Pope-Butler as a whistleblower Karen Millen Dress Chaos Days at the Vatican

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Power struggles, corruption, incompetence: The arrest of the Pope Paolo G. Butler puts the Vatican in a bad light.Karen Millen Dress The suspect announced that he will testify. According to media reports, he should have had an accomplice - a top priority.
Rome - With the arrest of the cinematic Butler of Pope Benedict XVI. has the affair of the disclosure of confidential Vatican document reaches its climax. Were the matter out for the Holy See is not, but probably just another act in a drama that shines a light on a sordid scandal involving power struggles, intrigue and corruption at the highest levels of the Catholic Church.
The Vatican confirmed on Saturday the arrest of Paolo G. It shall be the mole in the Vatileaks case. It was a sad development for all staff, said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi. Everyone in the Vatican knew G. His arrest has caused a surprise and sorrow. Karen Millen Dresses G. had already discussed with his two attorneys. The legal system of the Vatican now take its course, investigations were initiated.

G. was arrested on Wednesday at his home in the Vatican. Could be found in his possession as confidential documents, said Lombardi. G. was the personal servant since 2006, Pope Benedict XVI. and counted in the inner circle of the papal household.Karen Millen In public, he was often seen on the side of the Pope, as when he accompanied him to his general audiences or trying to protect the pontiff from the rain.

In recent months, documents from the Vatican had come to the press,Karen Millen Dress which pointed to infighting and corruption allegations contained, the Cardinals touched. So a priest, after the discovery of irregularities reported to be transferred to Washington.

In another case, representatives of the Vatican, the president of the Vatican Bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, alleged to have passed on confidential documents. He was replaced on Thursday by the Board. In a memorandum to the Vatican Bank exercised sharp criticism of Tedeschi and put the reasons for his dismissal: He had been absent from the regular board meeting, had failed in carrying out his official duties, not the bank defended the staff and polarized. He also has "increasingly erratic behavior" placed on the day, it said.

On his removal is not yet Tedeschi said. For this purpose he entertained a great admiration for the pope, he said. Unlike in the case of Paolo G. Tedeschi was not arrested.

Displeasure with book publishing

Alluding to the publication of secret documents of the U.S. Department of Defense as well as on the Wikileaks also provides the scandal under the name Vatileaks sensation. Had widened the incident last week with the publication of the book "His Holiness" the Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi. The book is told from confidential letters and messages from and to Benedict and his personal secretary. The Vatican had described the book as a criminal and announced legal action against the author, the publisher and those who had passed the documents.

Nuzzi said informants in the Vatican had leaked to him the secret information. The Vatican had already Nuzzi threatened with legal action after he was released earlier this year, letters from Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. It asked that Benedict, not to put him on account of the discovery of an alleged corruption case. The relationship between Benedict and Bertone to be very divided. This should have been accepted by the Curia, never - and the Pope is secretly been looking for a suitable successor for Bertone.
The 77-year-old had no diplomatic experience when he the job as number two in the Vatican accepted. He is blamed for a series of mishaps and will be for the displeasure of the Curia have drawn. So to Cardinal Paolo Sardi, the predecessor Bertone, the Pope complained in a 2009 letter about the lack of coordination and chaos in the center of power in the Vatican. Nuzzi was reprinted this letter in his book.

For the Vatican's recent chaos days come at an inopportune time, but he wanted above all to demonstrate the financial world to follow in the fight against international money laundering standards. Back in July, the Vatican will learn whether he by the Council of Europe monitoring committee established criteria for financial transparency requirements.

The Italian media speculating about possible complicity by Paolo G. According to a report of right-wing liberal daily newspaper "Corriere della Sera", an Italian cardinal could also be suspected. The details remain vague. The night before there had been speculation that the scandal surrounding the publication of confidential documents from the Vatican could also be a woman involved. Reports that recent arrests were close before, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi had denied on Sunday evening.






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