Chancellor complains Karen Millen Dress because Niebel carpet affair

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com It's all about a travel souvenir - but now turns on Angela Merkel,Karen Millen Dress the Chancellor asked Development Minister Dirk Niebel, immediately nachzuverzollen the Afghan carpet, which he brought over to the authorities in Germany. The opposition demands clarification.
Berlin / Kabul - despite his admission of guilt is development aid minister Dirk Niebel (FDP) for the transport of a private carpet from Afghanistan BND in a jet and the failure to continue clearance of souvenirs in the violent criticism.
On Friday, even the Chancellor spoke up. Angela Merkel was Karen Millen Dresses sure that the Karen Millen minister's failings "as quickly and as completely as possible," nachhole, her spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Friday in Berlin at the government press conference.
Before the assembled capital press, Seibert and the speaker Niebel had more than 20 minutes to comment on the process that is already known in Berlin as a "carpet" affair.
Seibert later added to this question and answer marathon: "The word failure includes already that another form of imports would have been correct and would therefore also have been preferable." In other words, Angela Merkel's pretty mad at FDP man Niebel.
Niebel had let a privately purchased carpet in Kabul in May Dienstjet the BND chief Gerhard Schindler take back to Germany. For transport to the Federal Minister of the machine paid no fees, but it had been a "personal favor", Karen Millen Dress said Niebel Ministry.
Niebel house also had to admit that the goods had not been cleared from Kabul in Germany. Rather, a driver had Niebel the 30-pound carpet direct Dienstjet invited on the BND president, as on 20 Coming Mai from Kabul landed at Berlin-Sch?nefeld.
Only when confronted had SPIEGEL reporters the ministers on Wednesday with the process, Niebel quickly applied a so-called incorrect statement by the Customs in Berlin-Tegel. Later, he assured that he would of course pay the customs and also a possible punishment.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Finance said in Berlin on Friday, which would theoretically unpaid import of the carpet can meet the criminal offense of tax evasion. At the criminalization of self-display attributable anyway.
Would be for a carpet from a third country with a value of around a thousand euros as a customs "very abstract" a "total amount of just under € 200" due, calculated from the spokesman of the Ministry of Finance. However, the amount could well turn out also significantly higher, since the Customs, according to several high-ranking officials to be emanating from the purchase price, but the actual quality of the goods.
For the opposition, the carpet affair is further evidence of poor management office of the Minister. "No German minister had abused his position ever so shameless as Dirk Niebel," said the SPD politician development Sascha Raabe. Only Energize the FDP politician rows party members with highly lucrative public positions, then he put the Staff cold and now he let fly at government expense luxury carpets. Niebel personnel policy in the past had repeatedly caused a stir.
"How can we credibly enforce against our partner countries, good governance, if lists of all the ministers responsible for this development as an autocrat?" Says Raabe. Previously had already practiced SPD CEO Thomas Oppermann, strongly criticized Niebel.
The parliamentary secretary of the Green Party, Volker Beck called for full disclosure of Niebel and announced a question for Question Time at the Bundestag. "We expect that the Minister disclosing the information about the carpet imports from the public and before Parliament," he said.






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