Ramsauer brakes Seehofer's pet Karen Millen Dress project

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com New trouble for the allowance: CSU Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer logs on to the pet project Karen Millen Dress of his party Seehofer chief concerns. Even Finance Minister Sch?uble has no tolerance. Main point of dispute is the unresolved question of who should pay for the project.
Berlin - For the CSU chairman Horst Seehofer is one of the central family policy projects of his party: the care allowance. But at the first comments on the draft law from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs submitted to Karen Millen SPIEGEL ONLINE information multiple departmental colleagues called a line of title.
Surprisingly, among them was a party Seehofer's friend: the CSU politician Peter Ramsauer. The Construction and Transport Minister feared to have to share costs of the care allowance from their own budget. A spokeswoman confirmed to SPIEGEL ONLINE that the Minister had made a reservation. "If there be any restructuring of the budget, the housing allowance could be affected in our budget," she said. If these fears are allayed, Karen Millen Dresses the reservation will be dropped.
Even Finance Minister Wolfgang Sch?uble (CDU) reported on a reservation. That three FDP ministers - Philipp R?sler (economy), Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (justice), Daniel Bahr (Health) - a line of title einlegten was predictable. Finally,Karen Millen Dress the Liberals have repeatedly expressed fundamental criticism of the project.
For 2013, the Family Ministry of Kristina Schr?der (CDU) has earmarked 400 million euros from the year 2014, a year will be 1.2 billion. The bill was passed this week in the departmental vote on Thursday had the ministries submit to eleven clock in the morning time, their opinions. Sch?uble wants information from coalition parties to the Family Ministry, inter alia, a more detailed statement of costs up to 2016. To date, should the spending from the federal budget for the so-called global care benefit by reducing expenditure. In plain language this means that the money must be saved elsewhere in the budget.
Ramsauer cares to be taken here as CSU-departmental minister and his big-budget. From coalition parties were spoken by a real surprise that just a Christian social his line reservation to a CSU project had been inserted.
Sch?uble has also expressed grave concerns
Ramsauer's at the Union side alone with his attitude. Finance Minister Sch?uble has also expressed grave concerns against the bill. In a statement, the Treasury insists, according to a report in the "world" to grant the new cash until August 2013 and not, as planned by Schroeder, already at the beginning. In addition, should the combined receipt of parental allowance and care allowance to prevent calls Sch?uble.
According to Schroeder's plans, it could in the 13th and 14 Months of such a double reference type. Because the parental benefit is paid as a wage replacement up to 14 months. The money will support but as early as the first Birthday of the child flow. "A duplicate receipt of parental allowance and care allowance should be excluded," it says in the letter to the Ministry of Family Affairs. Otherwise there would be a "double funding".
On Monday evening to the party leaders of the CDU, CSU and FDP - Angela Merkel, Horst Seehofer, and Philipp R?sler - the first time in a long time talking about issues of black-yellow coalition. Among them is the subject of money management.
The law is already on the 6th June will be decided by the cabinet and then placed in an accelerated process of the coalition parties in the Bundestag. For the first reading in Parliament of the 15th June provided. At the last meeting before summer break will then pass the bill, the Bundestag. Despite their fundamental criticism, the FDP has repeatedly stated to behave escrow. The reason is that the CSU had the least compromise to facilitate the immigration of skilled workers supported - a point that the FDP was enforced in the coalition.
Basically, the service may still fail even more money. Although the coalition would secure its majority view as otherwise they would probably present little bill. Depending on how the law is designed in the end, but could also be required the consent of the Bundesrat. There was no majority black and yellow, and the SPD and the Greens have already announced, to overturn the law in the Bundesrat, where it lands because there.






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