Hertha - Wolfsburg Hertha 1:4 advantage of his opportunities

http://www.karenmillendressesshopuk.comHertha lost 1-4 at home against Wolfsburg. Because Wolfsburg mercilessly exploited his opportunities and let her lie in rows in Berlin.
After twelve minutes, it was very lonely at Rehhagel. Far and wide no more familiar faces, the coach of Hertha BSC was left completely on his bench, left and right only seats available. Before him, meanwhile, raged the madness. The new players, the coaching staff and all the rest, they celebrated the opening goal of the Berlin Bundesliga soccer against VfL Wolfsburg. In contrast, karen millena 1:0 Rehhagel is no reason to lose his composure. And for good reason. The Berlin were subject to the Wolfsburg at the end of 1:4 (1:2). "When you see the result, is deceptive, of course," said VfL coach Felix Magath.

Hertha offered a convincing fighting spirit, earned himself a lot of opportunities - presented himself at the gate but rarely botched. For the first time in eleven years, once a home game against Wolfsburg ended with a home defeat to Hertha.

"We are in a threatening situation," said Rehhagel, "but we give up the struggle." The Berlin abide by the defeat on the second from bottom, jumping to 15th place has grown to four points, after all, the relegation place is still in reach. Rehhagel said after the game, the fact that it now should be no recriminations, "one must be careful in his choice of words."karen millen dresses This Hertha's players had no problem. They said rather have nothing at all. No one spoke in front of the journalists who sneaked silently through the losers, the mixed zone. Even manager Michael Preetz did what he does after a defeat like. He emerged from simple.

Here, the evening had begun very promising for the Berliners. The team that played in exactly the same formation as a week ago when victory in Mainz, began with fervor. Of the pressure that had built up the competitors Freiburg, Augsburg and Hamburg, with its victories in the afternoon, little could be felt. Hertha took the relegation battle. Even before the 1-0 was the home team in front of 46 388 spectators at Olympic Stadium is an excellent opportunity for leadership. After a misunderstanding of the Wolfsburg defender Ricardo Rodriguez and Felipe went to Raphael alone at the gate of VfL. His shot went just wide of the post. That the Wolfsburg Hertha are something like favorite opponent was in the beginning to look good, a class difference could not be recognized.

Even with the extremely high-back four of the guests came to Berlin to order. Although she ran a few times to the sidelines, but often the face-offs came in the top at the right time. This is also against the 1-0, as was taking off from the depths Nikita Rukavytsya operated perfectly. The shot of the Australian held off the strong Wolfsburg goalkeeper Diego Benaglio yet, karen millen outletLevan Kobiashvili but reacted faster than VfL defender Marco Russ and turned the ball over the line.

Among the guests who had after all won the three previous games had previously been little to see. Hertha goalkeeper Thomas had a power in itself dangerous header from Patrick Helmes from a tight angle nearly steered into the goal. His colleague Christoph Janker was not quite so lucky. From its foot a handing in of the former Berliner Ashkan Dejagah jumped to 1:1 into the goal. This matches every confidence in the people of Berlin had lost only once. Just five minutes later, the Wolfsburg had turned the game. Mario Mandzukic has an edge ball from Marcel Sch?fer in Berlin take the penalty area unchallenged with his chest, he played free Dejagah, and the handing in Patrick Helmes drove to the Wolfsburg 2-1 on the line.

Hertha had before the break a good opportunity: Benaglio but cleared prior to the precise cross from Adrian Ramos Rukavytsya. The second half Rehhagel sent to Pierre-Michel Lasogga a second striker on the field. For him, left-back Felix Bastians remained in the cabin, moved back into the Kobiashvili back four, Raphael into defensive midfield. The Berliners had gathered in the break again, they started the second half with renewed vigor: ?nis Ben-Hatira failed to Benaglio, as Roman Hubnik, of the six yard box was completely free to the header, Lasogga was after handing in the first post in the last moment blocked.

The Wolfsburg fell into this phase of an embarrassment to the next, they lost ball in midfield for ball - and then came with almost every pass into the deep in trouble. Hertha had against VfL as many opportunities as well have never been this low on scoring opportunities of season, but did not use it.
It was almost like an internal competition: Whoever manages to give away the best chance? In the shortlist: Pierre-Michel Lasogga, with the ball after an hour of free-standing six meters past the gate shot. In addition, Adrian Ramos, who ran alone from the center line on the Wolfsburg goal and for some reason before the penalty area went away, though far and wide, was not near Wolfsburg. And once again, Ramos with his header from four yards out the bar.

As it goes, the Wolfsburg showed a good fifteen minutes before the end, when Mandzukic scored with the first shot on goal in the second half of the 3-1. Four minutes later, Patrick Helmes with his second goal at 4-1. Plug it were brutal beatings, Hertha had to battle against relegation can really hurt sometimes. "We must now build each other again," said Otto Rehhagel. "Especially nervous." There have been lighter exercises.






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