death in the Karen Millen terrorist hideout

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Tragic end to hostage-taking: In an anti-terror mission by the Nigerian army, Karen Millen a German engineer kidnapped in the siege hiding in northern Nigeria killed in cold blood by his tormentors. Behind its kidnapping puts al-Qaeda.
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Berlin - When accessing a hideout of terrorists by the Nigerian army kidnapped four months since German engineer was killed by his tormentors. Security officials reported that the task force "Joint Task Force" (JTF) on Thursday morning, tried to storm a terrorist hideout previously vested in the vicinity of the university city of Kano. The access was targeted at a meeting of several local commanders of al-Qaida offshoots. The fact that the kidnapped German Edgar R. was also in the building had it not been known.
Even before the heavily armed soldiers could enter the hideout of suspected terrorists, the German was apparently killed by his captors in cold blood. Only after the soldiers had occupied the building after a long exchange of fire and several explosions and killed five suspected terrorists, they found the body of a German hostage. Handcuffed Edgar R. was, according to initial findings at the start of military action had been killed by the kidnappers.
The Foreign Office (AA) could not confirm the death of the Germans, an engineering construction company Bilfinger Berger, initially. We work hard to clarify the situation, it was after the publication of the first messages from Nigeria. The Ministry confirmed the deaths of German citizens in general only when an employee of the embassy site has made a clear identification. In German security sources said,Karen Millen Dress but about noon,Karen Millen Dresses there was little doubt as to the reports on the failed rescue mission in northern Nigeria.
Video marked a dramatic turning point
Edgar R. had been abducted in late January 2012 of three unknowns from a construction site in Kano, where he worked for Bilfinger Berger for a local construction company. The engineer of the Main-Tauber-Kreis in Baden-Wuerttemberg was operated for some time in Nigeria, on his Facebook page he has given the city of Kano even as a residence. Kidnappings of foreigners are in the shaken by unrest and political infighting country to dreary routine, but most were able to free the Western hostages by the employer ransom payments fairly quickly from the hands of the kidnappers.
At least since the end of March but the crisis team at the Foreign Office because of the spread of R. Edgar was deeply troubled. Sun appeared on Islamist Web sites Drohvideo an African offshoot of the terrorist organization al-Qaeda, which tied the hands of Edgar R. front of a group of armed and masked men is seen. The video on which begs the German in his own language and in English for his life, marked a dramatic reversal of the case. Instead of criminals, so the analysis of the experts had now dealing with a politically motivated kidnapping. A quick resolution of the case now, no one expected.
Coinciding with the video called the offshoot of al-Qaeda and concrete demands. So should the federal government released a wife in Germany to a long prison sentence convicted terrorists from prison. It traded around Filiz Gelowicz,Karen Millen wife of Fritz Gelowicz who is imprisoned for his involvement in the terrorist planning in the so-called Sauerland Group in custody.
Investigators are baffled
His wife sat at this time due to dissemination of terrorist propaganda from two and a half year prison sentence. Her case had previously been discussed in several propaganda videos because she was exposed to inhumane prison conditions. She herself had denied these allegations publicly shortly thereafter.
To date, investigators speculate how the group of kidnappers has been especially attentive to the case of Filiz Gelowicz and why they suddenly called for their release, a concrete demand for its German hostage. Seems possible that the al-Qaida offshoot, the hostage of a criminal group had bought and wanted to use for their propaganda. In any case, but the process proves to the experts, that the scattered groups sympathetic to al-Qaeda, the Internet is now the world exchange information.
Regardless of the video was a little later Filiz Gelowicz regularly released from prison because she had already served a large part of the punishment. In Nigeria in early May in a newspaper ad appears, calling for the release of both reported and the kidnappers to release now from the German engineer held hostage. However, this movement was not in the case.
For experts, the case symbolizes how dangerous the terrorist group "al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb" (AQIM) has become. The terror was an offshoot of the "Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat" emerged in Algeria and has since terrorized the entire Sahel region. It is estimated that the group has between 500 to 2,000 men under arms. Upgraded the fighters were, ironically, from the West: With dozens of abductions of AQIM pocketed individual commands a € 150 million, with the money they are said to have procured even surface to air missiles from Libya. Western intelligence agencies to see why the AQIM as a serious threat in the region.






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