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http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The new Federal President shall first own accents. In a long interview, Joachim Gauck distanced Karen Millen Dresses himself from his predecessor Wulff, he also completed a successful visit to the Middle East. It is clear that Gauck has arrived in the new office - and he has big plans.
Ring out as the first notes of the German national anthem,Karen Millen bursting in the schoolyard of Burin near the pit. And also regulates the volume as it is, it still suffices to carry the hymn to the surrounding Palestinian villages. They are proud that the president is now really there. Here, in this dusty village near Nablus, Joachim Gauck is equal to open the new girls' school. He sits in the front row, they have stretched over it a white shade sails against the scorching sun. It's hot anyway.
The school was built with German agents,Karen Millen Dress and so this is the first stop on his trip Gauck in the Palestinian territories. In recent days, there is much left to the German-Israeli friendship, his state visit to Israel was marked by deep mutual expressions of sympathy. At home there was a bit of excitement because Gauck had distanced himself from the alleged government line, that Germany was always on the side of Israel. The President has made clear that, by his hosts were already there no doubt about the position Gauck. He has now seen also from the head of state point of view, how complicated is the relationship between Israel and the country responsible for the Holocaust was.
Simple is the relationship between Germany and the Palestinians either. Especially because the expectations of Berlin on the way to the Palestinian state are so huge. On Joachim Gauck, the man of great freedom to put words, particularly high hopes for it here.
The expectations are high Gauck
In Burin, 3200 inhabitants, surrounded by barren hills, strikes against the Federal President of Germany, a wave of adoration. "We were even in your country at the FIFA World Cup," the governor said in greeting, "and were very sad that Germany did not win."Karen Millen Dresses Later, sitting Gauck and his partner Daniel Schadt on colorful pillows with some students in the atrium. Also, the guests from Berlin because of how much you can expect from them.
Joachim Gauck, it guessed. That they will take him straight to the duty. Therefore, he has already dampened expectations - as if a German president to dissolve the Middle East conflict. "I have been underestimated, and then it happens again that it is overrated," said Gauck even the night before at a reception in Jerusalem.
Who accompanied Gauck these days experienced a concentrated, serious president. Gauck and his associates can be satisfied with the visit to the complex region. The President meets both in Israel and the Palestinian territories the right tone, the hosts are very satisfied on both sides of the border with the visitor.
Yes, this visit shows Gauck has arrived in his office, he feels completely in his role. Now he is really President. This fits well known that during the Gauck visit to the Palestinian territories is an interview that has been the president of the "time". It is his first big interview - a confident charge. Gauck it takes on many topical issues raised, you realize he has a lot of plans. Among other things, Gauck is a prudent distance from his predecessor, Christian Wulff and his dictum that Islam belongs to Germany. Gauck want to say it differently: "The Muslims who live here belong to Germany" could be harmed. He also appears in the conversation but also worried about Wulff's demise: Him have "Christian compassion" taken Gauck shows.
The next appointment of the President: Ramallah, the Palestinian capital. In the famous Mukataa, where Yasser Arafat has resided, to meet Gauck for a brief meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Who thanked his guest at the press conference several times for coming. Praises relations with Germany, can align greetings to the chancellor and the "honorable government." And says: "We want to thank Germany for its political support for the two-state solution."
Abbas is also directly clear why it is in his view it is not yet come: because of the continued settlement construction by Israelis in the Palestinian territories and the unresolved issue of Jerusalem.
President-novice and new foreign policy
Joachim Gauck is closely next to Abbas to press the small podium, he is perhaps at this moment the meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from the previous day by the head. Also, who explained to him why there has been no peace in the Middle East, and certainly no Palestinian state next to Israel's. This has nothing to do with the settlement does nothing, Netanyahu said that the Arabs would only finally accept the existence of Israel.
How to meet these positions? It has, what will surprise no one, even the President does not answer. So many have sought in recent years to penetrate this node. Gauck is for the time being amazed before. And once again wonder about the people.
The peace process is an opportunity for Israelis and Palestinians, he says, as Abbas has completed his statement. "We very much hope that both nations use this chance."
That you have written down for him nicely, that sentence. Gauck, the Federal President novice and therefore new foreign policy is, in these days especially thorny Middle East rely on his advisors. Now, a journalist asked him why Germany does not criticize Israel's settlement policy clearer. In response, there is a real Gauck set - but it is one with whom he offends not, "Israel would be a hard time to accept a teacher from Germany."






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