A tax-haggling Karen Millen in Berlin

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Is she coming? Or are they not coming?Karen Millen Negotiations between the government and opposition to the tax on financial transactions are slipped into the absurd haggling. This could be either of the two sides afford to walk away from talks
Berlin - It is now again reached the original position. The SPD is all terribly unfair, the union will not have meant anything, the FDP appeals to reason and the market economy, Horst Seehofer said in Munich that he now expected by the Berliners can do.
Welcome to the German policy.
It's a pretty absurd summer theater, which list the parties, especially in terms of financial transactions tax. For weeks, the issue dominated the domestic political headlines, which is not reprehensible, after all, the tax could be a useful thing to banks to participate in the cost of the crisis. But just as the dispute is now being staged, risk policy, that the audience turns away in horror. The haggling over the tax and to the European fiscal pact, Karen Millen Dresses which is in question actually takes, always skurrilere trains.
For a few days it was thought there was peace has Karen Millen returned between government and opposition. Karen Millen Dress The negotiators had agreed on a model in which all positions were able to find some way and that seemed to clear the way for the required two-thirds majority for the fiscal pact freely. But since the weekend, some coalition partners an introduction of the tax before the general election as a designated unrealistic, cool, all participants strongly again her political party Mütchen. The villain is as it should be different, always the other one.
Group CEO Juergen Trittin accuses the coalition "Zockerei" before and is threatening to not approve the Fiscal Pact, should the government fail to comply with the request for financial transactions tax. CDU and FDP would do "the opposite of trusted negotiation", poisoned and SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel and calls for a formal "Cabinet decision."
"Democracy can not do when everyone knows what the SPD wants"
This in turn brings the FDP into a rage. "We are firmly set, the impression that the SPD is looking for any straw in order to adopt the common compromise on financial transactions tax return," the deputy chairman of FDP etched in the Bundestag, Martin Lindner. "The SPD I say: It is good style, that is a deal," says financial expert Volker Wissing, who negotiated for the Liberals on the part of the coalition with the opposition. And Secretary General Patrick D?ring quips: "Democracy is not, when do all that the SPD will, but we all need to move a bit."
With so much excitement even a finance minister apparently loses the focus. On Sunday, Wolfgang Sch?uble, had made it clear that there will be submitting in this term is no longer good. On Monday, he rowed back and can say that the opposition could "rely entirely on the commitment of the coalition." So it still comes before the federal election? Well, after pushing his spokesman. It was just just the way that Germany could not decide alone about it. Two steps forward, one and a half back.
Absurdity of this argument, because neither of the two sides can afford it, the Fiscal Pact is to fail in the end, financial transactions tax or not. The government would not contract the savings in their own country can enforce it would be disgraced internationally. You must therefore to some extent on the opposition to go - without creating the impression that they cant order.
SPD and the Greens can play a bit with the muscles. But only a little. For the fiscal pact would fail because of them, they stand in the election campaign as suddenly as Europe's opponents. They must therefore swallow the bait, which throws the government - without creating the impression that they would surrender without a fight.
One word, many interpretations
The alleged compromise of last week's paper is a shining example of what comes out of such a hopeless situation. It would be based on the proposal of the European Commission to launch a Europe-wide financial transaction tax, it says. That that is happening is not very likely, the reluctance of the British or the Swedes are known
So the negotiators a set highlighted in the document, had been created in the new dispute. Not the project should be implemented, according to the federal government will use "timely" for it to achieve a tax in "as many" Member States. When a "real time" when it begins and ends is unclear, depending on the political compass, the word is interpreted differently. SPD and Greens mean by "immediately". The other side would hold true if one understands the expression, even for the year 2014 still timely.
Merkel herself confirmed in St. Paul's Church their will on the financial transaction tax. "We need functioning banks, we also need justice," said the CDU leader in the adoption of the Frankfurt Mayor Petra Roth.
And when she comes now, the tax? Very concrete and the Chancellor will not. She wants to negotiate again on Wednesday with the opposition over the fiscal pact. A schedule in terms of financial control, they should also have little ready. One set, however, "with conviction and with emphasis," for the introduction, says her spokesman Steffen Seibert.






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