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http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The CSU gets her care benefits, the FDP, her foster-Riester: Karen Millen Dresses More results can be three party leaders, Merkel, Seehofer and Roesler not present after their summit in the chancellery. Instead, several issues remain unresolved conflict - a new controversy has been programmed.
Berlin - After all, they have yet to say a whole lot. Much longer than originally planned were sitting together, Angela Merkel, Horst Seehofer, and Philipp R?sler on Monday. From the scheduled two round three hours, "in a good, Karen Millen focused and relaxed atmosphere," as they said afterwards. It wanted to discuss the three party leaders of the CDU, CSU and FDP at their summit meeting in Berlin chancellery only the "long lines" of their policy - which is almost three years after accession to the throne and a little more than a year anmutete before the next election a little strange. In the end, it took longer mainly because the top three, but calling every single issue that moves the current coalition. And there are quite a few.
However, there were fewer concrete results. The monthly Karen Millen Dress allowance will be as planned despite the recent adopted at ministerial level disputes discharged by the Cabinet on Wednesday, said the Federal Press Office. Similarly, greater promotion of Karen Millen Dresses private nursing care, the FDP was able to prevail in return for her yes to the unloved care benefits. Citizens on completion of a private insurance should, therefore, in future receive a grant of five euros per month, regardless of income. The corresponding agreement was Health Minister Daniel Bahr (FDP), but even before the meeting with Wolfgang Sch?uble (CDU) and obtained leave to announce.
And what else? Full support for the euro exchange rate of the Chancellor, a commitment to energy policy and the promise to bring before the summer break a law with new provisions for ancillary rights for press publishers on the way. That's it. Other arrangements were not immediately known, probably because they do not exist. The main message of the meeting should be: We are still working, together and not against each other - from now on things will get better.
Often promised, often broken
However, this has been promised more often black and yellow - and soon forgotten. And that Merkel's summer peace mission to the summit crowned with success, it may be entertained reasonable doubt. Before the meeting, the FDP had severe taunting her and accused the CSU, interfere with their "stubbornness" and "wisps" in the image of the coalition. Now, after the meeting, which emphasized the coalition parties: "No subject is off the table." May use the meeting to take place, then, to one or the other conflict theme for this period, a government to bury once and for all, or pacify any further "tap" his pet projects and "examine options for action," as it said on Monday. In other words, it is further argued. For example, on ...
■ ... the retention, the duration of the trouble-issue coalition. Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) and judicial colleague Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP) are irreconcilably opposed. Meanwhile, the EU complained to the European Court, because the relevant European guideline is not implemented. The Liberals wanted to stand firm and refuse to a cause without retention of communications data continues.
■ ... the minimum wage: the CDU still hopes to convince the FDP to be generally binding minimum wages in those industries where there are no collective agreements. But the Liberals balk.
■ ... the toll for cars: The CDU wants no toll, the FDP does not want a toll - only the CSU brings the issue back on a regular basis. The Liberals have scoffed in advance, with the toll it's like the monster Nessie: The dive again and again, though everyone knew that it was not there. So it will continue.
■ ... the women's quota: Merkel and Horst Seehofer want to commit the so-called flexi-rate at which companies to achieve a self-imposed quota for women. The FDP is against any form of quota.
■ ... the practice fee: Given the billions of surplus welfare funds, the FDP wants to abolish the ten-euro fee to relieve the insured. The CDU would rather build up reserves for bad times.
The question remains even after the meeting, as the coalition wants to lure the opposition. The fact they need to their already heavy tax burden slimmed still get through the Bundesrat. For the Fiscal Pact for fiscal discipline in the euro-zone is a two-thirds majority in parliament is even necessary.
The top three on Monday reiterated to the pact still want to push through before the summer break. But the SPD and the Greens to impose conditions, demands include a clear commitment by the government to financial transactions tax. Merkel has signaled concessions: In view of the resistance in the EU and the euro zone could also be a push to introduce a smaller circle. Of these, however, the FDP wants to know nothing.
Many questions remain unsolved, and promised by the "long lines" is hard to see much. To set that will be the euro rescue and turn the key energy projects in the coming months, require the "full force", as stated in the coalition parties, it would have required any summit.
After all, even before adopting the Members of parliament in the summer, the Coalition Committee will also meet again - those larger round a say in the party leader, parliamentary managers, secretaries-general and the competent ministers. The committee last met three months ago and then actually made to meet more frequently. This however was nothing, because the task list of the last committee checked off only now with the childcare and the care-Riester was - and especially the CSU had previously seen no reason for further meetings.
But now is time for "operational decisions", as expressed by the Chancellor. In coalition sources said: "There is a big order book." It sounds like a threat.






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