Putin's crackdown on government Karen Millen Dress opponents retaliation

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com Russian President Putin is hardly back in power, Karen Millen Dress he puts the opposition in the country to grips - with house searches, stricter laws and intimidation. Now you can see: The sweet sounds before the election, only tactics.
On Monday morning, let Russia deploy police in the investigation committee Ljublinskij Street in southeast Moscow. At the entrance of the house, the residence of the lawyer Alexei Nawalnij respect men of the Interior in black riot gear and with assault rifles items, just as lived here with Nawalnij not Russia's most popular blogger and a leader of the opposition, but a heavily armed terrorist.
Special forces in balaclavas blocked access to Nawalnijs offices. Karen Millen Russia's Karen Millen Dress inquiry committee reported more than ten homes that were searched on Monday morning. Nawalnij affected side are also ex-deputy prime minister Boris Nemtsov and TV presenter Xenija Sobchak, who had become one of the most prominent since December, the representative of the protest movement against Putin.
According to authorities, the searches are related to violent clashes between police and demonstrators on 6 May, the day before Vladimir Putin's inauguration. At that time, dozens of demonstrators and police officers were injured.
The authorities chose the time of concerted action with caution. Karen Millen Dresses For Tuesday, the opposition had called for the next anti-Putin demonstration. "This is an operation to deter," said Olga Mikhailova Nawalnijs lawyer. Additionally, the country celebrated on Tuesday the "Day of Russia", Monday and Tuesday are public holidays so. Newspapers appear again until Wednesday, websites and radio stations are working with minimal staff.
Only the Kremlin-critical radio station Echo Moscow devoted his entire morning routine searches of the house - and tried for hours to get representatives of police and investigative agencies on the phone. "Hey, listen state power? Us as anybody?" Said Matvey Moderator Ganopolskij after Nawalnijs contact the lawyers had been denied to her clients. The station itself has become a target of the comprehensive campaign, which launched a successful operation of the Kremlin by Putin retaining power against opponents like Nawalnij and carries the counter-revolutionary moves.
"We must destroy this rogue pack that drinks our blood"
At the beginning of March, Putin assured editors of foreign newspapers, not to take action against the opposition want. "Why should I need it to do that?" said Russia's strong man then. "I do not know where do these fears." He wanted the opposite of a "dialogue with everyone."
Three months later, the leader of the winter mass protests expected implacable vengeance. Gennady Gudkov, the deputy, one of the organizers of the demonstrations, the authorities revoked licenses, required by his security firm. TV presenter Xenija Sobchak, the daughter of the former enjoyed a St. Petersburg Governor Anatoly Sobchak and Putin conveyor fools freedom was declared prior to the award of the Russian Television Awards persona non grata.
Activist Nawalnij who not only has the charisma of a leader, but also has a penchant for martial attacks against the leadership ("We must destroy this rogue pack that drinks our blood"), threatening a class action by members of Putin's party " Russia ", because he consistently as" crooks and thieves "means.
Just in time for the new mass demonstration planned for Tuesday has also exacerbated the Kremlin the right to demonstrate. At the weekend meeting Putin signed a controversial law with draconian penalties. Instead of 5,000 rubles demonstrators threaten up to 300,000 rubles fine, the equivalent of € 7300 - and more than a Russian worker earns on average per year.






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