been around since ancient times, as long as there are natural oil spills. Most of these natural leaks go undetected. However, it takes the natural oil removal for some time, are so polluted by oil spills to the affected areas for a long time.

Should the gas in the atmosphere are not to expect major environmental damage. Although the main component of methane a strong greenhouse gas, but the amount released in Elgin is negligible on a global scale. The fear of poison gas could escape our atmosphere after a long period, is unfounded. The liberated gas is rapidly mixed with the air and thereby diluted.karen millen outletEven if the gas leak continues for several months, will identify some of the German North Sea coast, no increase of the methane content in the air. Because the gas is already contained in the atmosphere, because it is replenished by nature constantly. For example, the thawing of permafrost in high latitudes, or it passes through natural spills from coal or gas deposits in the air. The natural methane emissions are estimated at 600 million tonnes a year. The emissions from the Elgin-field contrast, are not more than a hint. Methane does not remain forever in the atmosphere. There it is decomposed into carbon dioxide, among other things, so keep that supply reduction and less balance.

Apart from the escaping gas at the scene makes the sulfur ecologists worry. He sometimes emerges as hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulphide is toxic in high concentrations. Because he is transported via the blood, it can be dangerous to humans. It is debatable whether the substance is released in Elgin. A Total spokeswoman said: "It does not come from poisonous substances." Contradict environmental organizations. Regardless of the hydrogen sulfide is no danger to people on land. Its concentration in the gas is very low - and he is quickly diluted in the air.






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