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http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Ancient, medieval, modern period: Three excellent new games put players in the past. They manage Rome's provinces,Karen Millen save for the pirate ship and increase the production of their diocese whiskey
In "Ora et Labora", the players in the Middle Ages and derive their own monastery as abbot. With its monks, players must manage a diocese as successful as possible. To expand their monastery, built craft and establish new settlements. Most types of buildings are only once in the game. For this reason, the monks constantly on the harvest, corn on the farm, clear forests, swamps, dry place or press the grapes wine. They work in their own diocese - and for a small fee with a neighbor.
"Ora et Labora" is diverse in every way: The players can thrive in their monasteries in France and Ireland, enjoying wine and bread and beer and whiskey. It is "Ora et Labora" alone, in twos, threes or fours to play, and for any number of players are optimized rules. Depending on how much time the players choose the short or the long version.
The manual is very detailed, but are simply the rules and mechanisms. The very first game played out entertaining. However, hiding so many possibilities and combinations in the buildings and in the commodity chains that are opening up with each new game,Karen Millen the abbots of new strategies and see how they combine the buildings that the best way to achieve the maximum yield. And then there's still the players are the sparks between them to check out. A thoroughly enjoyable game optimizer with perseverance.
In the strategy game "Trajan" is the Roman Empire of the playing field. The panorama of the board extends from the Capitol Hill with the Senate on Trajan's triumphal arch in the foreground and the Forum, and the harbor district to the Gallic, Karen Millen Dresses Germanic and Britannic colonies. Everywhere in these places, players can multiply their power as Senators.
Central element for each player, a panel of six wells. As with mancala games, the player moves to colored stones from dump dump: He takes all the stones in a pocket and puts in a clockwise direction in each subsequent dump from one of the stones. The trough, into which he places the last stone determines its next action. Depending on where he lands, he can increase his influence in the Senate to secure the Emperor a favor,Karen Millen Dress in the forum of bread, games and ritual objects to buy for the people, expand the city to act in the port of goods or with his troops revenue from the provinces . achieve

"Trajan" is a puzzle game for planners with affinity that is easy to play fast and exciting to the end remains. The only disadvantage is that the players work side by side, it's pretty difficult to come to each other in the way. Especially beginners also lacks an overview of all the possible actions - such help is at such complex games really a standard.

Who is sent, can the same act more than once. It's important to play out a lead over other players. The senators need to think twice about the order in which they make their moves. Because with each train varies, of course, the number of stones in the troughs, and actions that were just within reach of wait must.

Stefan Field: "Trajan" graphics: Jo Hartwig, Ammonite Games, 2-4 players aged 12 years. Running time: 30 minutes per player, Price: 40 € (cheapest price in online trading)
The Caribbean in the heyday of piracy: sailing ships, gold and other precious goods, yarn, shady characters and competing colonial powers. This combines elements of "pirates of the Caribbean" at an excellent game scenario, each player takes a captain along with ship and tries to become famous as quickly as possible. Fame, players receive a variety of ways: If they raise ships that meet daredevil jobs or pursue rumors of treasures, both increases their reputation. But make merchants, the lucrative business to get fame. The purchase driver's career is at the beginning of the game the way much easier than the predator, which is why many players once create a financial cushion in a legal manner, then better equipped to hoist the skull and crossbones flag. Thus, the players not only fight against each other, strip pirates and naval ships through the Caribbean, which are not controlled by players.

"Pirates of the Caribbean" is a long game with a very extensive rules that beginners like to forget just one time. The game is designed for four players. When fully staffed, however, result in long waiting periods for players who just are not on the train. The best plays "pirates of the Caribbean" is so for two. Because then both players are always involved in the fighting - either because their captain is fighting itself, or take them over a non-player character. And the game lasts for two instead of three and a half hours only.

Luck plays a big role in "pirates of the Caribbean". It determines not everything, but who constantly has bad luck with the dice and the goods can not win. This creates "pirates of the Caribbean" very nice pirate atmosphere. In all the flaws, it is the best pirate game that is currently on the market.

Christian Marcussen and Kasper Aagaard: "pirates of the Caribbean", Graphics by Ben Nelson and Chris Quilliam, 2 to 4 players, ages 13 and older. Running time: 180 minutes Price: about 28 € (cheapest price in online trading)



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CFDA Fashion Awards ‘broadening audience' with online broadcast
Following hot on the heels of the Met Ball debut live stream earlier this month, the upcoming CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards will be broadcast online in their entirety for the first time.
Until now, the prestigious annual ceremony has never been televised and has been strictly industry focused, although fashionistas will be able to catch all the action from the 2012 edition when it is broadcast on Style.com a day after

the June 4 awards.
Style.com staff will also update fans live on social media, Instagram and Tumblr as the New York ceremony takes place.
In a similar fashion to the Met Ball stream, in which reporter William Norwich and model Elettra Wiedemann hosted red carpet coverage, fashion journalist Tim Blanks will be providing interviews and other exclusives as part of the

CFDA Awards broadcast.
Steven Kolb, the CFDA's chief executive officer, is karenmillenproductoutlet.com quoted by WWD as saying that the online show will "broaden the awards' audience."
This year's CFDA Awards will be presented by Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live, with Ashley Olsen & Mary-Kate Olsen for The Row, Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez for Proenza Schouler and Marc Jacobs all in the running for

the Womenswear Designer of the Year Award.
Meanwhile, Hollywood actor Johnny Depp will receive the Fashion Icon Award due to his "personal and eclectic sense of style." Last year the prize went to pop star Lady Gaga.



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