United States pushing drone Karen Millen Dress attacks in Pakistan

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com There is a remote controlled, yet deadly war: In recent days,Karen Millen Dress the U.S. has stepped up its drone attacks against suspected terrorists in Pakistan significantly. The red button to press President Obama - he has to approve every single attack personally.
Berlin / Islamabad - It was the middle of the night, Karen Millen slamming the soft humming of a killer. With deadly precision on Monday morning arrived in the area of ??Mir Ali in Pakistan, two remote-controlled missiles their goal. Within seconds,Karen Millen Dresses a nondescript hamlet in North Waziristan was leveled to the ground. As a little later, Pakistani security forces arrived, they found 15 completely disfigured corpses. Some have been killed according to Pakistani Information foreigners, Turkmen, Uzbeks and Tajiks.
The strike, carried out by a pilotless U.S. drone which the homestead previously observed and sent live images to the command headquarters of the CIA, had a new high point in the hunt for suspected terrorists to the Americans near the Afghan border. In just three days suggested the U.S. government, which speaks to this day does not officially on their remote and questionable war, every day. At least 23 people were killed by the drones that put them menacing names like "Reaper" and "Predator."
Who was the target of attacks, is barely visible - the U.S. government basically says nothing about the attacks. But states that the USA has its deadly campaign of air time for the beginning of the so-called fighting season in neighboring Afghanistan Karen Millen Dress started up again significantly. 21 attacks, a statement of the expert site "Long War Journal," there was total in 2012 - eight of these attacks were carried out in the past two weeks.
Drastic increase in attacks in the tribal areas
After a brief stop the drone attacks earlier this year, the U.S. has thus decided to take the air war against al-Qaida and other terrorist groups again. At the same time two new books to ensure that all of America knows who has to press the red button on every attack: As detailed as never before, the authors describe that President Barack Obama has to approve every single blow personally. He knows the target person by name and photo, but then he meets the death sentences.
People of Pakistani security agencies were critical of the sharp increase in attacks in the tribal areas. In just the past ten days, 45 people were killed, they reported in telephone interviews. The U.S. had not been informed of a specific goal, an employee of the army headquarters in Rawalpindi said. Pakistan formally denounces any attack on its territory, as it is part of the intelligence to target and attack planning initiated at least abstractly.
North Waziristan is one of the seven regions in the tribal areas, which are officially under administration of Islamabad, where the Pakistani government but has virtually no influence. According to the U.S. when you can see many senior Taliban and al-Qaida commanders hiding. Pakistan does not go hard enough against them, so the drone attacks are necessary, is the argument from Washington. Pakistan has, however, that it has already complained to the majority of victims in anti-terror fight.
The game of finger-pointing has a long tradition between Islamabad and Washington. It is now also fueled by Pakistan's blockade of all NATO provision trucks through their country towards Afghanistan. The transit routes, urgently needed for the supply of the 130,000 soldiers in the Hindu Kush, had been closed following an incident on the Afghan-Pakistani border. To date, the shelling of a border post within Pakistan is controversial.
Not only has sued Shahzad Akbar lawyer who represents several relatives of victims of drone attacks and the U.S., says that the U.S. is difficult to partner with the escalation of Pakistan drone attacks to put pressure. "The drone attacks, the Pakistani government to bring pressure to act," he says. "In my opinion it is the U.S. so that Pakistan reopens NATO supply routes. The drone strikes are a means to exert pressure."






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