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http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Grinding the pirates in power struggles and personal debates? Karen Millen Several Members expressed its deep disappointment: from character assassination and bullying says the ousted spokesperson, an ex-committee member denounces the back room of Culture Board. The climate in the party is rougher.
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Berlin - With other parties would be the conversion of the press team more than worth a mention. If staff change, with hardly anyone gets the. But when the pirates of this process is to mudslinging. A few days after the withdrawal of her press secretary and deputy of the National Executive of the party is now in vehement criticism.
Ex-Federal spokesman Christopher Cross complained much about the way in which he lost his job: "I had the gun placed on the chest," said the 25-year-old SPIEGEL ONLINE. He was after a meeting of the National Executive Board, Munich has been given to understand that he was no longer wanted the job - after which he decided to draft a letter of resignation. "I did not want to wait until they saw off me," says Lang. "Otherwise Karen Millen Dress I would have been weggemobbt."
Pirate of the Berliner describes the Karen Millen climate in the Party as an increasingly hostile, the more attention given to pirates. "There are also in the Pirate Party are classic games for positions of power, just as with the established parties," he says. "It's as simple as ridiculous."
Often counted in the appointment of party positions, "how to sell themselves, rather than how well you work in the background." He himself had been during his job as speaker again "systematically discredited," said Lang. Above all,Karen Millen Dresses a single "clique" group of pirates from the Berlin group make about using Twitter regularly sentiment against unwanted party members. "It bordered on character assassination."
Chaos by national party
Lang is not the only one to make in connection with the reorganization of the press bar his anger. On Monday laid the pirate Gefion Watchman, former Member, Board of pirates and coordinator of the "Group Press Service," after. Of teamwork and transparency was the rebuilding of the team have been no question. "These decisions are not based on professional expertise, but on politics and personal preferences," she writes on her blog.
After the national party in terms of public relations chaos had broken out. "There was no clear leadership, more decisions have been made on publications, press releases are ready to remain," said Watchman. And that's not all: "The team was on its own mailing list angepampt I even got a call in which I was asked to identify the weaknesses of individuals so that they could rid themselves of their simpler.." Comments below the belt should have also experienced long to report confidant: "Pick 'nen new friend," advised accordingly a Group Member Lang's girlfriend Susanne Graf, pirate in the House of Representatives.
Systematic harassment and instigation of blackening in the Pirate Party - even in the context of leadership? If the allegations reached, the debate about the grueling military culture in the young party the next level. It's not that long ago that sparked a fire letter from the boy pirate a discussion about discrimination and sexism in their own ranks. The list of top pirates who abandoned her volunteer work for various reasons, the party is long. These include the former managing director Marina Weis Band, Ex-Treasurer René Brosig, or the two former national leaders in Berlin Gerhard Anger and Hartmut Semken.
Battle for places list
Of course, one must put the statements of the two pirates in the context of their party career. Watchman was elected at the last national party does not return to the Board. Personal disappointment can be a motive to complain about their own people. And Christopher Long got in March unexpectedly asked a colleague to page: Anita M?llering was Federal spokeswoman, he gets 800 euros a month. The cooperation ended badly, telling confidants. Personal disagreements that lead to the rebuilding of a team, would also not unusual.
A member of the leadership acknowledged Monday that the question of human responsibility to the public work had been carried off that there were communication breakdowns and misunderstandings. Mark was Vice Party Barenhoff however announce the call with the parties concerned had always been looking for.
Either way, the dispute shows that the professionalization of the Pirate Party, a good year before the federal election campaign proceeds, painful. Maybe he is also a signal for a new style of leadership with the pirates. Because the new federal board, led by pirate boss Bernd Schloemer has the personnel decision the first time spoken a word of power.
The fabric will not run out of conflict: In the background, the battle for the list of places for the election already begun - and the months before the national associations set up their lists at all. Many pirates already expressing interest in running, "a lot of people will push forward," says one pirate from North Rhine-Westphalia.
Probably words of power in the sensitive process of growth of the party that is still often be necessary. Alone: ??Words are power in the party of democracy based on experience, demonstrative bad.






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