Parliament elections in Karen Millen France advantage Hollande

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com France wants the policy change:Karen Millen In the elections for the new parliament, the Left parties were given the first ballot the majority of the votes. The new Socialist president Francois Hollande makes the result more in Europe.

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President Francois Hollande can see the decision left to its future development opportunities meet: In parliamentary elections, received France's left-wing parties - six weeks after the arrival of the Socialists in the élysée - in the first round of voting on Sunday, a clear majority of votes
Hollande's Socialist Party (PS) came to around 35 percent, their green allies of "Europe Ecologie-Les Verts" (EELV), five percent. Is the final allocation of seats in the 577 constituencies, but only in the second round on 17 June decided, then each of the candidate reaches a relative majority to win a seat.

Without parliamentary arithmetic would Hollande in the House with the Green Party coalition partners has called for "solid majority" feature. The result gives the Socialists a free hand not only for its intended domestic political Karen Millen Dress change, Karen Millen the more legitimacy it also allows nachzulegen in its demands for a reorientation of European policy.

Given the mid-term results is certain that a deadlock has been avoided: Karen Millen Dresses not govern the President has left with a right prime minister.

Warning of "seizure of the left"

The Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy's UMP (Union pour un mouvement populaire) reached a very significant result and are now neck and neck with the Socialists, the representatives of the extreme right "Front National" (FN) were compared with the presidential election to around 13 percent, even if the head of Marine Le Pen duel to the left of the Jean-Luc Mélenchon is clear at the top. Nevertheless, the front of the Left Party and the Communists in the parliament is expected to be stronger.

A sad picture was presented in voter turnout: After more than a year constant votes - candidacy for Socialists, Hollande and presidential campaign of Sarkozy - is a clear effect was noticeable wear.

The UMP had tried to make the election to take revenge for the loss of the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, they warned of a "takeover" of the left who is not only in most municipalities, counties and cities, local representatives, but since last year and the Senate has a majority. But the worry of making strategy did not work: "People have the impression that they answer a question they have answered," the pollsters TNS Sofres Institute of Emmanuel Rivière.

The Conservatives also is the struggle to succeed Sarkozy in full swing. With a good showing in the parliamentary elections, giving potential candidates from a business card at the party congress in September, the leadership question to be decided.
The far-right National Front is likely due to the electoral law, discriminates against small parties to win more than three seats. Party leader Marine Le Pen was in her constituency in the northern French Hénin-Beaumont, with around 42 percent in front and goes into the runoff election against a socialist. The leader of the Left Party, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who wanted to stop the far right there, resigned in the first round.

For the second round on Sunday only qualified candidates who achieved at least 12.5 percent of votes of all eligible voters of each district. The larger the number of non-voters, the higher the threshold for 17 June. In some places, it still managed three candidates in the final round.

To avoid splintering the vote in such a triangular constellation begins, in many constituencies now wheeling among the parties: It is always about sending site of the most promising candidates in the final round. Depending on the outcome is negotiated, whether as a PS comrade or a Green the leading candidates can take the lead. The conservatives of the UMP have this self-imposed limits: collusion with the National Front candidates are off limits to them.






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