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http://www.karenmillendressesstoreuk.com Carlos Fuentes was a wanderer between Latin America and Europe and a lifelong leftist critics of Mexican nationalism - as in his novel "Nothing but the life", Karen Millen Dress which made him internationally known. Now is the writer who died unexpectedly at the age of 83 years
Carlos Fuentes had big plans. Despite his 83 years and more than 20 books of the Mexican writer considered his literary work not yet completed a. At the Book Fair in Buenos Aires a few days ago he spoke of his new work, the manuscript of which he has recently handed over to his publisher. "Federico de su si" ("Frederick on his balcony"). In the strongly autobiographical work allows Fuentes to German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche resurrected and caught him in conversations.
Another manuscript he had in mind. In "El Baile del Centenario" (such as "Dance to the centennial celebration"), the author wanted to once again focus on the major theme that runs through all his work: Mexico, its history and nationalism. Fuentes had an ambivalent relationship with his homeland. On Monday he had just started writing his new novel. A day later, he unexpectedly suffered a massive internal bleeding, after which he died on Tuesday at a hospital in Mexico City. This Wednesday Fuentes is the Palace of Fine Arts will be honored.

Fuentes, who on 11 November 1928 in Panama City,Karen Millen the son of a Mexican diplomat was bursting, before life and creativity. Still, he shuttled between Mexico and London, where he spent six months each, "My secret of youthfulness is to always work and is a project to have."

Mexico's inability to transform itself into a modern democracy

Fuentes was not only a traveler between the worlds, Karen Millen Dresses he was also a traveler between the genres, an author in the broadest sense. A writer who has always seen itself as a political writer, essayist, commentator, referring to last on topical issues of contemporary history position. A few days ago, he still reflected the presidential election in France.

The writer, the Free University of Berlin in 2004 awarded an honorary doctorate was one of the most influential voices in literature and politics of Mexico and Latin America. In addition to the Colombian Gabriel García Márquez and the Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa, Fuentes was one of the most renowned writers, who founded the "boom" of Latin American literature nearly half a century, and procured its international standing. "The work he leaves behind is an eloquent testimony of all the major issues and cultural realities of our time," said Vargas Llosa in a letter of condolence.

In his major works, "La muerte de Artemio Cruz" (1962, in German 1964 "Nothing but the life") and "Terra Nostra" (1975, in German with the same title) is set Fuentes examines the history of his country and the inability of Mexico to transform itself into a modern democracy. In his works he often wove the Mexican presence with the colonial and pre-colonial history, trying to to explain the dilemma of politics and society and to explore.

Cosmopolitan with Mexican roots

Fuentes was a leftist and a critic of Mexican nationalism. Karen Millen Dress In his homeland he has not only earned her friends. Many Mexicans, foreign sparkled with the great poet, who understood more as a cosmopolitan with Mexican roots.
Fuentes in 1987 with the Premio Cervantes, the highest literary award in the Spanish language was excellent. It was just one of many awards he received over the years. Unlike his two friends Garcia Marquez and Vargas Llosa, Fuentes was never awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Fuentes had actually studied law and economics in Mexico City and Geneva, but have always written the way. His first major work, he published at age 26. The short story collection "Los días enmascarados" was not published until many years later in German under the title "Wrapped days." The mid-seventies, he walked in the footsteps of his father's brief was short and Mexican Ambassador in Paris.

Fuentes children from his second marriage, Carlos and Natasha died at the age of 25 and 29 years. Fuentes himself but did not know anything until the end of the death: "With my wife, my books, my friends and the things I love, I still have plenty of reasons to go on," he said recently.






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