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http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com In Ukraine, will start soon, the European Football Championship,Karen Millen Dresses and the situation of detained opposition Yulia Tymoshenko, despite all the calls for a boycott hardly improved. Yanukovych has been in power just eat the affair. Embarrassing for Germany.
When in Poland and Ukraine now begin the first games of this Championship, is Yulia Tymoshenko, former prime minister to sit on in Kharkiv in custody. The wave of indignation that swept through Germany for weeks, has not changed anything. Yes, Karen Millen at the beginning of the football championship is long since died down, the excitement has passed little more than a month from April to May. Makes it has nothing,Karen Millen Dress because they were naive and hypocritical.Karen Millen Dresses Viktor Yanukovych, the Potentate in Kiev could sit out the affair, just after he had set.
Let us remember all those who in April suddenly discovered their heart for Ukraine:
■ Development Aid Minister Dirk Niebel magnanimously announced that he would refrain from attending a game for the national team in the Ukraine in order to put a "political signal".
■ FDP Secretary General Patrick Doering wanted to move the European Championship matches in Ukraine because of the inhumane treatment Tymoshenko to Poland.
■ The police union said without being asked, Germany was able to wuppen the European Championship.
■ FDP Wolfgang Kubicki man called on supporters to return their tickets.
■ Green Party leader Renate Künast came up with the stunning idea that all players should wear as a sign of solidarity orange scarves - the color of that revolution, which was released in late 2004 with Yulia Tymoshenko in motion.
■ The "Bild" newspaper said that Ukraine with a stroke of the pen to the "dictatorship"
■ and the "B.Z." asked hypocritically, "the European Football Championship in Ukraine is really more important than their suffering?" It referred to the suffering of Mrs. Tymoshenko.

Apparently so, because the ball is rolling, but that was four weeks ago already clear.

Germany is European champion in the discipline Emp?rungskultur

What do we learn this process? Before it turns out that the Loew-force it brings to title honors Germany's European champion in the discipline Emp?rungskultur. That was the case of book author Sarrazin so and the grass poem on Iran, it is also true in the matter of Tymoshenko.

Let there be no misunderstanding: the ex-Prime Minister Yanukovych has had condemned because it has become a political opponent. Served as a means to an end a dubious law that would be unthinkable in Germany. But where were all these outraged, was cast as Mrs. Tymoshenko to jail? The fact already happened in the past year. When they have demanded the release of those two dozen former members of the Tymoshenko government, which also sit for a long time in prison - on the basis of allegations that are more bizarre than the former against her boss? And they've ever recorded all the problems in terms of rule of law that existed before under President Viktor Yushchenko?

Germany was as far as Ukraine is concerned, for years and routinely looked the other invariably wound up, wrote the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" given the excitement surrounding Yulia Tymoshenko. Because the Swiss have right. The Germans have always been based in Russia, because they did not want to vex the Kremlin, which Ukraine is still one of its sphere of influence. Kiev was relatively unimportant to them, with the 45 million Ukrainians from the former Polish Lvov and the Russian-speaking Donetsk they did little to start, the European Union held back with clear offers to Kiev.

The opposition gathers new strength

Then became their Germans with little of the Ukrainian sensibilities. They knew that Yulia Tymoshenko is a strong, assertive politician, but not that they hardly good for a martyr. They believed that the land rises after being arrested and forced the president to release her.
But the pity of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko to hold himself in check. Because many are reminiscent of her career as oligarch in the nineties, the populism that she used as a head of government, and because they ultimately do not see much difference between her and Viktor Yanukovych. But also because they hold a large Medienmanipulatorin Tymoshenko. In fact, the outcry in Germany continued to Tymoshenko's liberation is a first in that moment, when she began a hunger strike in Kharkov. They have orchestrated the scandal out of prison perfect, says the Ukrainian writer Oksana Sabushko. Above all, the Germans had fallen for it.

The actions of the Ukrainian President is legally questionable and politically irrational. But the West should have known, that is important for Yanukovych to remain in power as the reputation of his government in the West. The protests of the Germans, he keeps well and happy. Yulia Tymoshenko would but free or for medical treatment at the Charité in Berlin, he would have to fear for his future. In October, the parliament is elected, his ruling party has barely 15 percent approval, but the opposition gathers new force - which could range in the fall for a change of power. And it can only prevent Yanukovych, if he keeps on his rival, Tymoshenko behind bars.

All of you should know in Germany and then make his political decisions. As the Berlin wrote "taz" so aptly: "If the place of symbolic politics, but political decisions and shall have no other task than to cover up the lack of them, then symbolic politics to political folklore."






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