France's left is Karen Millen Dresses election front

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com France's new president, Fran?ois Hollande Karen Millen Dresses can hope for a clear balance of power: In the parliamentary elections in France is after the first ballot, the left front bearing. It could even reach the absolute majority.
Paris - Five weeks after the victory of Karen Millen Fran?ois Hollande's presidential election marks another success for France's Socialists: Together with its allies was the Socialist Party (PS) on the front to the projections in the first round of elections to the National Assembly. Karen Millen Dresses Accordingly, it accounted for 275-315 of the 577 seats to be filled. Overall, survey institutes see the left so that 46.9 percent of the vote. You can hope to strengthen in the second round of voting on Sunday in the majority.
The final ratio of deputies will not be known until after the second round of elections in a week. Should it pass, as expected, a new majority in the National Assembly, the French left could almost freely determine the policy's second largest Karen Millen Dress EU economy. It would also be the first time in France, is a left party and the President also has the majority in both houses of parliament. In the Senate, the French left has prepared since last year, a majority.

Along with the seats, the Greens (12-16) and the Left Alliance Front de Gauche (13-18), the PS would easily reach to the absolute majority, TV channels reported the first TF The news channel BFM-TV even acknowledged that the Greens 18 seats. BFM-TV saw Hollandes Socialists as well as the conservative-right UMP party of ousted President Nicolas Sarkozy, according to projections by 35.2 percent of the vote.

According to TF1-grossing the UMP was 230-270 seats. The Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), which was last held tailored to Sarkozy, now the majority in the first chamber of parliament. After his election defeat, however, Sarkozy pulled back from politics.

Highly cut again on Sunday, the Front National (FN) from the Rechtspopulistin Marine Le Pen. With their election platform Rassemblement Bleu Marine (navy-blue alliance) brought her to extrapolations of the TV news channel BFM 13.7 percent of the vote. Because she has no allies, the FN but only a handful of chances to be given seats - so far it is not a deputy. TF1 said no to a maximum of three seats for the FN. In France, the absolute majority electoral system, which makes it difficult to small parties with no allies.

Hollande wants to take a majority in parliament, among other things a comprehensive tax reform, the top earners and financial institutions will be charged significantly more. Other projects include the introduction of marriage for homosexuals, and changes to the pension legislation. The retirement age for young French people into work has already been launched by decree again lowered from 62 to 60 years.
When the National Assembly elections were about 46 million French people called the 577 seats allocated to the first chamber of parliament again. To be elected in the first ballot, the candidates need an absolute majority in their constituency. This, however, provide only a very few. In the other constituencies there on 17 June, a second round with all those candidates who were enrolled at least 12.5 percent of the votes of the voters.

Compared to the presidential election on 6 May was the turnout on Sunday is significantly lower, with almost 60 percent, but largely at the level of the first parliamentary ballot five years ago.

Hollande's government team came out in their constituencies, in addition to Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault at 24 other men and women. Ayrault had announced that election losers have to give up their seat in the Cabinet.






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