United States to urge Egypt's Karen Millen Dresses military power transfer

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com The Supreme Military Council has Karen Millen Dresses seized power for himself, now the U.S. apparently threaten Egypt with a loss of aid funds in the billions. The U.S. government insists that the generals make the constitutional power again.
Washington / Cairo - The United States appear to be highly concerned about recent steps to expand the Supreme Military Council in Egypt, his powers. The government in Washington has called on the generals to fulfill their promise and give up power to a democratically elected parliament. Otherwise the country, risking billions of dollars in aid money for military and economic support to lose, it was said, according to Associated Press from Washington.
"We call on the Supreme Military Council to help restore the confidence of the people and the international confidence in the democratic transition process," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Monday in Washington. This represents a critical moment for Egypt - and the world watching closely.

The armed forces shared Formerly known on Monday to try to Karen Millen surrender power to the newly elected president in late June. Late Sunday evening, the generals have released a new bill of rights, which limits the president's power considerably. At the same time they transferred the powers of the dissolved Parliament in the previous week up to elections on the military leadership and secured so central powers - one year after the revolution threaten the Nile new mass protests.

The military must meet its stated commitments and hand over power Karen Millen Dresses as soon as possible and permanently to a civilian government, said Nuland. A democratically elected parliament must quickly be made operational and the country get a constitution that widerspiegle the will of the Egyptian people.

After the runoff election, both presidential candidates see as the winner

Similarly, said Pentagon spokesman George Little. Karen Millen Dress"We have insisted and continue to pass that gives the military the power to civilian, elected bodies and respect the universal rights of the people and the rule of law." The Defense Department was "deeply concerned" about the content and timing of the new bill of rights - would have concluded just as the presidential election on Sunday after the polling stations.
In Egypt, look after the runoff election for the presidency, both candidates as the winner. The Muslim Brotherhood declared its candidate Mohammed Mursi have received about 52 percent of the valid votes. The independent media in Egypt looked forward to the Islamists. A few thousand followers Mursi closed on Monday morning to celebrate the Tahrir Square in central Cairo, to the victory of their idol.

The supporters of his opponent complained on Monday, however the victory for the former leaders Ahmed Schafik. This won the election over the weekend with 51.5 to 52 percent of the vote.

Regardless of the outcome of the election probably scarce, the Supreme Military Council went with the new bill of rights, most powers in the state itself. The military council had taken over after the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak last year in control, the Constitutional Court had ordered the end of last week, the dissolution of Parliament.






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