Samaras Karen Millen Dress fights against the anger of the people

http://www.karenmillendressesinuk.com He has the most votes, he would have with the Karen Millen Dress Socialists even a majority in Parliament: The Conservative Antonis Samaras has after the first day of hearings, but no coalition. For his potential partner for fear of government involvement, the fury of the Greeks.
Three is the day after the crucial figure in Greece. By nearly three percent, the conservative New Democracy (ND) after the preliminary official results of parliamentary elections before the leftist coalition SYRIZA. Antonis Samaras has therefore three days according to the constitution now time to make as head of the largest party in a government-ND. And if it includes at least three partners, the Conservatives could count on a fairly comfortable majority.
But fear for the time being, the party chairman. After meeting with Samaras PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos said in the early evening that there was no agreement. "We have until tomorrow night find a solution," said the Socialist. He called for the Karen Millen broadest possible coalition, President Karolos Papoulias met with the major party leaders should be convened.

Although Samaras negotiated only after the lunch, Venizelos' Karen Millen Dresses statement is remarkable. Basically it would be enough for a two-coalition with the PASOK. Thanks to a bonus' of 50 seats in the election winners come together socialists and ND to 162 of the 300 seats in parliament. Karen Millen Dress The last regular Premier, Socialist George Papandreou had, however, last only governed by one vote.

Unpredictable Socialists

However, Samaras has good reason, its majority by another partner to expand. For the PASOK is unstable: The Socialists are open power struggle broke out after the party has slipped from 44 percent in 2009 to now, only twelve percent. Venizelos party leader, has threatened more rebellious members already with expulsion from the party.

Against this background is interesting to see whether the democratic left, shortly Dimar, also part of the next government coalition. With a vote share of six percent, they could add 17 more seats in parliament. Parts of it already attracts Pasok towards Dimar. Example, demanded the Socialist ex-prime minister Kostas Simitis already Dreierkoaliton from ND, PASOK and Acteon. Together, these would not only be a majority of seats, but had an almost 50 percent of the vote, a higher legitimacy as an alliance of two of ND and PASOK.

PASOK leader Venizelos now seems willing to do almost anything to save the remaining balance of his party. According to media reports, he will give a completely new structure of PASOK and even wants to change the name. But Venizelos' advances are calculated in the sought-after Dimar has not been good. The Dimar-Chair Fotis Kouvelis appeared angry that Venizelos had divulged confidential preliminary and therefore postponed a scheduled meeting for Monday evening.

Criticism of Samaras as a future prime minister

This could however have been a pretext for bringing peace to inner-party conflicts. Just as in the larger parties are fighting apparently also in the Dimar two wings: Those who want to take over the responsibilities of government, even when threatened with cuts in the face of the wrath of voters. And those who hope for a better result at the next election - and expect them soon.

So far, Samaras is not convinced by particular strength. When a potential partner, he flashed off already - the right-wing Independent Greeks who come to 7.5 percent and 20 seats. Their leader Panos Kammenos said after meeting with Samaras, the party would only accept a multi-party coalition and a prime minister who is not also a party leader. Thus, Kouvelis said indirectly against Samaras, also rejects the Dimar Kouvelis boss as head of government.

The runner-up Alexis Tsipras met on Monday in any case only pro forma, Samaras. "We will remain adversaries," the leader of the left alliance Syriza said then. His refusal to co-founded it with Samaras' attitude to the possible renegotiation of the austerity measures. "I have heard him yesterday say nothing of a renegotiation," he criticized Samaras' behavior since the election victory.
Familiar from Samaras but assert that it will come under an ND government to change. "Samaras will comply with both the savings and obligations to negotiate new growth-enhancing measures," said the chief economic adviser to the ND-chief, Dimitrios Tsomocos, SPIEGEL ONLINE. This included the withdrawal of "social injustices such as the lowering of already low pensions and the abolition of subsidies to large families."

Finance intends to take such steps, according to ND Tsomocos by the deletion of unnecessary authorities and subsidies. Also, should the tax system simplified and the tax burden can be reduced. "This will be financed by itself, because the amount of revenue increase," said Tsomocos.

Other ND politicians call for a renegotiation of the savings requirements. "Our citizens feel themselves as guinea pigs in a laboratory of crisis managment," said former Vizeverteidungsminister Militadis Vavitsiosis SPIEGEL ONLINE. "That's why they are turning to the extremes of the political spectrum."






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