critics from within the torpedoing Karen Millen of energy systems

http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com R?ttgen is gone, Altmaier still new in office - and suddenly gets the energy transition in the criticism.Karen Millen In the black-yellow coalition, a new eco-debate has broken out. FDP chief Brüderle requires the construction of coal-fired power plants, even longer run times are on nuclear talks once again.
Berlin - How serious is the government with the withdrawal from nuclear energy? In the government coalition, the voices of those who are loud, pull the turn of the success of green energy in doubt. The project, to the shutdown of the last nuclear power plants in Germany to increase the share of renewable energies to 40 percent, was a very ambitious goal, said the FDP parliamentary leader Rainer Brüderle the "Welt am Sonntag". "We will have to build a series of gas-and coal-fired power plants -. Perhaps more than we first thought"
Former Federal Minister accused the federal states,Karen Millen Dresses without regard to delivery to seek safety a self-sufficient energy supply.

Criticism of the current energy concept also comes from the CDU. Union Group Vice Michael Fuchs (CDU) took even a delay of the nuclear phase this week. "So far, the reduced energy revolution unfortunately that we want to disable the nuclear facilities, but the consequences have not thought through," said the chairman of the parliamentary group of medium-sized newspaper. "We have not at the cost side under control."

Also, Federal Research Minister Annette Schavan (CDU),Karen Millen Dress told the paper, but are long-term wind and solar energy as the target. Along the way, but it will give stages, where gas and coal would have to close gaps.

In the energy transition responsible for the Environment Ministry,Karen Millen the Minister has just been replaced. After the forced exit Norbert R?ttgen the Ministry is now the Merkel confidant Peter Altmaier (CDU). Apparently trying to critics of the energy transition, the personnel castling for a new emphasis on environmental policy to use.

Altmaier holds to course

"The basic problem is this government that they do not believe in the energy revolution," said Green party leader Cem Ozdemir in "Welt am Sonntag". Decide whether the new environment minister could promote the conversion of the energy supply Altmaier really am, mainly because, if he asserts himself against coal and nuclear lobby in the coalition's own ranks.

Altmaier itself, in the last few days in office, called the energy revolution as "biggest challenge" in his political life. Nevertheless, he felt it but "well prepared".

Demands of the economy or politics for a return to nuclear power, he can not see. "Nuclear energy in Germany's history. The exit is decided. And I know of no serious force in Germany, which wants to revise it," he told the newspaper "Welt am Sonntag". "The acceptance of nuclear energy in Germany was no longer available to Fukushima, and it exists even today. Germany may be the first economy in Europe provide the energy revolution."

Massive pressure from industry

Some of Altmaiers party colleagues seem to want to but apparently different. And even in the economic voices are raised doubts on the previous R?ttgen plan for the energy transition. Sun grabbed Werner Wenning, chairman of the E.on, the policy sharply. "There has been no reliable planning for this political project," he told the paper. "This has to change soon. Because the energy change is the biggest intervention in the value chain of German industry, the world has ever seen."

Hans-Peter Keitel, Chairman of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), speaks openly in an interview that he hoped for a fresh start with the new minister: "There are signs that our messages have arrived," he said. "There is no reason to beat now the battles of yesterday."
The nuclear phase is a highly complex project to bring about its success not only by political intent was. "An awakening to greater European policy in the energy revolution is overdue. Why should not we manage with the new Minister for the Environment?" He said.

Emotional is the "entry - in fact in what?" among citizens not yet arrived. Doing so could many places quickly lines are built. "For these projects we need to find more acceptable. We need to have a moving story and a credible strategy of how we make the energy revolution a success." Needed was "a proper management to ensure that our companies are not put at risk by international standards."

The municipalities, however warned against a failure of the energy transition. "So far not benefit the communities, but large investors. This must change, otherwise the energy revolution is in danger," said the chief executive of the German Association of Cities and Municipalities, Gerd Landsberg. For it would have to the communities, the intervention in the landscape by power lines or wind turbines are represented and suffered from their citizens. Especially in the taxation of wind turbines there is a need for improvement.



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