A friend,Karen Millen Dresses a good friend

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com What child is not afraid of being unloved or abandoned to be? The children's book "The Story Karen Millen Dresses of Little Uncle" tells the story of these primal fears forcefully without being educationally be. Now the wonderful classic has finally been reissued.
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It was a little uncle.Karen Millen Dress The little uncle was very lonely.Karen Millen No one cared about him. Although he was so nice. All found it too small. And then they were still that he looked stupid. "When a book begins with these sentences, then one would like to take the little guy a hug and comfort her. And they want more strictly," The Story of Little Uncle "by Barbro Lindgren and Eva Eriksson. Finding this nice man but still a friend?
The Swedish classic picture books (4 years) appeared already in the eighties, Karen Millen Dresses also in Germany. Now the publisher has Oetinger him released again. Fortunately, because the story is timeless. The little lonely uncle is looking for a friend, he attached list of trees, waiting outside his house to prospective customers, but ten days is none. "No one seemed to see the little uncle on the stairs." And then, in the tenth night, just as he has fallen asleep on the stairs you will see a lost dog and the dog because it looks so sweet and so fun playing with him, feeding him the uncle of biscuits. Why is the dog on the next and the next and the next day sitting on the back expectantly, and eventually moves in with his uncle. Until one day a little girl shows up: "The dog was trembling with joy and put its nose into the child's hand, instead of laying them in his uncle's hand, since the uncle felt a twinge in his chest.."

Fat, bald man with little girl in the polka dot skirt

Abandonment, losing parents, being alone or not even to be loved - that's a primal fear of children. Lindgren transforms them into a simple, emotional story without being educationally be. But deep and full of human understanding. A small, fat, bald man with a red tie, brown hat and trench coat with a little girl wearing a red ribbon and polka dot skirt in Struwwelhaar that seems to be a struggle for affection that can only win the child. But it all comes naturally different.

The Autorenduo Lindgren (text) and Eriksson (illustrations) is also a classic of Swedish children's literature. Both have won the highest awards in the genre. And who wants to watch a child under two years of books, which is nothing more amusing than the "Max and ..." series ("Max and the diaper," "Max and the potty," etc.). This is also an excellent match to the little uncle. Because of looks like a 60 year older Max had become






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