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http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Joanna Mucha should be the face of the European Football Championship.Karen Millen The Sports Minister of the host country Poland is young, modern and attractive - once she posed as Lara Croft. But the 36-year-old is regularly mocked. Because she has no idea of ??sport.
Joanna Mucha is trying to posture. The 36-year-old sits in an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE straight at the conference table in her spacious office in Warsaw's sports ministry. It differs with its bright green eyes from any view. At their blazer emblazoned two large buttons, the names of the visitors are welcome in English and German. Mucha himself speaks both languages ??fluently, yet also French. It is regarded as cosmopolitan, as the world's women.
But even as the biggest political laughingstock of the country.
Why this is so, the mother of two shows after a few minutes of talk time. The question is simple: Who has the best chance to become superstar in Poland at the European Championships? "Lewandowski," it is shot from the Minister.Karen Millen Dresses She looks confident. A short pause. "And, uh, uh, uh, the goalkeeper. Yes, the goalie is good," she says. Her face looks out at the moment a little weepy. Mucha looking for advice to her spokeswoman. However, the lower the head. The name of the goalkeeper remains unnamed.
It is Wojciech Szczesny, the Keeper of the top English clubs Karen Millen Dress Arsenal, something like a Polish national hero. His likeness greets in the capital of several posters, opposite the train station in Warsaw, he is shown on a meter-sized poster. Everyone in Poland knows Szczesny. Everyone - on to the Sports Minister.
Face of the Polish Championship
This is the drama of a woman who has managed one of the steepest climbs policy in their country. Since November 2011, Mucha Minister for Sport and Tourism. The Cabinet of Prime Minister Donald Tusk was regarded as male dominated.
One woman had her so, because the rate. Therefore, Karen Millen Mucha well suited, by then file members of Tusk's Civic Platform PO. Modern, tough, almost devouring ambition - and a very pretty. Mucha, the daughter of a construction worker and a seamstress from a small town Plonsk (Pl?hnen) northwest of Warsaw, fit into Tusk's plans.
His hope: The dark-haired beauty should be the figurehead of the government, the face of the European Football Championship. For Mucha was the change in the government bank a bold step into the midst of the male domain.
The Minister must struggle with a lot of jealous people - and with the immense problems of Polish sport. Mucha is to clean up corruption-ridden in the world, has been effected but little. As soon as she was in office, a bribery scandal rocked the Polish Football Association PZPN. Involved in it was also its president Grzegorz Lato. The Minister promised enlightenment - and had to watch as Lato, one of the most famous footballer in the history of the country, said the affair just ended. When he was asked whether the risk posed by Mucha, he just laughed.
If the sports minister speaks, she gives a calm, clear impression. Mucha wants to be taken seriously. She defends herself against accusations that she was "the first sports minister, who had no idea of ??sport," as he calls it Jan Tomaszewski, a legendary goalkeeper and a member of the conservative Kaczynski Pis party, told SPIEGEL ONLINE. She explains, that she herself had made long karate. Your football expertise, however, is actually limited: "Together with my fiance, we like to see European Cup or Champions League games."
The blunders of the Minister
Sporting expertise probably looks different. Even sovereignty: In a radio interview Mucha was asked how she would address the problems of the third Hockey League. "This is a problem, we will discuss," she replied. Too bad that this league does not exist.
As the Polish cup final was coming up, they asked who was selected for the teams that would be in the final. Mucha says, she would then make only a joke.
Many Poles still just shrug their shoulders when they hear about the latest faux pas of their minister - and said sarcastically: "Why Mrs. Mucha's nice, that's enough."
Meanwhile, even the harshest critics give her, Mucha had worked up a lot. Sport-specific self-concepts have learned the minister. Increasingly, they also plunge to the stands of handball and volleyball halls.
Lara Croft double
Yet sport is probably not their specialty. Mucha's strength lies rather in the economic field, she has a PhD in health economics. Organization, planning and budgeting are their favorite topics of conversation. She never know, they can excel here.
Above all, it is always a target attractiveness. Several times she was photographed in seductive poses: In 2009 she posed even as Lara Croft look-alike. In skin-tight vest, military trousers and pistol she lounged on a tank.
These pictures were known Joanna Mucha, they facilitated their access to the big political stage. Today is the 36-year-old: "An attractive appearance for women in politics is not a golden key." In the beginning, open the exterior doors, while many, "but at the same time it fails because of too many other stereotypes." Meanwhile, Mucha became more severe occurrence: Often she wears now instead of skirts and revealing tops pants suits.
Nevertheless, the Minister is under pressure. The Polish media speculate constantly about her dismissal. The magazine "Wprost" writes in its latest issue that could be merged after the European Championships, the sport and the Ministry of Education - what would happen to Mucha, remains open.
Joanna Mucha has in recent weeks, hardly given press conferences. The minister knew well that it is advisable to get a little retreat from the public. Especially in sports matters. So will the Minister on the end of the interview does not say who is European champion 2012th She smiled at the question go away.





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