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http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com What happens next in Athens? The election in Greece Karen Millen Dresses threatens to triumph the savings to be enemies. Around the country yet to hold in the euro zone, will now be discussed in Brussels, allegedly, a relaxation of the reform program. The simulations alert in Berlin.
Berlin - Never has the word seemed appropriate choice as by the fate of these days. On Sunday, the Greeks flock to the polls will show whether the land which has been fighting for over two years with the debt crisis, has a European future. Karen Millen Athens triumph in the Euro-skeptics and opponents savings - as the polls suggest - is a rapid withdrawal of Greece from the euro-zone is not excluded.
And then what? Such a withdrawal may have to cope economically for the rest of the continent. Politically, the consequences would be most devastating. When Europe began to crumble only once, so the concern in the capitals, is the vision of a strong union states across the United States in grave danger.

So far it seemed clear the line of the EU towards Greece: Karen Millen Dresses Athens either follow a strict austerity program, or there is no money left. But can this really hold line, if after the election Sunday, the opposition in power saving perhaps? It's a delicate poker which may emerge. For the Greek parties, almost all agree: The economy requirements have to be renegotiated.

The emergency loans to Spain with relatively small numbers in the wake of highly indebted Greece desires: The politicians in Athens daily see their chance to grow, to loosen the bonds that they always advertise aggressively for corrections to the domestic economic and social reforms. The head of the Greek conservatives, Antonis Samaras, called on Wednesday open a renegotiation of the bailout. The financial expert of the radical left Syriza, Theodore Paraskevopoulos required in the ARD a three-year debt moratorium. The logic is that Europeans will give in - out of concern for the euro.

If the austerity program defused?

Serve with a report of the "Financial Times Germany".Karen Millen Dress In Brussels, writes the newspaper that there was now a willingness to accommodate Greece. The savings program, the troika of the International Monetary Fund, European Commission and European Central Bank ordered the country could be renegotiated and a little weakened. From Brussels came a prompt denial - you hold on to the supports.

In Berlin, the simulations provide yet for irritation. There will - at least officially - no one put the savings targets for discussion. Bavarian Finance Minister Markus S?der (CSU), made it clear: "There is no second chance." The conditions - saving billions from rehabilitation course - were clearly defined, said Soderberg told SPIEGEL ONLINE.

"Much of the initial enthusiasm for reform is in Athens already paralyzed," also criticized budget expert Norbert Barthle. "As long as no serious damage will be seen to solve the debt crisis is not to think of other concessions. And Greece shows this date will unfortunately only in parts," said the conservative politician. It argues that the privatization plan, which would collect the land up to 50 billion, "zero point zero progress" so far.

The international donors have put together a tough reform package, which provides about mass layoffs in the civil service, the sale of state-owned large-scale deficit and clear boundaries. Over the next three years to save Greece ten billion euros, for example by blatant cuts in health care, pensions and government apparatus. These conditions are "generally not negotiable," said Barthle. "Because that would be totally wrong message, even to the other debts States, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus."

The dilemma of the donor

Otto Fricke, budget expert of the FDP parliamentary group, has also pointed to legal problems, you should roll up the reform package now. "German aid would be difficult without the agreed consideration consistent with the Constitution," said Fricke SPIEGEL ONLINE. . "Greece can not unilaterally change contracts as a receiver too, for subsequent governments in Greece, the Roman principle of 'pacta sunt servanda' - contracts are adhered to."

But the Greek rescuers stuck in a dilemma. Just as the policy in Greece sets up these days, should any future government in Athens renegotiation of the austerity program demand. If you stubborn, you risk the withdrawal of Greece from the euro-zone. The consequences would be incalculable.
Already, the country seems paralyzed by the power vacuum, fights with hemorrhaging banks, a run-down health system, a massive flight of capital. Greek media report does, the Mediterranean country was only a few weeks smoothly. Two billion € the country stood up to the 20th Available in July - after he ran out of funds to pay civil service salaries and pensions. The Finance Ministry in Athens did not confirm the reports.

Probably would have to step in again, the donors of the EU and the IMF - as the markets can no longer finance the Greeks long ago, hardly anyone gives them more money. Indeed, the European partners would not be likely to drop Athens, if only to avert the nightmare scenario of uncontrolled €-exit. A third rescue package would not be excluded. As the "Time" on Wednesday in relation to financial and government districts reported, the Bundestag vote may still be fresh in the summer of billions of Greece.

That would shake each other by the coalition again properly. The critics always new cash injections are certainly alarmed. CSU minister before precaution Soderberg makes clear: "If Greece does not fulfill the requirements may be subject to any further payments."






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