Schlecker children demanding money Karen Millen from bankrupt company

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The fate of Schlecker is sealed - now it's about how much is Karen Millen left for the creditors Eq. According to the receiver now claims over 665 million euros have been received. The Schlecker children Lars and Meike want money from the company.
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? Ulm - The creditor Eq draw a line under this chapter Schlecker: At a meeting in Ulm, she decided on Tuesday the destruction of the drugstore chain. But that is the fight for the money really starts: According to the receiver Arndt Geiwitz now claims over 665 million euros were received. He assumes that it will be at the end about 800 million €.
Even the children of founder Anton Schlecker, Lars and Meike,Karen Millen are on the list of equations? Creditors. The best? Preferential a spokesman for the liquidator SPIEGEL ONLINE. For H? He claims he did not specify the. According to a report by "Business Week" will Meike Schlecker € 48.43 million, her brother Lars demanded 48.9 million euros. In addition, k? Men demands of private logistics company LDG in H? Height of 76 million €.Karen Millen Dress about the background there is no information.
The Federal Employment Agency (BA) and the trade credit insurer Karen Millen Dresses Euler Hermes have registered, according to "Business Week" three-digit Millionenbetr? GE requirements. In addition, the tax office would still EUR 73.2 million from the drug store chain.
Geiwitz said after the insolvency equation? Ubigerversammlung, it should again be the closure of shops ftsbetriebes best? CONFIRMS been. ? A Gro part of the remaining 2800 M markets will be closing and that s already in the n chsten days beginning with the sale;? More than 13,000 people are expected to receive the end of June its termination.
Schlecker employees to stay with McDonald's
Hundreds of them marched on the Tuesday before the meeting. They chanted "We are the Schlecker women" and held placards in the H? He. Then they called on politicians to take action. Stood on a poster: "We demand that the policy is a transfer company."
For the individual business units Schlecker L are now? Sought solutions. For the Spanish subsidiary, see the search for investors "is not bad," said Geiwitz. In? Sterreich example, it is more difficult.
The sale of your place and Schlecker XL at the Munich Dubag investor is still performed in the L? Length. There was still some discussion, said Geiwitz. His colleague and administrator of two T-Schlecker? Daughters, Werner Schneider, said there is already the sales contract. He had not yet signed and sealed. A spokesman for the gr? Th Schlecker equation? Creditor Euler Hermes said, "it still lacks information on the part of the investor, such as the financing will be secured." From the consent of the insurer's credit hour? Depends the shops from ft.
The Federal Employment Agency is looking for new Besch? Ftigungsm? Opportunities for those with employees. "We lead conversations? Surface with big de Companies like Amazon, McDonald's, Lidl or the D? African bed camp to see where to come Verk? Shore inside k? Nnten," said board member Heinrich Alt of "time".
Federal Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) will be used for rapid communication of those affected. Because the women uniformly? Are distributed on the strength of Germany, the chances are this good, the CDU politician, said in Berlin on Tuesday.






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