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http://www.karenmillendressesshopuk.comThe Grips-Theater staged shows the great symbolic but highly problematic animal fable called "The better woods."
There must be a true paradise, to the breaking open the wolf family there. "Countless sheep in the meadows and the wild pigs are so fat, we can hardly eat it enough," the father of his love makes your mouth water. Unfortunately, both he and the mother shot to death on the road. The little wolf boy who is left an orphan, it does open up to their new home, where sheep graze in fact abound. However, none of which he eats. But the contrary is adopted by a couple with fertility gemischtwolligen. The white and black Frauke Vanya son Ferdinand as their peers move on, as a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Sure occasionally breaks out of the boy nor the nature, karen millenif he as a birthday gift growling open with his teeth. But apart from that he is growing up in the gated community to excellent pasture citizen who behaved internalized the grandfather doctrine: "Sheep are true and cowardly of us can not build a church." And there, nobody sings better, the "sheep Maria" as Ferdinand the wolf, the lamb of God worships.

"The better woods" is a piece by Martin Baltscheit that sees itself as a "comic parable." Robert Neumann brought the story of the unincorporated outsiders Grips Klosterstra?e the premiere, and his production may be only in showing respect. The actor has already with the "Big Deal?" Proved that he has directed talent. Here he relies on simple, made visible means of theater: the stage of Max Julian Otto is nearly empty, the five players - take the energy out of the hustle and bustle as Ferdinand Florian all the multiple roles - only hatch at once in sheep sweater or jacket wolf. Props unceremoniously taken from the edge. And who is not in the scene, sits next to the playing field and ensures,karen millen dresses for example over the microphone for blizzard atmosphere. An access to pace and charm of the animals.

Anyway: The only piece of history does Baltscheit not bad. It has a lot of wit and beautiful poetic ideas, about the old wives' tale of the sheep babies falling from the sky as snow flakes. What hero Ferdinand, however, can not long believed. Which comes into puberty, becomes friends with the coarse-frivolous to Beck (class: Ensemble Jumin newcomer Paul Hoffmann) and falls in love with Melanie sheep (rousing Jennifer Breitrück). The spurs him on to dare her to jump over the fence along the gated community and the softie dogma to forget about his sheep worried parents (Alessa Kordeck and Rene Schubert). So the young lovers actually land in the Red Light District unbehüteten of life, where beer and wait dance and fun. And, clearly lurking dangers. Ferdie is by the encounter with a hungry wolf who recognizes him as a false sheep plunged into an identity crisis. And Melanie does not survive the trip. They are found killed - more precisely, karen millen outlettorn - on the field. Is suspected of murder arrested and Ferdinand.

Well. If the two have remained more obedient at home. Or not? Here's is already difficult with morality. The piece is played great, great implementation. But once you start to shine through the symbolism of the author, the problems begin.

"The better woods" was honored in 2010 with the German Youth Theatre Prize, the jury spoke of "complex interpretive possibilities." And there was that one could "read as a brand new commentary on the debate about immigration and integration in Germany and Europe", the text also. Better not! Identity and nature are social constructs, alright. But how to take the piece at his word? Maybe like this: We must not be afraid of immigrants, even if they come as wolves in sheep's clothing, then they can learn to suppress their bloodlust through education and better than we ourselves are vegetarians? Multi-layered interpretations.

With Ferdinand, it will end badly. He tries to join a wolf pack, there is also ejected. His peers do not exist. Finally, he draws two types over the country, whose asylum application was rejected: a bear who thinks he's a bee, and a goose who thinks she is a fox. Author Baltscheit balance reads: "It does not matter where you're from, it depends on where you are going and with whom." Would have more of this clarity is not harmed.






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